Learn How To Improve Your Concentration

Learn How To Improve Your Concentration With learning how to improve your concentration, you’re doing an important step in achieving healthy lifestyle and success on any level especially among students, and employed people.

But even the ones that are out of these categories have more or less felt the need to remain concentrated during the day.

When concentration goes down, so do the results, therefore your entire productivity.

So it is very important to learn to recognize the factors that cause this lack of concentration, and find out what you can do to not only eliminate them, but also add some concentration techniques that will in turn teach you how to improve your concentration.

Which are the factors responsible for your lack of concentration ?

1. The cell phone

This is the king. Compared to all the others, this one holds a chainsaw when trying to cut your focus and concentration. And more often than not it succeeds doing so. Only hearing a beep, or seeing your cell flash can steal your concentration and ruin the momentum of your productivity. And we all know how hard it is to gain that momentum.

Stop texting for some time, and stop reading when someone texts you- if it’s important they will call you. Or be more radical, and go even further- when you are doing something and don’t want to risk a lack of concentration, turn the cell phone facing down in order not to see the screen flashing and make sure it’s on silent.

And if you are that much serious about what you are doing, than just turn the cell off. Don’t worry, the world will function even so.

So now after we recognized all the concentration killers it’s time to identify some actions that will in turn help you learn how to improve your concentration and focus, ergo our productivity. Make no mistake- just distancing yourself from the habits mentioned above will change a great deal to your focus, but there are also things that can add to your concentration improving techniques and make you more and more focused.

2. Social networks and using the internet more than you should

how to improve your concentration - lack of concentrationRegardless whether you are experiencing hyperactivity, suffering from lack of attention or just have some difficulties remaining concentrated, chances are these symptoms are provoked by using the social networks a lot.

It may sound like a paradox, but studies support this thesis, and actually confirm that spending more time on these types of networks contributes to your lack of concentration and focus. No wonder some corporations ban these networks, and have a strict policy when it comes to their usage.

It’s a fact that letting your mind wonder even for a second can make you lose concentration. So try to forget about the social networks while you are doing something.

The internet falls under the same banner, and it’s proven that when you start using the internet just to spend some minutes letting your mind wonder, you lose focus and concentration more and more and in turn fall into this magic circle finding it difficult to get out.

Probably the best thing that you can do here is to distance yourself from the usage of the social networks for a while, or at least limit it to two or three times per day. For a couple of minutes.

And about the usage of the internet- try and use it for reading and acquiring some knowledge and information. That way you don’t risk falling into the trap and lose precious focus and concentration.

3. Media

This one is also a crucial factor for your lack of concentration. I mean we all know the purpose of media is to try and captivate us as much as it can. So no wonder we fall so easy to this.

Newspapers, TV, now even the internet… It’s so hard to resist. But if we want to stay concentrated during the day we should limit ourselves to allowing access to media two times per day- in the morning, and late afternoon.

4. E-mail

This one should also not be underestimated. Try and organize your e-mail list in the weekends, and give yourself the word that you will check it one or two times per day. That way you get less distracted.

Concentration techniques and tips for improving your concentration.

  • Regular sleeping schedule

    Having a regular sleeping schedule can make wonders for you. Not only we are more refreshed after having a good night rest, but the brain is more rested, therefore you have more balance, more focus during the day. Sleep at least seven hours, and try to make a consistent sleeping schedule- meaning you go to bed the same time each night, and get up the same time every morning.

  • Exercises

    This can add clarity more than you thought. All the processes that happen during an exercise make you more and more refreshed, relaxed, and give you more clarity of mind. Also many of your worries drift away, and being more relaxed there are better chances that you will stay focused during the entire day.

  • Yoga and meditation

  • If the one above is a helpful technique for getting some concentration and focus, then there is no need to explain this one. Proven to work centuries ago, this habit of practicing the inner balance will change the way you felt about being focused. It’s proven that it will awake more self-awareness and in turn make you more on top of maintaining your concentration.
  • Balanced diet

    Even though not that popular when it comes to conditions connected to the mind instead of the body, having a balanced and healthy diet can improve your cognitive focus more and more. Moreover with reducing the amount on artificially produced food, you are looking at maintaining concentration more than ever before.

  • Music

    It’s proven that listening to music can in turn make you more alarmed during the day in a way that you will be more aware and concentrated. No wonder classical musicians can stay so focused and concentrated after many long rehearsals, and still have the focus needed to perform.

    Add some music to your everyday and you will notice a difference. But instead of listening to some music while you are driving or working, try and spare some time just for sitting down and listening to the sounds.

  • Rule out stress

    The equation here is quite simple- having more stress in your life- it gets harder to concentrate on the moment; but being stress free makes you enjoy the moment, and stay focused on what you are doing. Here are some tips on how to cope with the stress

To wrap this up I will just give you a friendly advice to follow at least some of the things mentioned on the list, and try to eliminate at least one of the things I describe as a main factors causing your lack of concentration.

You can tell me how it goes later in the comment section below, or even share some other useful methods about how to keep, or even improve concentration.

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