P90 Workout Review – Detailed and Unbiased

Couple of months ago, at its annual coach summit in Vegas, Beachbody announced its new program P90. After 20 years of experience Tony Horton applied his knowledge to create a program that is both easy to do, while delivering the same results you’d normally get with harder, more intense programs. That’s right, as the tagline goes – It is the on-switch to fitness. The one you can do.

tony horton p90

As a company closely following trends in the health and fitness industry, and honestly setting some new standards when it comes to it, Beachbody has a lot of information regarding what it needs to make you fit. Case studies coming from millions of people who used their products, and constant feedback on every aspect of their workout routines, combined with cutting edge innovation when it comes to workouts, it is wise to believe that Beachbody holds some answers to most complex questions about fitness.

P90 is a remake of the original Power 90 series, and is designed not to test your metal – like most other Beachbody workouts do (Insanity, P90X)- but instead give you a shot on fitness at a lower intensity and effort. It is designed for everyone who wants to get in shape or stay in shape, without the grueling routines usually associated with being fit and healthy. The “x” in P90X stands for extreme; there is nothing extreme here on the other hand – this is the one everyone can do.

But, how then, if it is so easy and simple, will I get results?

Let us delve into that, shall we?

How did I start with P90 workout?

Yup, that’s right, I took the challenge. And for those of you who read more of my reviews on workouts this is probably weird, right? After all, I completed Insanity and Insanity: Asylum- two extremely difficult workout programs. So what made me go lower on the intensity scale?

Here is a story I think many will associate with

Couple of years ago I changed my habits in order to create a fit and healthy body. After haphazardly switching from one fitness routine to another, I discovered the Insanity workout (Beachbody’s greatest hit back in the day). Completing the workout, my whole understanding of fitness changed. I achieved the results I was after, reshaped my body, and honestly remodeled my life.

A year went by, and I took a shot on another, even harder challenge – Insanity: The Asylum.  This was a program made, I suppose, for fitness fanatics to test their limits. And I tested mine. It was the most demanding physical challenge I ever faced. My body, as a side result, was better looking than ever.

After that, I had to try the newest Insanity, the Insanity Max 30 workout – more compact and shorter, yet surprisingly more effective.

But then what happened? Life happened.

The following year, life interrupted, and what was once easy to do and maintain, became harder and harder. My job took a bigger portion of my schedule, the challenges of starting a family life piled up one after another. Maintaining a fit and healthy body, yet alone the looks, was becoming more of a mission impossible. Frustration kicked in, and a garden variety of disappointment, broken expectations and resentment followed. I was trying to rediscover fitness by going to the gym, doing hybrid workouts by mixing one program with another. It was fairly pointless.

I lost most of my shape, and functional fitness became only a quaintly archaic term. Fitness, in that environment, no doubt became a reminder of frustration. Predictably, I entered a downward spiral sucking me away from health and fitness, into something I really resented.

Though I never did any of Tony Horton’s workouts (sorry pal), I always followed him for motivation and some additional advice on fitness (His accelerated series on YouTube rock). He is a role model of mine, and a man who is incredibly well versed in everything health and fitness related. It seems as though, this man has cracked the code on not aging and staying fit and healthy. Through his advice I figured that only couple of principles drive results in fitness.

Diversity, consistency, and upping the ante when you feel ready… It is all about doing your best and forgetting the rest.

p90 review

His simplistic approach to fitness, despite being obsessed with freakishly intense workouts in the past, made me rethink some basic notions of fitness, what it means to be fit, and how to keep up with it over the long haul. The moment I heard about the new P90 workout, I knew this is as close to my magic card out of lethargy as I could get. I contacted some people within Beachbody, and voila there it was- the box with the DVD’s at my front door.

Making many reviews about their programs, I wanted to review P90 and post it on this site so you guys can have more information about the product. They were very helpful and granted my request couple of months before the release date. Little did they know that my intent and priority was to use the workout for myself in order to get back on the train. But I digress…

Why should you listen to what I say?

I will make this P90 review as detailed as possible and leave things up to you to decide. What qualifies me to write an extensive review about the workout, about any workout? There is much I can say in order to boost my credibility on the subject, but here is something in a brief:

I created some of the most detailed reviews for couple of Beachbody programs in the past, and received more feedback than I ever imagined. Nearly 1000 essay-long comments and more e-mails than I can count, I honestly think, modesty aside that I’m allowed to write on the subject of workout reviews.

On top of that I coached for a while, so I know where most people struggle with these types of exercises. Also, my girlfriend is actually very well versed into everything nutrition related, so I asked for her help when reviewing the Nutrition plan too. The most important thing of all? – I completed P90 and am about to share my journey back to fitness with pictures and whatnot.

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What is the P90 workout? – The on-switch to fitness

So what is this new P90? This review will go into much detail below, as I will describe all the workouts and even give you some pictures of the results I made with it. But let us start with the basics.

The P90 workout is a 90 days workout program, with workouts varying in length (25-45 minutes) and diversified in sets of exercises.

It delivers results in 90 days, and taking in consideration its intensity you can continue with it as long as you want to stay in great shape. Easy and fun to do, featuring Tony Horton’s charming and magnetically appealing personality, this program is something you will want to do daily for years and years ahead.

Released November 3rd, and still lacking the media attention, this program is soon about to shake up the fitness world.

Why this program is described as revolutionary probably may have to do with challenging the basic premises of fitness. The fact that it is lower in intensity but still delivers the same results, points to far more sophisticated exercise routines, derived from decades long experience and trial and error. If people paid lip-service to the P90X series I can only imagine how big of a hit is the new P90 going to be.

People, millions of them, tried P90X and Insanity, and kindly gave feedback. Beachbody listened and created something different, something doable.

“The P90 workout is the result of everything I’ve learned in 20 years. Here’s the key…
In as little as 25 minutes a day, P90 will help you completely change your body—not by working you harder—but by keeping it simple. Simple cardio. Simple resistance training. A simple approach to portion control. I won’t say these new workouts are easy . . . but they’re a whole lot easier to get done now. And that’s how P90 will help you finally get the body you want.” – Tony Horton

Why the P90 workout?

p90 get results

If there are only one or two points you are about to take away with you from this P90 review, let them be these:

  • The new P90 workout is less intense but still delivers almost the same results as other more demanding routines. Everyone can do it. There are even additional modifications to each exercise. This is really the one you can do.
  • The P90 workout is the only program that you can continue to do even after you achieve your results. Others workouts are longer, freakishly intense -and as I’ve found out- impossible to keep up with over the long haul. Well balanced cardio, strength, flexibility, and endurance, combined to bring you both looks and functional fitness. Like taking your daily cup of health and fitness.

“Hardcore workouts aren’t for everybody. I mean, what if you just want to lose 20 pounds? Or get back some of the muscle tone you had in college. Maybe you just want to get out of bed in the morning without a backache. For that all you need is something straightforward. Fundamental. Doable.” – Tony Horton

10 reasons why you should consider P90:

  • You can do the P90 program within the comfort of your own home. All you need is a towel, a water bottle, and a set of dumbbells.
  • You can put the DVD in your laptop and do P90 out in the open, in your hotel room, wherever you go. I’m currently on a vocation with my girlfriend in the Ionian island of Corfu, and we are doing P90 every morning on the beach.
  • The workouts are shorter and less intense, but still as effective as any grueling fitness routine.
  • There are modifications to every move. If you are facing some type of injury P90 might as well be the perfect routine for you to recover.
  • It is a perfect blend of cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and agility improving exercises.
  • There are many principles and techniques incorporated from various areas of fitness such as Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, traditional Strength training, cardio, gymnastics and athletic training.
  • There is a calendar to track your journey.
  • There is a no-brainer, practical and really impressive nutrition plan.
  • You can do this program even after you get the results. Great for keeping you into shape- this is a very fundamental difference when compared to other workouts.
  • It works

Oh, and a bonus one – Tony Horton will prove to you that all you need is a little motivation. He is the best coach and motivator and all you need to do is push play.

Why NOT P90?

Not everything is pink here; and I don’t intend to write flowery prose.

  • Not a lot of gains when it comes to muscle mass. Let be realistic here. You will gain quite, but forget the bulky fella look from the gym. Though by defining every muscle visually, by strengthening it and losing the surrounding fat tissue, it will provide you with that impressive look.
  • You will have to work for it. I know that the marketing goes with a very reassuring proposition- everyone can do it. But let us be realistic here. You cannot expect to not break a sweat and still get results. You WILL have to work for it. If you are lazy and believe that doing close to nothing will grant you with a nice looking six pack, let me be the one who says it- never, ever.
  • Some people, though better, don’t like to work out while there is any background noise. Yet alone a guy who never stops talking. Tony is quite the motivator, but I have heard from people that some are, well how do I put this, immune to his charm and allergic to his sense of humor. I personally enjoy listening to him while I work out- motivates me more than any person I can imagine. Here is a tip- you can watch some excerpts from YouTube, especially his accelerated series workout routines and see whether or not you like the way he takes you through the workout.
  • You have the type of neighbor living under you that will call the police even if he hears something louder than a noise you normally make while walking. Sorry guys, cannot help here- though there is not much jumping in P90, there are some jumps so…
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Who is P90 made for?

If saying “everybody” is kind of putting it vaguely for you, let me put it this way:

  • People who have never worked out before
  • People who tried other workouts but failed to stick with them
  • People who are turned away by intense grueling routines
  • People who had, or have some physical injuries and cannot seem to find anything suitable for them in the realm of fitness
  • People who once got it, but having life messing with their plans, lost it over the course of the years (Hey, I’m waiving, see?)
  • People who want the benefits of looking awesome and being fit and healthy, without the grueling workouts normally associated with it.
  • People who are fit and don’t know how, or find it hard, to remain fit. (There, there…)

The P90 workout Versus P90X and other Beachbody workouts

Observing on the surface, the main argument behind why P90 instead of other earlier released programs is intensity. Or lack of it, thereof. But let me put some things into perspective…

P90, aside from having a lower entry barrier in terms of intensity, is designed so that you can push within your own limits and physical capacity. Your fitness level is IRRELEVANT.

Sure, P90X and Insanity functioned on a similar premise- you can push within your limits. But most people have found that their physical capability lags far behind what the program requires from you in order to make real progress. In such conditions, not only were participants not doing what the program was designed for, but they were finding it hard to do anything at all- a glitch that made most of the program dropouts, statistic wise.

P90 on the other hand can be done by everyone.

The workouts have modifications, and they are progressing in a way that makes it possible to complete more of them, and by modifying- the entirety of them.

Those like me, who were once accustomed with some of the hardest workout routines and achieved incredible results, are still to be amused. For P90 offers a routine, even for fitness veterans, to test their metal.

Also, if you already bought this P90 workout, you can now stream it with the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service, read more in this Beachbody on Demand review.

And if you’re looking for something completely different, check out the Cize dance workout, you can read more about it in this Cize workout review, or the Piyo Workout, read more in the comprehensive Piyo Review.
How is this possible?

Simply put, the exercises follow some of the same principles that made P90X and Insanity such of a success. While some moves are framed within one minute intervals, where you can push to your current limits of how many reps you can do, others that require reps within sets can be done with lighter or heavier weights. This puts P90 both in the beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced category.

Put the modification into consideration, and even toddlers can do it.

OK, but that is making it clear why fitness aficionados and veterans are going to get results, right? What about beginners?

Well, it turns out, that by following the level of intensity at which you are currently capable to perform you are actually making most of your progress. In other words, P90 is dosing your intensity day after day after day. This way, the body adapts to one level of intensity and is quickly able to shift gears without you even noticing any notable difference.

Translated in simple English, if you are only able to do the modifications the first week, you will be able to do most of the workouts by the time you are into the second one. Add one month to this math, and you will be doing every exercise from the program on high intensity. The thing is – you will be as much tired performing on highest intensity by the end of the 90 days, as you are during your first week of doing modifications.

Another great thing about the new P90 is that Tony Horton took everything that worked, and improved upon it. So you will see moves that were never used before in any of the other programs. The exercises are innovative, engaging, fun, challenging, and most of all incredibly effective. He took science, 20 years of personal experience, and principles and techniques from athletic training, strength training routines, gymnastics, Yoga, Pilates, Kick boxing, Aerobic, to name few…

What to expect from P90? – Reality check

p90 included
  • Expect to lose from 20 to 40 something pounds even if you are a total beginner.
  • Expect to gain a fair amount of muscle mass if you really dig into it, and even get great muscle definition if you are more comfortable with training at a lower intensity.
  • Expect to become faster, more agile, stronger, more flexible, and improve your balance.
  • Expect to invest yourself and feel discomfort ONLY slightly above the boundaries of your comfort zone. (What distinguishes P90 from everything else)
  • Expect to be able to perform everything, or start with the modifications and get to full intensity.
  • Expect your health, sleep, immune system, and mood to improve. Dramatically.
  • Expect to have fun, lots of it.

Unlike other fitness routines and regimens, you are about to enjoy this journey.

Here is what is required to bring you to your expectations:

Included in the package:

  • The 9 progressive workouts divided into phases A,B and C plus a bonus one
  • The “how to hit it” tutorial
  • A simple Nutrition plan
  • A 4-step power plan (this is a surprise gift from Tony- not telling what it is)
  • The 90 day workout calendar
  • A high-grade quality resistance band
  • Online support to answer all your questions and help you with every aspect of the program
  • 6 Day shred (another bonus gift from Beachbody. This is very useful if you want to make a dramatic shift on how you look. A great temporary tool)

Things you need to bring along:

  • A set of dumbbells (though you can use the band only)
  • A towel (there will be a lot of sweating I guarantee you that)
  • A mat (though optional, it does help)
  • A water bottle (or something to drink from)
  • A 2X2 meters space (you can pass with less though)
  • The willingness to work hard (the most important thing of all)
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P90 review of the workouts

Phase A

Sculpt A will put some emphasis on resistance training and non-complex resistance moves. It will provide the base from which you start to progress.

Sweat A will combine cardio routines that will make you- well it says in the title- sweat buckets. The cardio routines incorporate some resistance moves as well, and it will drain fat even within the first couple of times you do this workout.

Ab Ripper A is Tony’s introduction to ab routines. It will fire up your abs and welcome you to the feeling of having a strong core. Here is where you start to build the abs.

Phase B

Sculpt B is centered more on routines including repetitions with resistance training. It will start to test your muscle endurance and build some muscle in the process. The workouts get harder but thanks to phase A, you somehow transition easily.

Sweat B will drain even more energy and test your cardio endurance. The routines, though getting more complex, are still simple to comprehend and do. Expect more sweat.

Ab Ripper B will take you through some really innovative and hard ab moves. By the time you finish doing it for the first time you will see a noticeable difference in the way your abdomen looks.

Phase C

Sculpt C- This is where Tony will put you through some serious work that is going to define your muscles. The routines are more complex, and actually (at least for me) way more fun to do. Expect to surpass yourself in terms of intensity.

Sweat C – Some rather more intense cardio, though it is still doable. It will drain your energy and thus fat tissue as well. By the time I finished doing this workout, my body already showed great results. Coincidently, this is the one I did the first day on my holiday here on the islands- my girlfriend says it works, so who am I to argue, right?

Ab Ripper C- the most complex yet simple ab routine of the pack. You will see what I’m talking about. It will make your abs show way more. This is the one I love doing the most. It makes your six-pack to really show.

Saturday special

What’s with the titles dude? Kidding aside, this thing works well in order to give you a nice whole body routine that will focus on every part of the body in less time than usual. It is indeed a Saturday special.

Some tips on how to make P90 work better

Nothing important to say really, since they have pretty much all covered. Though there are couple of notes I will like you to take along.

  • Don’t try to switch Phase A workouts with Phase B or C, it doesn’t work that way. See, the workouts are made to follow the sectional progression method that Tony made especially for P90, so your muscles adapt accordingly, thus allowing results.
  • Make sure to have a well-ventilated room with an average or slightly cooler temperature. I always learn the hard way, nearly fainting in the past when I did more intense workouts.
  • Stick with it and really listen to what Tony says. He knows his craft, so let him work his magic on you.
  • Invest yourself. If you are thinking whether or not you are doing your best, you are not doing your best. It is when you lose yourself in the workouts that you know you are making the most of P90.

My results with the P90 workout

Never in any of my previous reviews did I include pictures to accompany what I write about my journey. So, without further ado, here are some after pictures of what P90 did to me.

p90 workout results

Results vary from one person to the next, and you are neither better nor worse, but different in terms of starting position, fat tissue, muscle mass, level of intensity invested during the workouts…

  • I lost 19 pounds
  • I feel better, stronger, as fit as I ever were
  • I have more muscle definition than I hoped for
  • I have way more energy than with any other previous workout that I did
  • I love my abs
  • All is well received by my significant other J

Where to buy P90 from?

So where to buy P90 if you decide to do so?

As of recently, all Beachbody workouts are sold through their subscription model titled Beachbody on Demand. Therefore, I’d recommend the official Beachbody On Demand website.

The cost is $99 for a yearly subscription, but get this – you will also have access to All of their latest programs, All of the popular programs (such as Insanity and P90X), and as if this wasn’t enough – All of Beachbody Future releases!

The subscription to Beachbody on Demand comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Get P90 and all other Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

Final words of the P90 review

I sincerely hope that this P90 review gave you a nudge towards or away from P90. Having said that, I hope I didn’t bore you to death with too much detail, and gave you enough evidence for you to decide on your own whether this workout is the right one for you.

As for my word on this issue, I personally recommend this workout – if that means anything to you at all – it improved my fitness level, my looks, improving my muscle definition, and decreasing fat tissue. It worked for me. It is up to you to decide whether or not P90 deserves a try. My advice? – Go with it and see yourself changing rapidly during the period of 90 days.

I’m willing to help you with every question that you have prior or during your journey with P90. I hope this review was more helpful than other reviews of P90 out there, so don’t forget to comment or share.

104 opinions already. What's yours?

  1. SK

    Hi. Thank you for your review. I bought P90 before I was able to find a thorough review on it. I plan to start it this coming week. I watched the how to hit it and sweat A dvd. I realize there are some moves done with the resistance band attached to a door but I don’t have a door anchor. I don’t recall seeing an alternative for those so I’m waiting on a door anchor I just ordered. I wanted to ask, did you have any thoughts on the nutrition part of the Program and how big was that a factor for you in addition to doing the workout? They usually say losing weight is 80% nutrition or something like that. I just wanted to know if you really strict with your overall eating and nutrition. Thank you again for the review.

    • Slavko

      Hi SK,

      I’m glad you find the review useful. As for nutrition though, you can really go both ways- one, follow the nutrition plan, which is easy and straightforward; or two- learn a thing or two about healthy diet principles from it and go on your own when choosing the recipes and what you eat. Eating healthy, while being common sense for some, is rocket science for others. If you know a thing or two about nutrition and how to combine some principles with working out, then great. If not though, stick as close as you can to the nutrition plan.

      Bottom line, there is nothing really revolutionary in it per say… Just a more straightforward and easier way to healthy eating.

  2. Aggy

    So do you really need a door anchor? Are there alternatives if you can’t install an anchor? I’m also curious about your nutrition during your training, did you follow the diet suggested? I am always finding that to be a challenge due to ingredients and time and convenience for the whole family.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Aggy,

      A door anchor, though being the best option is not the only option. A friend of mine went with a DIY door attachment using some screws, a hook, and a carabiner, very easy to instal, though you have to make sure the screws are big enough.

      As for the nutrition part, you can really forget about the nutrition plan altogether. Healthy diet with balanced meals can suffice just as well.

      Take care

      • Laura Litwiler

        The resistance band in P90 actually comes with a door attachment that hooks around the door hinge. It has worked fine for me, and the good news was I only needed the door attachment for the A phase, not the B (unless you modify). Not sure yet about the C phase… I start it next week!

  3. John

    This is the best review I’ve read on the new P90.
    Now, will it be possible for me to add the KenpoX routine to this and once a week and still benefit?
    Does the program have a cardio kick and punch component?
    I will order once I receive your response.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi John, and yes, definitely. I haven’t done the Kenpo routine, though from what I’ve seen it is very effective when it comes to a whole body cardio workout as well as some resistance moves.

      P90 contains a kick and punch component as well, and very similar to the Kenpo routine. Though if you think that you can handle the extra effort, then go ahead and add Kenpo X as well. I wouldn’t recommend more than once per week though.

      Hope this helps, take care

  4. Jeffrey Hammer

    Great review. I hadn’t even heard of this until the email came today saying last chance for free shipping. Question: How does P90 compare to P90X3, which was billed as a shorter version of P90X? I’ve done both P90X and P90X3 (multiple times each) and wondering how this is different than X3.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Jeffrey,

      Though I haven’t tried X3 so far, from what I’ve seen, it is more performance oriented- routines are harder, more complex, and quite frankly results are maybe, and just maybe, slightly better. P90 is simpler, focuses more on the core elements, and works surprisingly well on every muscle group. All in all, it is way easier to follow, and still offering a chance to have equal results. I think this is due to the various innovative moves, but sequencing done right as well.

  5. Jerry

    World class review!
    How much muscle can I expect to gain and where would you suggest I add a separate stretching or yoga workout of 20 minutes?
    Just once a week to maintain flexibility.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Jerry,

      As far as muscle gain goes, it all depends. If you are lifting heavier and eating more protein, then there is the chance to pack some solid muscle indeed. If you focus more of your energy on the cardio element, and lift lighter weights, then it is less likely to achieve more muscle growth. Keep that in mind, but shot me with any additional questions that you might have.

      As for Yoga and stretching, I would suggest right after more “strength oriented days” of the calendar. However this is a two edged sword as well. Do your stretching after doing cardio, and though less efficient, it will help you to burn more calories. Do it after strength days, and though more efficient in terms of gaining flexibility, you might lose some of the “muscle growing” efficiency you’ve dedicated so hard to achieve.

      Hope this helps

  6. Jewel

    Is it possible to sub dumbells for the resistance bands?

    • Slavko Desik

      It is Jewel, you can use the resistance bands instead of dumbbells in almost every exercise I can think of.

    • Laura Litwiler

      For the A phase, there are a couple of Sculpt moves that will not give you good resistance unless you use the bands. But for most moves, you could substitute bands for dumbbells, or the reverse of dumbbells for bands.

  7. Jerry

    Thanks for the advice.
    I just added extra weight to my dumbbells going into my second P90 week.
    Had to start at the B workouts as A were just a bit slow and easy.
    With the added resistance the Sculpt B workouts were harder and I felt the pump.
    Think I can add a set of chins on sculpt days?
    I may stay on P90 indefinitely and just find ways to increase intensity after finishing the C programs.
    There are no recovery weeks which I’ll add after every 30 day phase.
    Keep up the great work.
    You have the best review website on the net, and your advice is top notch.

    • Slavko

      Hey Jerry, thanks a lot man
      Sorry for replying to your comment after so much time having passed. Chin ups are a great addition if you ask me, since they work most of your back in a way no other exercise or equipment can. As an addition, they require much effort from other muscle groups as well. Go for it.

      As far as doing P90 indefinitely goes, by increasing intensity, it is by far the best idea I’ve ever heard.

      Oh, and how are things going so far?

  8. Ruben

    So what are you doing for maintenance? Are you sticking with the Sculpt/Sweat C combination 6 days a week and including Saturday Special or did you back off to 3 days per week? How are you handling recovery weeks? Do you think you will ever go back to one of the X programs or perhaps try P90X3? Did you include Shakeology or any other meal replacement? Appreciate your advice. I’m in the C block at the moment and really am impressed with the workouts so far.

    • Slavko

      This time around I haven’t included Shakeology in the program. Though have I done that, I think the results would have been better. Had my own meal program going on at the time, so I wanted to test it out. As far as the X programs go, I don’t intent to switch from P90 for now. Doing 4 workouts per week mostly, Sculpt C and Sweat C and sometimes doubling up with abs.

  9. VS

    Hi there, your review was great and it has convinced me a great deal to try this workout. However, i have a few problems.

    You see, i am only 15 and i have tried a variety of programs like Insanity, which i found very hard and i have just started phase two of P90X which i really regret because this workout is way too complex for me. So i was wondering, even though i am fairly young, is P90 still suitable for me? Also, i am a skinny guy so I’m also looking to build some more muscle which i recall you said you might not gain as much. Is still still alright, if i just add an extra couple of reps of bicep curls, maybe triceps dips or use my pull up bar every now and then?

    And I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be questioning about the nutrition part of this program. I also seem to have a problem, because i have to attend school so it may be hard to get all the protein and crabs i need, so do you think i can still gain results even if i didn’t take the nutrition part seriously?

    • Slavko

      Hey VS

      As far as muscle gain goes, it is really hard to pack solid muscle mass without eating right, and upping the ante on resistance. That being said, you can add pull ups and dips twice per week. Maybe do them right after you finish with the session of the day. Even better- increase the weight you currently use- either a harder resistance band, or better yet, heavier dumbbells.

      Hope this helps

  10. Cyndy

    Thank you for this review. I have done P90X several times successfully. Like you, though, this past year proved to throw challenges my way that made my hard work of 2013 see me gain back almost half of what I lost. I love P90X but was looking to shake things up a bit. I asked for P90 for Christmas and got it! Now as I am about to start the program I worry…or rather admonish myself on the idea that P90 is a step backward from the P90X that I’ve loved so much. I think I’m being harder on myself than anyone else would be, but I feel like I’m ‘flaking’ out by going to P90. Your review, however, has inspired me to try it out. Makes me feel less that I am going backwards and more that I am just reworking an already great system. If I find phase A to be ‘too’ easy, is it ok to jump up to B in say only 2 weeks rather than 4 or do you think it would be better to stick with the schedule as it is? Thank you so much for this review. It has been the best I’ve read on this product!

    • Slavko

      Hey Cyndy, sorry for replying so late

      What I love about P90, and other Beachbody workouts in fact, is that you can tailor the level of intensity pretty easy. Say you push yourself to make three more reps for each movement, or jump higher, or contract the core while doing most of the work. It can do wonders. Especially if you never sacrifice form.

      How are things going so far? If you can drop us a line, that would be great.

  11. The Dutch

    Hi there, thanks for the extensive and honest review. One question, you mentioned the use of dumbells. Except the thing I can’t find on the internet is a weight suggestion for the dumbells. do you have any suggestions there. I don’t like The dumbells where you constant have to put on or take of weights. So I would like to buy The ones that are just one specific weight. But I can’t buy every different weight amount. So that’s why this question.

    • Slavko

      Hey there, sorry for answering so late.. anyway, other people might have this same question (I know that I once had).

      Here is the thing, 7.5 kilos each might be the perfect choice if you are starting to get in shape. If you are however already in somewhat of a decent shape, then go for 10’s. Fives are way to light, though perfect for women (maybe even 7.5’s if you are feeling like you want to push yourself more).

      For a guy, if you want to experience some serious burn, and pack more muscle in the upper part of your body, then try 12.5’s. This is heavy as hell though.

      Hope this helps.

  12. Jeremy

    Hey man, great review! I wanted to ask your honest opinion about doing p90 outside the normal schedule — what I mean is, if I can only workout 3 or 4 nights a week, can I still get results? Also, I’m on a mens league hockey team and I play 1-2 times a week, would it still be OK to workout on those days? Just trying to find a good balance for limited time to workout, play hockey and still get those results! I’d say I’m at a good base but I’d really like to tone it now — just lost 35 lbs in the past few months between going to my apartment complex gym, playing hockey and counting calories. I’m 6’0″ and now 193 lbs. My workout right now is basically whenever I can fit in it, 2, sometimes 3 times a week (in addition to playing hockey) where I warm up with a little cardio on the recumbent bike, just to get that heart rate going… then I do 4 sets of 15 reps – Lateral Pull Downs, Chest Flys, Chest Press and Standing Bicep Curls — sometimes alternating or sometimes I’ll even switch it up and do Tricep Dips with it instead. Anyways, I appreciate any feedback you can provide and I’m very close to starting my BeachBody P90 journey!


    • Slavko

      Hey Jeremy,

      Working out with P90 for 4 times per week is what I currently do. Though phase A workouts might be sort of easier if you do them only 4 times per week, and you already have a solid base. Try a week of Phase A workouts, and if you find them leaning a little bit towards the easy side, then go with phase B workouts for a while. Then, when you upgrade with phase C workouts, you can even add the ab ripper after every sculpt workout.

      Hockey sounds great for the legs and cardio, so kudos for that.
      Take care.

  13. Alex


    I am currently doing T25 and am on week 6 but have only had inch loss rather than weight. I am looking at this as a next program primarily for weight loss and getting leaner as I am a big girl. Do you think this program would deliver results for someone like myself. I am between doing this and Piyo but very confused.


    • Slavko

      Hey Alex

      Though I haven’t tried PIYO, I would still go ahead and advice you to take P90 as your next program. Some advice I think will help you with T25 as well- try to avoid the modifiers where you can, and instead push yourself hard with each move. Follow the basic principles of the nutrition guide, and increase the resistance of what you currently use (sometimes lifting 15 pounds instead of 10 makes a lot of difference). Keep correct form above everything else and stick to the schedule. P90 will be great.

      Contact me through the e-mail contact form of this site so I can give more informed advice if you like.

      Have a great day

  14. Slavko

    Hey Alex

    Though I haven’t tried PIYO, I would still go ahead and advice you to take P90 as your next program. Some advice I think will help you with T25 as well- try to avoid the modifiers where you can, and instead push yourself hard with each move. Follow the basic principles of the nutrition guide, and increase the resistance of what you currently use (sometimes lifting 15 pounds instead of 10 makes a lot of difference). Keep correct form above everything else and stick to the schedule. P90 will be great.

    Contact me through the e-mail contact form of this site so I can give more informed advice if you like.

    Have a great day

  15. Julien

    Hello, thanks for this great review.
    I’m not a fan of resistance bands, is it possible to use all the way dumbells ?
    What weight for dumbells do you think are ok for a man 152 lbs ?
    Thanks from Paris !

    • Slavko

      Hi Julien

      Dumbbells are my pick as well. A set of 10 kilos each would be perfect. You might have to struggle a bit, but that’s OK if you are hoping to build lean muscle as well. An easier option would be with 7.5 kilos each.

      Take care

  16. Amando

    Great review!

    I recently was going through the end of phase 2 of P90X3. I love the workouts but got sick and have not been able to workout for 2 weeks because of bronchitis and have to wait another week for my lungs to recover. I was doing great, getting stronger, and gaining endurance throughout X3 but believe during one of the pull-up exercises that I really messed up the cartilage in my ribs. I suffer from costochondritis which is inflammation of the cartilage in the ribs/breastbone and believe that a certain pull-up exercise(elevator pull-ups) aggravated my condition. My question is are there pull-ups in P90? If so what kind?
    I completed P90X2 in 2013 and did various programs to maintain but feel like I should try P90 to maintain instead. I just do not want to suffer another injury due to unconventional pull-ups.

    • Slavko

      Hey Amando

      There no pull-ups, though there is a fair amount of dumbbell resistance moves. I’m not familiar with your problem, but having in mind that dumbbell resistance moves target the arms, shoulders and chest primarily, I think you will do just fine. Besides, you did P90X3, which is, in my opinion (based on what I’ve seen) way more resistance oriented. There are a lot of stretching moves incorporated between exercises in the Sculpt videos (I can go ahead and say this to be a novelty among Beachbody workouts), so there is no unbalanced pressure on muscle groups alone.

      Hope this helps.

  17. Locktofer

    Hi there. Tell me what P90 did for your energy in more detail? I am basically overweight, dislike exercise, are very very unfit, have a gut, and are very very lethargic, with very low levels of energy. I have thyroid problems that I am trying to address medically. I want to get rid of this gut once and for all, but what I really want is ENERGY to live a normal life. When I come home from work I am WASTED and can hardly do anything. Do you think this program will help me? I am not so much interested in ripped abs, just lose the bloody fat around the waist and get some energy and vitality for likfe. Thanks
    P.S. This review was great, you did a great job explaining everything, very helpful. Thanks again.

    • Slavko

      Hey Locktofer,
      Here is the thing about P90- unlike other more intense workouts, it eases into the process. So, instead of having you energy wasted for the first week or two before your body adapts, it eases you into it. Therefore, you will strugle for the first couple of days, and find the challenges easier even as early as by the end of week one. What this does, is slowly teaching your whole body to adapt to the increased requirement of energy, and the transition is less intense.

      The workouts are compound, and they incorporate many movements that mimic everyday life activities and functional fitness. The emphasis is on functional fitness and vitality, more that is on ripped and muscular physique (sure you can get there, but it requires pushing yourself way more). Other than that, it is functional fitness at its best- at lest Tony is very popular for that. All in all, this workout will slowly increase your energy levels, and the workouts will be more into that direction, instead of draining you down in order to drop size fast.

      Hope this helps

    • Melissa

      If you have a thyroid problem, hypo I am assuming, you really need to address it. You are going to have a very slow metabolism and the weight will not come off with diet and exercise. Plus, if you are wiped out after a day of work and then exercise, you will be exhausted the next morning and will call in sick to work. Number one, get properly medicated for your thyroid issue. Number two, do some research on the net about your particular thyroid issue and follow the one that you think is best,it may seem like sugar, caffeine and lots of carbs are the way to get energy, but, it is the worst thing you can do for thyroid issues. Number 3 find an exercise program that you will stick with, that challenges you without killing you and do it. Be aware that it takes people with thyroid issues longer (and a more calorie restricted diet) to lose weight than someone who has a normal thyroid function. P90 sounds perfect for those of us who need to modify because of health, injury or age. Good luck!

  18. John

    Input appreciated.
    Which workout is harder.
    New P90 Sculpt C or Body Beast Total Body?

    • Slavko

      Hey John,
      I haven’t tried Body Beast so far so I cannot say for sure.
      Nonetheless, Sculpt C from P90 can be a very intense workout if you push yourself enough, and up the weight some.

  19. Molly

    I’m an 18 year old girl who is fairly fit and toned but would like to be fitter and more toned and I’m seriously considering investing in P90 but my main concern is that it will make me look bulky because I haven’t really got any weight to lose (My BMI is 19.6). I’d really like to stay petite just be really well defined and toned all over without any ‘wobbles’
    Would you still say P90 is for me?
    Thank you!

    • Slavko

      Hey Molly,

      Many girls fear the same thing not only with P90, but other workout programs as well. You have nothing to worry about. It is very hard for women to build muscle. Heck, even guys sometimes have a difficult job trying (Notice the picture I posted in the review- I’m a guy who eats quite a lot of protein, and I used 10 Kg dumbbells each- needless to say I’m not the bulky type of fella one would expect).

      It is simple- invest yourself more on the “cardio” moves, and use 5 Kg dumbbells. Follow the principles of healthy diet outlined in the guide, and you will do great.

      Don’t hold back if you have more questions. I hope this helps.

      Take care

  20. John

    Thanks in advance.
    I think I’m going to do P90 4 days like your doing.
    2 sculpt/2 sweat.
    If I ramp up the resistance on sculpt will I still see muscle gains on two weekly workouts?
    Also, going to add MMX one day, and X3 yoga to round it out.
    I actually like the simplicity of strength alternated with cardio.
    I used heavy dumbells and extra tension cables for the sculpt b workout yesterday.
    By the end I was drenched and pumped.
    More than when I did the X3 resistance workouts.
    I did add 2 sets of chins during the breaks to keep that exercise up to par.
    Have you gained muscle doing only four worlouts?

    • Slavko

      Hey John,
      If you put enough stress on the muscle (add resistance), and accompany that with eating clean, then it is very likely to see some muscle growth. Two days per week, though not going to pack a lot of muscle, will make up a schedule that provides enough rest so the muscle can grow. Lowering the body fat, courtesy of sweat workouts, should visually enhance the muscle definition, making them look bigger.

      I personally didn’t gain that much muscle (judging to the scale), but comparing how I looked before, it seems as though I have shoulders, chest and so on… Chins are probably going to help a lot here. Enough rest and protein too.

      Take care

  21. Amanda

    I’ve done two cycles of P90x3 (love it) and PiYo, but I’m suffering from a bad right knee and would like to tone things down a bit. I wonder if P90 would be the route to go to help me take off at least 20 lbs.

    • Slavko

      Hey Amanda,

      P90 can (not will, this depends entirely on you) help you lose more than 20 pounds. However, if you are having a knee problem (I don’t know how sever it is) and cannot do the moves but only the modifications, there is a chance that you might lose a lot of pounds, but maybe less than 20.

      People who are usually more overweight, can lose significant amount of weight only by doing the modifications alone. If you are talking about losing those “last” 20 pounds, then it might be required of you to be able to do the moves just as much as you do the modifications.

      The short answer? It can help, sure.

      Feel free to ask all the questions you can think of.

  22. Madeleine

    Hey there,

    Your review really talked me into starting P90, and I’m 2.5 weeks in and loving it! I was wondering, though — when should I expect to start seeing results? I feel like there hasn’t been a noticeable difference in my body fat, and my measurements haven’t changed. I feel stronger, but that’s not really what I started P90 for.

    For reference, I weigh 135 pounds and am 5’6″. I am just getting off my unhealthy college diet. I taught myself a thing or two over the weekend about balancing macros, and have switched to reducing my carbs and increasing my protein intake just this past week. My recommended nutrition goal is something like 1700 calories a day, and after my workout I usually end up with something like 1300. I’m doing all the workouts at medium-high intensity — the only exercise I really have to modify at this point are the sprawls in Sweat A. I have noticed that in the three days since I’ve cut my carbs, I’m having more trouble with the workout than I had been in the previous two weeks. Any tips, answers, or advice?



    • Slavko

      Hey Madeleine,

      This reply comes very late, though I’d go ahead and post it anyway for it might be useful to other people as well.

      There are a handful of things you need to reconsider if the program is not going well as expected.

      Simplifying them, you need to ask the following questions:

      -Am I getting at least 7 hours of sleep?
      -How many times do I take a pause during the workout? And for how long?
      -What level of intensity am I investing? And this is a tricky one- I’m someone who over the years have spend a lot of time with fitness, and I still know how to, well… grade myself subjectively.
      -Then again, and this is maybe far more important- am I keeping correct form? For it is sometimes better do to one push-up by trying to keep correct form, instead of 10 of them otherwise. This means going over the exercises slowly and with more concentration- for some, given the nature of their personality, this is excruciatingly hard.
      -What about food? Am I eating healthy enough- and this doesn’t need to be rocket science- they give you a diet guide along with the workout, so if you are not following it closely, you just need to ask yourself- how close am I getting to the principles of healthy eating described in this guide?

      Many of these do not point to your question, for you already answered some. Just writing them here for perspective.

      Other than that, I can give some specific diet suggestions, if you send a request via mail, or give you a more useful reply if you are kind enough to catch up with us about your progress.

      Anyway, being late and all, I hope this somehow helps.

  23. Kim

    I don’t have a use able door for the attachment. What alternative exexcise would you recommend?

    • Slavko

      Hey Kim,

      To be honest about it, all the alternatives differ from P90 in many respects. That being said, the closest you will want to go with is Focus T25 (still somewhere within the same level of intensity, and complexity of moves and routines, while allowing you to push harder and notch these up).

      If not though, hang in there, we are working on something exciting :)

      • Pritesh

        Same question. Have completed phase 1 of P90, could modify the exercises to do them with dumbbells, but phase 2 and phase 3 has more use of bands. Have you figured out anything to do with dumbbells alone? :(

  24. Dawn

    Thank you for the wonderful review! I am thinking about trying this but have a question. I am a runner and run 3-4 days a week. Can I do this program in addition to the running or do you think that’s too much? I don’t want to over do it but I believe this will help improve my running. Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Slavko

      Hey Dawn,

      Valid question there, and one I believe many others are trying to answer. Various outcomes come to mind and much depends on your level of fitness, your lifestyle (diet, rest, type of work and hours), intensity of training.

      To simplify, I’d assume that you are doing moderate intensity running, and structure my advice from there.

      Sure, P90 and running are perfect to supplement one another. You will have to be a slightly more careful though. Some tips:

      1. Have in mind that the transition from one level of training to another is always the hardest part, and the one most likely to cause the majority of possible injuries. With that being said, aim to reduce the number of runs down to two per week, at lest the first week of the program.

      In addition, don’t enter the program with the usual confidence, but try some modifiers where you feel that you are exiting your comfort zone. P90 is perfect for modifying.

      2. Be more attentive to your eating and sleeping schedule. Clean your diet, eat more proteins and watch your carb consumption in case you feel slightly more hungry (you probably will). We are still talking about the first week, after this you will be more able to decide whether to continue with a similar tempo or notch things up and relax a bit when it comes to paying so much attention.

      3. Since you are already modifying with the program tempo and intensity by adding 2-3-4 runs per week, don’t be afraid to slightly change the schedule where you feel like you need to.

      Bottom line- go with it, pay slightly more attention the first week, and have these tips in mind. You will have a lot of fun with it.

      Take care

      • Dawn

        Great!! Thanks so much! I appreciate the response. I will take your advice!

  25. Brennan

    Hey! Thanks for the fantastic review. I am planning to start a workout routine and I was torn between starting P90 and P90X.
    I am a beginner in work outing out and eating healthily. I have never tried any proper fitness programs and whenever I go to the gym. Then I heard of P90X from a friend and started doing research on it, which made me come across P90 as well. One problem about me is that I am skinny (64kg 170m) and have a high metabolism rate. I am concerned that P90 will not have as much desirable impact on me. I’m not looking to lose weight, but to actually attain a good lean figure, with good muscle mass and cutting. I’m not looking to be one of those bulky gym gorillas though (no offense).
    Therefore do you think that P90 is fr me? I do not wish to spend 90 days with minimal effect.

    • Slavko

      Late to answer the question, but let this be posted here anyway…

      P90 can help you maintain a lean and fit physique. In fact, it is the best workout for maintenance so far. If you want to define your muscle mass, this is a terrific workout program to go with. Just see the picture I’ve posted above. Now keep in mind that I was merciless on myself on the cardio days and hence the weight loss. You can go lighter and still achieve a fit and lean physique without losing any additional weight.

  26. John

    Can I use ultra heavy tension bands for sculpt routines and gain bulk?
    Or, would I be better served by lifting 3 days and running 2 and get similar results to New P90?

    • Slavko

      Hey John,

      Lifting will always get you more gains in bulk, not to be mistaken there. Depends on your goals though- If bulking is your primarily goal, then by all means go directly to the gym.
      P90 is more about losing weight, getting more agile, flexible… It also promotes cardio and muscle endurance more than what a custom weight training usually offers for beginners.
      To answer your question, it will also help you gain solid muscle. By adding more resistance you will build even more muscle. Pair that with higher protein intake though.

      Lifting 3 days, and running for two, will get you better results in gaining bulk though.

      Sculpting everything later so you get a more ripped look while improving your overal fitness?- that’s what P90 is for.

      Take care

  27. Adam

    This workout is awesome! Now entering month two, gained a ton of strength and muscles start to show all over. Can’t wait to up the intensity now that I can. Great review!

  28. Josh

    Thanks for great review.
    I have stuck to this longer than other, more intense routines.
    And, I have made better gains in muscular bulk as well because I can progressively increase resistance and track it.
    Most important to me is that I have continued to participate in my self defense training twice weekly for 45 minute sessions while doing the new P90 and notice improved strength in my techniques.
    This is pretty simply a strength workout alternated with a cardio session.
    To be honest, results have equaled those of P90X.
    Can I continue with this for another year?

    • Slavko

      Hey Josh, glad to hear this.

      Sure thing buddy, that’s the beauty of P90- unlike other more intense routines, it can be repeated number of times in a row to the point where it is part of your lifestyle. Though you will find that maintaining the results can be achieved with 3 times working out per week.

      Have a blast friend

  29. Sheri Sears

    Though I have not followed the eating plan with P90, I did follow the exercise plan. I lost 10 lbs, and have gained definition in places I did not have before. The most noticeable difference has been in my core strength. I can even do burpees now. I regret that I did not take measurements at the beginning. Mainly because I did not think I would stick with it. But I did and I loved it. I am now motivated to continue on with the workouts. At age 51, I lost 100 lbs with walking alone. But have not been able to complete by journey due to this never ending plateau. With P90 I believe I will be able to complete my journey. I highly recommend this workout. Make sure that you take measurements for before and after. You will lose inches and more importantly gain core strength. Thank you Tony for coming up with a workout that I can actually do and have such amazing results.

    • Slavko

      Hey Sheri, so glad to hear this!

      Keep following the program and you will be surprised how far the results can go. Less modifications by the day, and correct form through and through. You will have lots of fun.
      The P90 routines are so varied and so many that any plateau can be stepped over.

  30. Elena

    Great review guys! P90 is a workout that I can finally do, and one that doesn’t take time out of my day. End of week one and I already see results. My stomach is tighter, and so are my shoulders and thighs. I can’t imagine what my body will look like on day 90. Will write an update as soon as I finish week two.

  31. NewbyNen

    HI there. As a (very) large lady with lots to lose and slightly more motivation than bulk, I was looking for a program to get me moving but not leave me groaning with pain for hours after. Which is what P90x series seemed to offer. I’ve done 2 cycles of T25, and while I lost a bit, not enough to holler at. (from reading the previous comments and replies, it is ‘possible’ I was using waaay to many modifiers…. but I ended up developing plantar fasciitis, so that was the end of that). Anyway, I’m on my game, have lost about 70lbs overall, regularly walking and doing light strength training. But after half year on the dreaded plateau, I’m ready to kick it up a notch. Thanks for the amazingly detailed (and funny!) review. I’ll let you know how it goes (I just ordered it today after reading this and other reviews, so I’ll probably not get it till early next month). Cheers

    • Slavko

      Hey Nen, glad to see you motivated to step over the plateau. Tony’s routines are holistic and target a very diverse range of weaknesses, helping you make faster progress. Drop us a line once you start with P90 and share your impressions.

      Take care

  32. Barry

    Hi there. I am just getting started with P90 and was wondering if you recommend a recovery drink after each workout?

    • Slavko

      Hey Barry,

      Given that P90 does not sit on the extreme end of the fitness spectrum, I’d not be overly concerned with a recovery drink. You can add one (or even half a scoop) of whey protein, and it should do the work for muscle recovery. A multivitamin would be nice as well.

      Enjoy P90

  33. Earl

    I am 70 years old. I am fortunate not to have any serious health problems. I do daily stretching and light exercises, but have not done any serious cardio exercises for many years. Would you suggest doing the Sweat or Sculpt series of exercises. Also, if i do one series, do i need to start over if i want to do the other series. Thanks for any advice.

    • Slavko

      Hey Earl,

      Not really sure what your question is. If you are hesitant on the cardio (which is probably smart, at least at the very beginning) doing the sculpt workouts is definitely better. Start with the A, and after two or three weeks go up a bar and try the B. When you feel you are ready, you can try the C as well.
      The sweat workouts can come in later, after a month and so. And yes, start with A as well.

      Using the modifier can help a lot, and allow you to avoid those moves that cause heart rate to go unpleasantly up. Pay attention to form, and don’t rush through. Also, make sure to listen to your body and learn your limits before pushing harder.

      I hope this helps. But don’t take my word for it- consulting a doctor might be far more productive.

  34. Slavko

    Hey Earl,

    Not really sure what your question is. If you are hesitant on the cardio (which is probably smart, at least at the very beginning) doing the sculpt workouts is definitely better. Start with the A, and after two or three weeks go up a bar and try the B. When you feel you are ready, you can try the C as well.
    The sweat workouts can come in later, after a month and so. And yes, start with A as well.

    Using the modifier can help a lot, and allow you to avoid those moves that cause heart rate to go unpleasantly up. Pay attention to form, and don’t rush through. Also, make sure to listen to your body and learn your limits before pushing harder.

    I hope this helps. But don’t take my word for it- consulting a doctor might be far more productive.

  35. Riz

    I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I will on this one. I am currently doing the P90 and on my week 3. Although I haven’t lost any weight, but my arms are getting bigger. I can see and feel it and my wife is telling me that also. I did change my whole diet and I am eating very healthy 90% of the time. Although I kinda fell off for 3 days in a row by eating junk. I am back on my saddle and I am going all the way till the finish line.
    I will do more rounds of P90 because I like the fact that it’s only 30 mins (I’m a lazy bastard) Your article was great to read and really enjoyed it and at the same time, motivated me to keep going. -Thank you.

    • Slavko

      Hey Riz,

      Great to hear that. How are things going so far? It gets fun when you can push harder, especially during your last couple of weeks.

      Take care

  36. Mimi

    Thank you for this very detailed/informative review! I have the original P90 and now there is a new version – do you think I need to purchase it and/or is there much difference?

    Thank you, M~

    • Slavko

      Hey Mimi,

      Though I’ve never tried the original P90, there is much difference from what I can see. The workouts are more complex in some ways, and simpler in others. The new program is better in terms of sequences and how exercises are being placed, as well as it has some cool moves that simply activate more muscle mass with less cardio/endurance effort.

  37. John

    What did you do for recovery after these workouts ??? TBB doesnt have Results and Recovery anymore

    • Slavko

      Hey John, whey protein is just about enough. You can have a multivitamin after that as well, and that’s pretty much it. No need to make it more complex that that.

      Take care

  38. Ted

    I have just heard of P90 a couple of days ago. I had open heart surgery 4 months ago was wondering if this would be something I could do since the doctor has given me the ok to start exercising. Thanks for the great review.

    • Slavko

      Hey Ted,

      Given the modifications included, as well as the nature of the workouts (way easier than some of the other programs that Beachbody is making), I don’t know why not. You’d have to consult with your doctor again, and familiarize him with some of the videos (maybe show him the infomercial, so he can have a better understanding of what P90 is).

      Out of all other workout programs I can think of, P90 seems like the easiest yet most holistic approach. You can scale things up from there by increasing intensity during each move (more speed, better form, more range of motion, trying to last longer…)

      Take care

  39. Buttons

    I’m experiencing good results with P90, a really great program. I am a 62 yr old female and had about 15 lbs to lose when I started. I am trying mostly to tone muscle. I have successfully done P90x and T25 about 5 yrs ago. I’ve exercised regularly for years but stopped about a year ago; hence the muscle tone to recover. My hubby, 63, who has also completed both P90x and T25 with great results, stopped regular exercise about 4 yrs ago so now has about 20 lbs and a belly to lose. Because we are retired and $ is a factor, we were able to get used dvds but do not have the Simple Kitchen guide. We used the formula, weight x 11 – 500 (found a P90 youtube video) to calculate our daily calories to lose weight. This worked like a charm for me. But not so for my poor hubby. He lost about 6 lbs in Phase A but now, halfway through B, he appears to be gaining some of it back. He’s very discouraged. He started at 186.7 lbs and has been eating 1560 cal per day. He is 2 weeks into month 2. Is he eating enough? Why is he not getting the results I am? Suggestions? He’s about ready to give up I think.

  40. Buttons

    I asked a question a couple of days ago but haven’t yet gotten any feedback. I’m new at this…do I need to use a different place or format to get a response? No hurry, just curious. Any help appreciated!

    • Slavko

      Hey Susan,

      Sorry for replying late. First of all, glad to hear that you guys have decided to return back to a fit and healthy lifestyle. And kudos for your results!

      As for your husband, and what I can access from the comment, it seems as though he is consuming more calories than what he burns through exercise…

      Few ways to fix this:

      -try eating less carbs, and get real serious about eating clean (meaning more vegetables and lean protein…). If you feel somewhat hungry, try supplementing with more vegetables and a bit more lean protein.
      -try upping the ante during your workouts (push harder each day, and don’t allow yourself to fall into a comfort zone after a while).
      -rest when it’s time to rest (give the muscles a chance to recuperate, grow, and burn even more fat)
      -hydrate more and cut on salt almost completely

      One more week into the program, along with these tips should straighten things up and he will start seeing great results.

      Hope this helps.

  41. Ananda Faszold

    I’m so thankful for your thorough review. You answered a lot if my questions. Part of the reason I read your review is because I am trying figure out if there are a lot of push ups or time spent with your wrists in the same position as they are for doing push ups in these workouts. I have tennis elbow and I developed it doing Piyo – which i really enjoyed and quit when my elbow wouldn’t stop hurting. My PT says i can still exercise and recommended wrist wraps and push up bars. Could you possibly comment on the types of floor exercises and how much of the workouts are spent doing floor work that has your wrists bent? I’m 99% sure I should order this!

    • Slavko

      Hey Ananda,

      Glad for your determination there! But this comment might somewhat discourage you. P90 has a fair amount of moves that require of you to place your body in the high plank position, or somehow transfer weight and add pressure to your palms and wrists.

      I would recommend another program, from Shaun T, that my wife went through and ended up more than satisfied. You probably even heard about it- Cize. In all honesty, I haven’t went over Cize myself, aside from going over some of the workouts individually.

      Anyway, she wrote about here experience with Cize in a very extensive review, and the feedback so far is amazing. Here is the review, give it a read if you like- https://www.lifestyleupdated.com/cize-review-dance-workout/

      Take care, and don’t let this discourage you at all.

      In fact, we are almost ready to release our own fitness program, and I’m going to add your e-mail in the free access list I’m putting together. Once it’s out (was scheduled to go live this month, but things slowed down due to our wedding), you will be notified and given full access.

      Just remember to write me a e-mail as soon as you receive access, and I will, free of charge, personally create a custom schedule having your condition in mind.

      Till then, check the review of Cize, and take care.

  42. Rob R

    Great review, thanks for taking the time, there are not a lot of good comparisons out there. I am currently deciding between P90 and P90x. I am a road and trail runner (40+ km/week + races up to 1/2 marathons) and I also bike casually a few days a week and weight lift typically 2-3 times per week (20-30min) (not heavy lift – more for tone). I am in the very early recovery stages of a hernia surgery (4-6 week recovery) and a progressive stress fracture in my tibia (no running – 8 to 12 week recovery). At my general fitness level I was thinking of using P90x due the longer workouts and longer cardio mainly to get me through the winter months untilI can get back to normal again. Typically I find a 30 minute workout does not bring me up to the level I need to be at to make me feel satisfied. The question I have is two parts, 1) is it possible to easily combine workouts to make up to 60 min per session and 2) would you think the workout intensity while possibly using heavier weights or more resistance (although i have to limit that for a short time due to surgery) would be enough to make it a satisfying workout for someone who is quite fit already? Or should I just jump into the P90x.
    Thanks for taking the time! Much appreciated.

  43. Jennifer

    Thank you for your excellent review. I have done P90X a few times in the past with great results. I had a back injury a few years back and have not worked out on doctors orders. I am ready to get back into shape and was wondering if this was the right workout. Your review was so thorough and your results so great that I am ordering it now. Let’s see what 90 Days does.

  44. vimal vincent

    Hi….I wanted to know how many calories will be burned during the 30 minutes workout. Is the calorie burn the same for both sculpt and sweat sessions? Also if i wanted to do a one hour workout could i do the workout twice just to intensify my calorie burn or is that a bad idea ?

    • Slavko

      Answering this comment rather late, I hope it will help some of the people reading this thread.

      The number of calories burned depends much on the effort used to complete the workout. And that is the great thing about all of the beachbody programs – the more you push, the more you’ll burn. There is almost no upper limit.

      Having said that, I’d say something within the range of 500-600 calories for the sweat workouts, and maybe slightly less for the sculpt workouts. Again, much depends on your effort, as well as weight, muscle mass, range of motion etc. Then again, you can really push, and burn even more.

      Do note that the Insanity workout can burn up to 1000 calories.

  45. rijja

    Hi there! I am about to start p90 next month. I was wondering if you could help me decide how much weights should i be lifting. I dont want to bulk up i just want to lose weight. I am 5’4″ and 210 lbs and i am 18 years old

    • Slavko

      Hey there,

      Again, sorry for the late reply, but I hope it will help some of our readers.

      I prefer dumbbells that are 10kg each. Anything heavier than that and you will see some noticeable muscle gain. However, much depends on your current muscle mass and whether or not you are into shape. You can definitely go with 12kg dumbbells, or perhaps go lighter and take 7.5kg ones.

  46. Michelle

    Thanks for your review, it is one of the best I have seen on P90! I started my fourth week this week & I have already shed some weight & really enjoying it. The only thing I do not enjoy is the resistance band that came with the DVDS. They have snapped on me twice during mid-workout. I want to use dumbbells in lieu of the band- do you know what weight dumbbells I should get that are compatible with the band? I want the resistance to be just as tough! I bought 8 lb dumbbells but I am not sure if that is enough?? I am a 26 y/o female with about 25 more lbs to lose. Please help!

  47. Amad

    Hi,my age is 17 years…..tell me how I get start workout and what things use in workout.I keep my body perfect…tell me more about workout

  48. SamL

    Great Review, I have done nearly all of the Beachbody workouts now and I somehow overlooked P90. I have had a low energy week so I turned to this to keep me working out. I have been really pleasantly surprised with this as although the intensity is less the attention to detail and form has more then made up for it. I do do 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes strength and I have found the workouts really enjoyable and adequate. Great workout to turn to for a bit of a change as the workouts are short and sweet with none of that foam rolling stretching business which does irritate me in some of the longer x routines.

  49. Josh

    I liked your in-depth review of P90.
    Isn’t this basically alternating weights one day cardio the next?
    I also practice Martial Arts at home.
    Can I keep up 2 mornings per week for 30 minutes each and do the P90 workouts in the afternoons?
    The simplicity will keep me doing this for a long time.

    • Slavko

      Sure Josh,

      The P90 workout is perfect for different combinations with other types of exercise. Go through one week and see how it feels. Then, modify if necessary.

      You’ll simply have to include a whey protein supplement, or perhaps up your protein intake. There is no definitive answer to how much is enough, but your body will tell you.

  50. Rose

    Hi there!

    I just ordered P90 and am starting the program next week. I’m so excited, and even more so after reading your review!
    I have a question, though. I’m a 20 year old girl, and while I am looking to get a lean body with muscle definition, I’m not looking to get ripped. I just don’t like six packs etc. on a female body as much as I like them on men. So my question is: how do I complete the program and not have abs/very visible muscles in arms, but do have a flat belly, tight legs and butt and some muscle definition? I am in fairly good shape currently, I am 5’4 and weigh about 138 lbs.

    So much thanks for your help and your amazing review!

    • Slavko

      Hey Rose,

      I know I’m late with my comment, but I hope others will find it useful.
      Honestly, a six pack is as much about muscle growth as it is about burning abdominal fat. For women, it can be a lot harder to noticeably grow their rectus abdominis, than it is for men.

      That being said, there is hardly any room for worries. You’ll need to stress the abs to the max (whenever such exercises occur in the program), and be very consistent with your protein intake (maybe even throw in a whey protein shake if you are not getting enough calories from protein throughout the day) in order to bulk up in the abdominal section. If you see the beginning of a change that you are not entirely ok with, just start to rest for the last couple of repetitions on some of the demanding ab moves, and that’s pretty much it. Or slightly lower your caloric intake (there is simply no way to build muscles if you are not feeding them properly).

  51. Elisabetta

    I realise this is a somewhat old review, but I have just finished the first week of this program and loving it so far. Trying to up the weights as I go along.

    I was just wondering – were you doing this on a calorie deficit? I am just impressed by the fact that you lost fat and put on muscle. Thanks in advance!

    • Slavko

      Getting back to replying some of the old comments. I promise I won’t leave you guys hanging ever again!

      That being said, it is not about caloric deficit as it is about the protein/carb ratio. If you go lower on the carbohydrates, and keep your protein intake right there where it needs to be in order to build muscle (around 1-1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight), you will gain some while loosing fat tissue in the process.

  52. Matt

    Hi. Thanks for your review. It was really helpful. I have a query though. I recently bought a punchbag and am loving doing 20 minutes with this every morning. It gives me loads of energy. Can I continue to do this and the p90 after work or will this be too much? Alternately could a integrate the punchbag into the p90 work outs. Thanks

    • Slavko

      Hey Matt,

      Much depends on what you want to achieve, and how dedicated you want to remain with your diet.

      If you want to lose more weight – sure, the more exercise you squeeze in, the faster you’ll melt the fat (though there is an upper limit after which it becomes counterproductive).

      If you want to build muscle, then perhaps it is best to take a pause and allow your body to rejuvenate and grow new cells. But here is where diet comes into play. If you feel capable of squeezing the punch bag into the routine, then by all means go for it. Just make sure to consume enough protein in your diet (maybe even throw in a whey protein shake after the workout session).

      Hope this helps

  53. Colleen

    I am about to start P90. I am wondering if you do 1 work out per day.

    Sculpt A. One day

    Sweat A. 2nd day

    Ab Ripper a. 3rd say

    Or do you do all 3 as day 1.

    And start all 3 in B as day 2

    And so on.

    Thank you

    • Slavko

      Hey Colleen,

      Depending on your circumstances, you can experiment with different combinations. However, the basic schedule dictates one workout per day unless specified otherwise. You’ll receive a calendar telling you what to do on any given day.

      Hope this helps

  54. Marie

    Hi! Tomorrow I will begin week 3 of p90. I’m just curious on what should I eat on Sundays. Also I’m a breastfeeding mom so I burn calories whole feeding my baby. So I don’t know how many calories should I eat per day. I’m currently eating 1500. It is so hard to stick to the meal plan. I have lost 4 pounds in two weeks.
    Thanks in advance

    • Slavko

      Hey Marie,

      Sunday comes, I usually treat myself with something that is rich in calories. But no junk food as of lately. Instead, I eat my regular meals, and add a bit of extra dressing, or up the caloric intake from the proteins and fats. Something that takes care of my cravings, but doesn’t leave me with a bloated stomach several hours after the meal.

      However, because you are a mom who is currently breastfeeding, I cannot give you any advice with regards to your caloric intake. Even though 1500 calories sounds like a rather low number (but I know nothing about your current weight, and other factors). Nevertheless, I’d urge you to talk with a medical professional, who knows what’s best for you and your baby.

      How is P90 going btw? Are you enjoying the workouts? :)

      • Marie

        Hi! Thank you for replying me. My husband and I are doing the p90 together. I’m on the sweat page and he is doing sculpt. We are loving the exercises, we just finished today week 3 and I have lost around 6 pounds. I’m so happy! I will come back when I’m done with the program and let you know how I did!


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