What To Do When Having a Bad Day

Having a bad day is something all of us have to face from time to time. It can interfere with everything, schedule, daily routine, fitness plan, being healthy… And having such a label like “bad day” indicates that this is so broad and there is no definite area in which “things are going down-hill” to specify.

No matter what’s causing it, the mood is the one being affected, and the feelings that swoop in are ones often described as lethargic and introvert. So judging at first glance one may say that in such case we lose determination, sense of time and time management, having a general bad feeling and a mere sense of guilt.

What is responsible for having a bad day?

Having a bad dayFirst of all we must realize that “having a bad day” is just a concept that exists in our minds only.

The reasons are as broad as the condition itself. Tough schedule, something unexpected happening at the start of the day, something connected with the surroundings, work related stress, giving up to laziness, not following your “routine”… you name it.

Having a bad days as opposed to regular days

This is actually the criteria by which we judge what means having a bad day. If you like things organized, then a bad day may represent lack of organization. If you like going out, than it may be very hard for you to stay home for couple of days for example.

If you like doing things a certain way, and then suddenly something interferes- well it can be a bad day for you. Getting sick is always a downer, and also people find it hard for them when they lose motive,determination or concentration for something they are doing.

So by this we can see that having a bad day is something that all of us are likely to face from time to time. The question is what to do then?

Should you fix it?

watching The Sea - having a bad dayHere is the interesting part. Even though having a bad day is something we all try to escape, there is a split opinion on whether you should try to fix it or just let it be. Trying to fix it is the first logical thing to do- you do something that hopefully improves your mood, and tilt things up in you favor.

But here is a contra argument: It is proven that people get more moody and depressed when trying to fix their mood, and fail in the process. How come? Well trying desperately to turn a bad day into better will most likely result with you realizing just how depressed you are, and that alone can lead to more moody day for some people.

There is also another practice supporting this claim: having a bad day can impact you in a way that you will come to realize how well you are doing overall, and even give you more motive and inspiration for slipping into your regular routine tomorrow. That alone will in turn improve your mood too.

So sometimes it’s better to let things be just as they are. However, if you like to try and improve your day instantly then there are ways for that too.

Having a bad day – how to fix it?

Allowing to feel bad and doing nothing to fix that is just not the way for some. So here are ways that you can try when having a bad day:

• Tidy up your workspace or your room

Having your surroundings organized and tidy can help you feel better in an instant. Even the little adjustments can do the trick. Organize your desk, clean up if you like. Really, sometimes it’s all it takes. Organization makes a huge difference.

• Organize your computer

OrganizingLiving in the coconut of technology implies that it’s part of our lives whether we like it or not. If you are using your computer a lot, then organizing your files and folders can make you feel more on top of things, which will in turn improve your day.

• Exercise

This is always a boost to your mood. I practice a lot. You see, exercising even for a short amount of time can make you feel better. How come? Well first and foremost you get the feeling you are doing something good for yourself (and that alone always boosts your mood), and another thing that is important is the release of chemical processes inside your body while you are doing some physical activity. The release of endorphin is one of them, and it brings you in a better mood right away.Exercise really does help.

• Make plans

For today, tomorrow, or week ahead- It doesn’t matter really. The important thing is that in the process of planning some aspect of your life (goals,time management, career…) you get the feeling you are in charge, and that in turn makes you less lethargic and more energized. Besides you get the chance to think about days when you will function at your best, and that way you get more objective over your current situation, and you start to feel the need of change right away. The next thing you know- you are done with having a bad day.

Relax when having a bad day

• Give yourself a treat

Relax, forget about the bad day and the need to improve it, enjoy. Have a nice bath, listen to some music, watch a movie or read a book. Make yourself smile even for a second. If so, then the bad day is over.

• Asking for a favor when having a bad day

Asking someone to do something for you is a good remedy for having a bad day. Why so? Well, you get some attention and something good done for you. Try and think how this will reflect on your mood. Do not be shy to ask for help. Ask someone to just have a conversation with you, or ask someone to give you a massage. Really, it can make wonders.

Trying to overcome having a bad day is sometimes tricky. You can sometimes make more damage to your mood instead. So decide whether or not you will try to fix things or just let them as they are. If you do try to make yourself feel better, then apply some of the ways mentioned above.

Maybe you have some other methods that you use which makes your mood change towards better, or maybe you already tried some of the ones above. We will love to know whether or not you try to solve this, and if so what do you do when having a bad day?

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