Beachbody On Demand Review – Everything you need to know

This Beachbody on Demand review, as you would expect from Lifestyle Updated, brings about the most detailed description of the program available. As the internet has already revolutionized fitness years ago, it was about time for Beachbody to finally join the party. And having reviewed nearly most of their popular workouts so far, we wanted to give our verdict for the Netflix of fitness as well. Updated regularly, it will cover every change over the years, and tell you exactly what to expect.

*Updated: May, 2019


Regardless of whether you are a Beachbody fan, have bought some of their workouts in the past, or encounter this brand for the first time… Read ahead, because I’ll do my best to review this platform, and have all of your questions answered. This Beachbody on Demand review goes over the good, the bad, and the ugly. No flowery prose, no sales pitch at the end, and a lot of ground to cover.

To keep, therefore, this introduction short, I will start right away.

What to expect from this review?

First of all, who am I to review Beachbody On Demand, and what gives me the credibility? Well, let’s backtrack for a bit. Beachbody, the company, has been around for more than a decade, creating a redefinition of the home fitness genre.

I started with the Insanity workout 8 years ago, but their programs were trending long before I joined the party. With new materials being released every year, and a user base growing ever larger, Beachbody was, and perhaps still is, the biggest fitness laboratory. They know how users interact with their workouts, and continually work on improvements.

Being a fitness aficionado for most of my adult life, and coaching for a while, I went ahead to write some of the most visited reviews on the net. Watching this site receive feedback in the count of thousands, it was a life changing but also humbling experience. Questions and e-mails were pouring in, so many in fact that I couldn’t even catch up answering… And to spare you the long story, let me just say that I know what to look for when reviewing fitness products. I created one of my own, pay attention to detail, and regularly interact with people who are passionate about weight loss, health, and holistic fitness.

This review is a careful analysis of Beachbody on Demand, that goes every feature of the program. As you’ll learn by scrolling down, there is not a single stone left unturned.

Note, however, that the body of this page will continually change, according to the latest developments in the platform. That being said, the review itself might become more or less positive depending on the features rolling in, the movement of their price packages, and the competing options on the market.

And since there is a bit of guidance lacking, I’ll share a free e-book at the bottom of this page, showing you how to get the best out of this platform, should you decide to join in for the free trial. But let’s start one step at a time.

Get all Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

What is Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody On Demand Review What Is It

Beachbody on Demand is a huge library of online workouts available for streaming. It is a place where you can access 60+ fitness programs, even more meal plans, and many different features. Included inside are all of their previous releases, as well as every new release or update that is about to roll. With unlimited access, you can watch any number of videos per day, on any device, for as long as you are subscribed.

Granting true mobility, Beachbody on Demand allows you to stream workouts on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This wasn’t always the case, and they didn’t even have an app at the beginning. Many years in a row, the platform was a secondary project of the company, filled with marketing innuendos for their top tier products and subscriptions. However, year after year the platform improved, offering, what is now, a true fitness sanctuary that aims to please.

Every workout program from Beachbody comes with digital books attached. This manual, if you will, shares the principles, the meal plan, and many different tips on how to get the most our of your workout. As long as you are subscribed, these tools are free to use.

The videos can be downloaded and played even when you are offline, and there is also an option to connect directly with a Beachbody coach, and have a live chat. Both of these features are newly introduced, and they radically improve the older version of the platform – a version where you were left on your own, and had to rely on a stable internet connection.

Here is what Tony Horton had to say about it:

It’s f*cking great. It’s about time.

So with this introduction out of the way, it is time to go over the features one by one, and comment on what is perhaps the very essence of Beachbody on Demand – the workouts.

Why Beachbody on Demand?


You are anxious, I believe, to read about the pros and cons of this platform. So let me start right away – here is the part where Beachbody excells.

Beachbody on Demand is a massive library of professionally created workouts. Over 700 videos and still growing! It is a true anthology of their production, with every program ever released, and a growing number of special editions, members only cooking shows, and frequent Q&A with the trainers.

You can play as many workouts as you like, switch between programs, change the language of the audio, add subtitles, and even go back and forth between a modifier for each move, a regular version, and an intensifier.

The platform will also provide a number of hybrid calendars, which is to say guidance on how to combine one program with another. It was something that’s been missing for quite a while, and now it’s finally here. Instead of going over a single program, over and over, you can now have variety.

Here is a full list of all Beachbody on Demand programs

Currently, there are 60 programs in total. I’ve listed them all, along with the duration of the program and workout time per day. Some of these are ongoing shows, which means that they last indefinitely. Most of the workouts however, are compatible with one another, so you can follow the hybrid calendars and create far more programs, multiplying this list to infinity.

  • 10 Minute trainer (60 days; 10 min/day)
  • 21 Day fix (21 days; 30 min/day)
  • 21 Day fix EXTREME (21 days; 30 min/day)
  • 22 Minute hard corps (8 weeks; 22 min/day)
  • 3 Week yoga retreat (21 days; 32 min/day)
  • 3-Day refresh yoga (3 days; 36 min/day)
  • 80 Day obsession (80 days; 60 min/day)
  • A little obsessed (5 days; 30 min/day)
  • A Week of hard labor (5 days; 45 min/day)
  • Autumn’s exclusives (45 min/day)
  • Beachbody yoga studio (90 min/day)
  • Body beast (90 days; 53 min/day)
  • Brazil butt lift (60 days; 50 min/day)
  • Brazil butt lift carnivale (30 days; 30 min/day)
  • Brazil butt lift master series (30 days; 35 min/day)
  • ChaLEAN Extreme (90 days; 45 min/day)
  • CIZE (4 weeks; 50 min/day)
  • Clean week (7 days; 30 min/day)
  • Core de force (30 days; 47 min/day)
  • Country heat (30 days; 30 min/day)
  • Double time (30 days; 32 min/day)
  • Fixate cooking show (16 min/day)
  • FOCUS T25 (10 weeks; 25 min/day)
  • Great body guaranteed! (11 min/day)
  • Hip hop abs (60 days; 45 min/day)
  • Ho’ Ala ke Kino (30 min/day)
  • INSANITY (60 days; 60 min/day)
  • Insanity MAX:30 (60 days; 30 min/day)
  • Insanity: The Asylum [Volume 1] (30 days; 60 min/day)
  • Insanity: The Asylum [Volume 2] (30 days; 60 min/day)
  • Jericho’s exclusives (40 min/day)
  • Joel’s exclusives (40 min/day)
  • Kathy Smith’s project You! Type 2 (60 min/day)
  • Kids and family collection (55 min/day)
  • Lift 4 (60 days; 40 min/day)
  • Mes de Más (30 days; 30 min/day)
  • P90 (90 days; 60 min/day)
  • P90X (90 days; 60 min/day)
  • P90X ONE on ONE (70 min/day)
  • P90X2 (90 days; 60 min/day)
  • P90X3 (90 days; 30 min/day)
  • PiYo (60 days; 45 min/day)
  • Power 90 (90 days; 38 min/day)
  • Power half hour (30 days; 30 min/day)
  • Pre and post natal fitness (35 min/day)
  • RevAbs (45 min/day)
  • Rockin’ Body (60 days; 45 min/day)
  • Sagi’s exclusives (45 min/day)
  • Shaun week: Insane focus (7 days; 43 min/day)
  • Shift shop (28 days; 50 min/day)
  • Slim in 6 (6 weeks; 60 min/day)
  • Tai Cheng (13 weeks; 80 min/day)
  • The 20’s (20 min/day)
  • The master’s hammer and chisel (60 days; 40 min/day)
  • Tony’s exclusives (55 min/day)
  • Total body solution (15 min/day)
  • Turbo Fire (90 days; 55 min/day)
  • Turbo Jam (60 days; 45 min/day)
  • Yoga booty ballet (4 weeks; 60 min/day)
  • YOUv2 (4 weeks; 30 min/day)

Few years back, they were offering different price packages based on how many programs you were allowed to stream. Nowadays, however, the price packages differ only in the length of your subscription, and every user has complete access to all of the features and all of the programs. I will tell you more about the details below.

What is important to note is that you’ll also have access to a number of shows that come out of their own production. These include the healthy cooking and kitchen prep show Fixate; the fitness documentary-style reality show The 20’s, where they are looking for the next super trainer who will join the ranks of Shaun T, Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson; Beachbody Yoga studio and Autumn Calabrese’s Active maternity.

Important – many Beachbody on demand reviews on the internet are seriously outdated, so you won’t find the list above in its entirety. They are improving the platform year after year, changing subscription options, while allowing more workout access as well.

Get all Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

What are the Beachbody on Demand workouts like?

While some are weight loss prescriptions, with the sole purpose of burning as much fat as humanely possible, others include muscle definition, bulk, or toning specific parts of the body. And since this Beachbody on Demand review cannot describe each workout program separately, let me provide a simple overview.

There are plenty of programs that employ engaging cardio circuits. Here, most of the exercises are bodyweight, with emphasis on complex moves that engage several muscle groups at once. The format is a familiar one, with one minute dedicated for each move, and usually a short break after the circuit is complete.

You’ll be doing push-up variations, a variety of squats, jumping drills and clever innovative exercises that will  excite you as much as they’ll surprise you. If you are the type of person who loves kinetic aesthetics, agile drills, and rhythm in movement, there are many routines in Beachbody on Demand that will provide a pleasurable challenge. The P90 program, for example, is a great way to enter this realm even if you are a beginner.

Beachbody On Demand Review Workouts

That being said, many of the programs are beginner friendly. Through slow progression, you’ll work on strengthening your core, improving your agility, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

If you are paying attention to proper form, the exercises work really well in targeting different muscle groups, and you will start to see results as early as within the first week of a given program.

There are one-hour workouts, 10 minute workouts, and everything in between – from low impact moves that ease your way into fitness, to dynamic exercises that make you sweat a bucket. You can lose up to 30 pounds of weight in a single month; have a well-developed chest, rounded biceps, well defined triceps, impressive shoulders, and insane abs. The workouts will do wonders for your lower body as well, since most of the exercise variations activate your gluts (butt), quads and calves.

Plenty of the workouts are oriented toward flexibility and balance. And if you are looking for low impact routines, it is really hard to find a better alternative. Dance workouts are also included, and they are nice refreshment for those who want a distraction. If you are into rhythmic exercises, I believe that Hip hop abs, Cize, and Country heat are hard to replace.

On the other end of the spectrum, you also have workouts that are oriented specifically towards gaining some bulk. To be honest, I never tried any of them so I cannot tell for sure whether or not they are as effective as they claim.

What I love the most about Beahbody on demand is the palate of intense workouts. Starting with the P90X series, and the original Insanity Workout, you can climb your way to the Asylum series. These, I believe, are the hardest workouts ever invented and put on video. I went through a serious transformation using the Asylum Vol.1 and the fact that it took 30 days blows my mind ever since.

Another thing that I love about Beachbody on demand is how they realize an obvious truth – taste changes over time. You might want to build more muscle where you previously wanted to lose more weight or vice versa. As compared to DVD programs, where you need to pay several hundred dollars in order to switch between a handful of programs, Beachbody on Demand makes things much easier.

Most people I know of, who bought a Beachbody workout in the past, when they were still selling them on DVDs, almost always made a second purchase.

How about the video quality?

Since I’ve been learning a lot about video while creating my own workout program, I can tell you with certainty that there is no other company that does workout videos better than Beachbody.

Great frames, moving shots, dynamic editing, uplifting and super professional music, best on-set lightning, spotless choreography, genuine charisma on camera…

The videos from Beachbody on demand are the golden standard against every other attempt is being measured.

Change pace, diversify, build custom programs and never get bored

Beachbody On Demand Review Total Package

I’ve tried many different Beachbody workouts, repeating some of them once or twice over the years. So here is my objection… Most of these programs have 6-12 videos, and you can play them in a loop only so many times. When you learn the script by heart, it starts to become boring. The challenge is still there, but you’d rather be surprised by new moves once again.

The Beachbody on demand platform represents a huge change. It brings all of the programs together, so you can combine them however you like. As you can see on the list that I shared above, most of these programs last for one or two months. Imagine buying them separately for an average price of $60. Not feasible!

The great thing about the platform is the diversity. You can start with a beginner friendly yoga routine, and end up with a set of cardio drills that puts athletes to shame. Complete the first round of any program you chose, and move forward to something more exciting, similar, or completely different.

At the end of this review, I’ll share an e-book with few ideas on how to move through the Beachbody on demand library and get the best out of this platform.

The best coaches in the world

I’ve been deeply passionate about fitness for many years now, and have created a very comprehensive platform of my own, so it is my job conditioning to notice details while analyzing coaches and the workout atmosphere in general.

Currently, Beachbody has, without any doubt whatsoever, the best fitness coaches in the world. These are people who walk the walk, look the part, and know how to communicate their expertise through the videos.

The 4 most popular Beachbody trainers are Tony Horton, Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, and Chalene Johnson. They are the names behind some of the most renowned fitness programs ever created, and have a list of workouts to offer each more different than the one before.

Other Beachbody on Demand trainers include Joel Freeman, Leandro Carvalho, Idalis Velazquez, Debbie Siebers, Jericho McMatthews, Sagi Kalev, Megan Davis, Brett, Hoebel, Dr. Cheng, Chris Downing, Vytas Baskauskas, Elise Joan, Ted, Mcdonald, Faith Hunter, Bee Bosnak, Desi Bartlett, Caley Alyssa, Kathy Smith and the duo Gillian Marloth Clark and Teigh McDonough.

Two week trial period for free!

This means that you don’t have to pay a dime for the first 14 days, and there is no obligation to continue using the service whatsoever – you can stop the trial period and part ways with them at any time you like.

Below I’ll describe the cancellation steps in detail, but know only that it is now far easier to actually quit their service. In the past, you had to call their customer support, and they had these sneaky hoops you had to jump through in order to cancel your subscription. Now, it’s easier than ever, and you can do it all online in less than a minute.

Newest promotion: Get ALL Beachbody Programs for $99! Stream the best workouts in fitness, get proven meal plans, download workout calendars, stream the FIXATE Cooking show, and more from Beachbody!



Mobile is the new black, and thanks to an app integration you’ll be able to access the Beachbody on demand platform from a tablet, and from a smartphone, both iOS and Android.

This will give you more mobility, and a portable fitness library. Which is a far better option than the old DVD format, allowing you to work out in the backyard, the park, and alongside with friends.

Plenty of features

When I wrote my first Beachbody on demand review, the platform was definitely inferior to the likes of Daily Burn. However, with yearly improvements and new features, not only did it catch up with the competition, but surpassed it in many ways.

Counting the workouts, you’ll get to a massive library of 700+ videos. Which is more than you can complete, even in two years. The whole family can have fun following a different program, and there’d still be more workouts to discover.

Without daily limitations, you can play as many videos as you like, and download all the instruction materials for each (meal plan, recipes, calendars, and much more).

The best feature, I guess, is the download option. Here you get to circumvent the fact that you are using an online platform. Instead of relying on a stable internet connection, you can download the video upfront, store it in your app download library, and press play when you feel ready. For those who are traveling often, this must be a life-saver.

Another great option is to change the audio track, which is to say change the language, and chose a different subtitle for each workout.

You can change the video track as well, going back and forth between a modifier (easier version of a certain exercise), intensifier, and the regular version. This goes above and beyond the features of competing platforms, essentially multiplying the number of workout combinations. Instead of going through a beginner-friendly program first, you can choose more advanced options and use the modifier for as long as you need.

You also have an option to integrate a heart rate monitor readings into your workouts. They will show on the upper right corner of the screen. So far, the service integrates only with an Apple watch, and with a Wahoo heart rate monitor. The Apple watch offers plenty of features, like progress tracking, reminder notifications, and post-workout summaries, and Wahoo Fitness is a leader in real-time heart rate monitoring.


Growing faster than logistics can manage Beachbody programs have always lacked a sound customer service. They also lacked motivational materials, and accountability programs to keep you on track.

Most people giving feedback on my previous reviews, have struggled to keep the pace going. This is somewhat improved when you look at the assigned coach feature, which means that you’ll be getting a one-on-one access with a person who is better versed in the Beachbody universe.

Another option is to head directly to the forum, where you can connect with people who are walking the same walk.

So here is what you get with any of the subscription packages:

  • 60 programs and growing
  • 700+ workouts and growing
  • Instructional materials and dedicated meal plans
  • The Fixate healthy cooking show
  • The reality show “The 20’s”
  • Exclusive programs like Autumn Calabrese’s Active maternity
  • An option to download every video
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Subtitles, and different audio tracks
  • A modifier, intensifier and regular version of almost every move
  • Hybrid calendars for combining the workouts together
  • Seamless integration with a heart rate monitor
  • One-on-one dedicated coach access
  • T-shirts can still be earned
  • Videos are in HD, with instant streaming
  • One account can be used by several people

The Beachbody on Demand price

So, how much does the subscription cost? Their price packages changed a couple of times throughout the years, so here is the current situation:

3-month membership

  • 14 days free trial
  • $39; billed on day 15

6-month membership

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • $59; billed on day 1

12-month membership

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • $99; billed on day 1

As you can see, the shortest plan is the 3-month membership, and it costs $39. However, you can enjoy a 14 day free trial. If you cancel any time during this trial, you won’t be charged a penny. That’s why the billing for the 3-month membership takes place on day 15.

Then you have the 6-month membership, and it is priced at $59. This one, however, is billed on day 1, but you get a 30-day money back guarantee. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of becoming a member, you won’t be charged a single penny (i.e. you’ll be refunded for the whole price).

The same goes for the yearly membership as well. It is priced at $99, and billed at day 1, and you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Cancel before the first month comes to an end, and you’ll be refunded for the whole price.

Between the 14-day free trial, and the 30-day money back guarantee, there is really nothing to lose – especially after they’ve changed their policy on cancelling the subscription. In the past, you had to call a customer service representative and do it over the phone. It was sneaky, time consuming, and people hated it. Thankfully, they seem to be open for constructive criticism, so you can now cancel the Beachbody on demand subscription at any time, in just under a minute, online.

Get all Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

Why not Beachbody on Demand?


I always like to say that flowery prose doesn’t have any place on Lifestyle Updated. When I sit down to write fitness reviews, I like to include all the negative aspects of a workout program as well. I want to put myself into your shoes, and predict where you might face frustration. With years of experience and continual feedback, I believe that I’m uniquely qualified for this task.

This Beachbody On Demand review, therefore, is hardly an exception. So let me tell you what bothers me.

You are renting the workouts. The moment you stop paying, is the moment when you stop streaming. With the DVDs, on the other hand, you own the workouts for life. I understand why Beachbody were eager to change the customer model though – why waste money on physical products, when you can sell everything on the cloud?

The upside, I guess, is that you don’t have to pay for shipping and handling, and can start with your program right away. However, the idea of the recurring payment still bothers me. It’s a hefty sum of money, but still. I don’t like additional upkeep in my life. That’s why we decided to switch to a different model for our own workout program, and we are hoping that we can integrate it by the end of 2018. Instead of paying monthly or yearly, you pay once and that’s it.

Comparing, however, the price of Beachbody on demand, and other similar services, it is way more affordable. Think about Daily Burn, or even other apps like Headspace where you pay the same price and only have access to a library of audio files (I love Headspace though).

Another thing that bothers me is a lack of investment when it comes to programing. They are a multimillion dollar company, and still haven’t figured out a way to implement modification algorithms in the platform, so your calendar can change in real time according to feedback.

They also haven’t figured out a way to squeeze in some gamification aspects that are going to keep you more accountable. We are a small family team, without outside investments, and somehow manage to outshine them in this regard. If anyone over at Beachbody is reading this, I’m glad to help with some advice and directions, just shoot me an e-mail. None of the Beachbody on demand reviews that I’ve been reading on the internet care to mention this.

Their old school marketing. Although they’ve come a long way, there is still room to improve. Take for example how they want to market their platform – as the $7000 value in products that you get for $99 per year. But living in the digital age, that’s pretty much the reality for most products and services, am I right? You don’t hear Apple anymore marketing their iPhone as the million dollar worth of devices squeezed into one tiny smartphone.

Are there any alternatives to Beachbody on Demand?

In the past, I must agree that Daily Burn was a slightly better service thanks to a number of usability features. However, with the incremental improvements over the years, there is simply no match for what Beachbody on Demand has to offer.

The trainers are bar none the best in the world. The programs range from beginner-friendly and easy, to super challenging and intense. They offer a garden variety of workouts, packed together into a very dense library, and each of them has a dedicated meal plan. Along with the modifier, intensifier, subtitles, and different audio tracks, as well as the option for video downloads, there is simply no competitor for Beachbody on Demand.

I like to believe that our own platform Fitness Updated is far better in different aspects, such as personalization, guidance, and real-time modifications of the workout schedule and meal plans (you provide one click feedback, and it will work continually to change your program on the go). By the end of this year we will offer the single price option as opposed to the monthly or yearly subscription as well, and hopefully provide a solution for all of you who want to buy once and be done with it. But that’s pretty much the extent to which we are better than Beachbody on Demand.

There is no question, however, that Beachbody have the most professionally filmed videos, charismatic coaches, and vast diversity in fitness. If you are the type of person who is dedicated, then Beachbody on Demand is the premium option.

As for other options on the market, FitnessGlo has closed shop two years ago, and Crunch Live is nowhere near Beachbody on Demand in terms of what you get. They are a decent service, sure, but it’s the same model with far less features, and far smaller library of workouts.

Beachbody on Demand fitness equipment requirements

Beachbody On Demand Review Outside

Most of the workouts from Beachbody on Demand don’t require any equipment. You’ll be using nothing else besides your own body and gravity, in order to supply the resistance.

However, there are many workouts from the library, that require a set of dumbbells, an agility ladder, or perhaps a sandbag, resistance bands, jumping rope, or a yoga mat. The great news is that you can always improvise, and sometimes even go without the specified equipment. Other than dumbbells, anything else is easy to circumvent and exercise without.

You can always register for the free trial, check the library of workouts, and decide whether or not you are comfortable with the amount of programs that require additional fitness equipment.

I will add a list of my own here, but remember that new programs are added to their platform regularly. Also, have in mind that most of the workouts can be done without strictly following their equipment requirements.

The list is comprehensive, so I decided to create a very short e-book instead or adding 1000 words of text to this Beachbody on Demand review. Just leave your e-mail and I’ll send you a free copy.

Workout equipment for Beachbody On Demand – eBook

* indicates required

Since the platform is very complex, and full of features, the list of frequently asked questions is rather long. I believe most of them are answered in the review above, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more, and even repeat myself for the sake of clarity.

This is an extension of the Beachbody on Demand review, if you so prefer, so read ahead if you are still curious.

Are any workouts available in Spanish?

The following programs are available with a Spanish Audio option, with Spanish Subtitles also coming soon:

Masters Hammer and Chisel, Country Heat, Core De Force, 21 Day Fix Extreme, 21 Day Fix, Cize, Cize Mashups, Body Beast, Insanity, P90X, P90X2 , Brazilian Butt Lift, RAB, Turbo Fire, Ten Minute Trainer, and Slim in 6.

To play a compatible video in Spanish, begin playing your desired workout/video. Within the player, select the audio/caption icon in the lower right hand corner. All of the available audio options for the workout will be listed.

Note – Subtitle options are not compatible with Microsoft Edge Browser (though they are making constant changes to improve the platform).

Is Beachbody On Demand available in Canada or the UK?

Yes. The US Beachbody On Demand site is available in Canada and the UK.

What are the system requirements?

This is a question that I’m surprised only a few people are asking. When I was signing up, that’s the first thing that came to mind. In order to save you some additional trouble searching for this info around the net, here are the details.

Optimal System Requirements

The following system requirements are recommended for optimal streaming playback. If one or more of the requirements are not met, videos may still play, but possibly with poor quality or playback issues, such as slow buffering or low resolution. For best results, use a system that meets all requirements for digital streaming.

Bandwidth (download) 3 Mbps (or higher)
Speed (ping rate) 100 ms (or lower)
Desktop Operating Systems
Flash Mac and PC desktop browsers must have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed and enabled in their browser
PC Windows 7 or 8.1
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
10.9 (Mavericks)
10.10 (Yosemite)
Mobile Operating Systems
iPhone/iPad IOS 7.1.2 and newer
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and newer
Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90
Firefox Version 36.0.1
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11
Safari 10.8 (Mountain Lion) – Safari 6.2.3
10.9 (Mavericks) – Safari 7.1.3
10.10 (Yosemite) –  Safari 8.0.3

Is there an app for IOS or Android?

Yes, there is a Beachbody On Demand app available for android and iOS.

Can I play the videos through multiple devices?

Yup, you can. For example play them on your laptop in the morning, then on your smartphone in the afternoon, and your iPad in the evening.

You can also connect your Roku player, Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast.

Here’s how to get started with Beachbody On Demand with Roku:

  1. 1. Start by searching for Beachbody On Demand in the Roku Channel Store. Add the channel and press OK on the Roku remote to install the channel.
  2. 2. You’ll next see a screen pop up with a URL and an activation code. Enter the URL into the Internet browser on your computer, tablet, or phone and login to your Beachbody On Demand account. You will then be prompted to enter the activation code. Do so and press the Submit button. The page will then alert you that the device has been successfully activated.
  3. 3. Once activation is successful, the Beachbody On Demand channel will automatically launch on your Roku player or Roku TV model.
  4. 4. To choose a workout, select the workout program you wish to do by using the “OK” button. Then, choose which specific workout you want to view.

Beachbody On Demand is supported on current generation Roku players, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku TV models.

Can I start with one workout and then play another from another program before the first is completed?

You can. Play one workout from Insanity, and then another from P90X or Turbo Fire, or Hip Hop Abs…

Is there some sort of a daily challenge competition going on?

There was – the Challenge Du Jour. A special set of workouts that changed daily. There were lots and lots of exercises to go through, but Beachbody cancelled the feature altogether due to low interest and engagement.

Get all Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

Getting the most out of Beachbody on Demand


Throughout the years, as the platform was growing, we’ve been changing this review over and over again. And each change, no matter how small, was reflecting the new trend – more features, more complexity, and more fitness at your disposal.

But thanks to a gap, which is the lack of built-in guidance, this complexity can be easily frustrating.

When you have a vast library of workouts, where do you actually start? What does progression look like? And how do you adapt many of these programs to your own lifestyle, your own fitness goals, and your own schedule?

While you can mix exercises and create customized schedules, my advice is to complete one full set before going to the next. Trust me, this pays off – you will boost your discipline, while allowing the program to work. Besides, many of the programs take a couple of days to prepare your body, before showing actual results. Think of it as the “s” curve – sudden progress followed by few-days-long plateaus, and then exponential progress once again.

At this point, you can start another workout program.

If, however, you go down the road of mixing workout programs, like for example Insanity and P90X, my advice is to decide between two different approaches.

  • Mixing similar workouts videos (for example both of them being cardio centered, or both of them being strength centered)
  • Mixing complementing workout videos (cardio centered videos from Focus T25, and Yoga ones from the P90X series)

I would personally go with the first option, untill I move closer to my goal, and then change to the second and diversify in order to amplify the results.

Above, as you’ll notice, I’ve shared a short e-book where I’m going over these questions in detail. Truth be told, there is much to say about how to follow, modify, and fuse these programs, in order to get the best results possible. The e-book covers a lot of ground, suggesting hybrid calendars, listing equipment requirements, and giving additional advice on how to progress with the Beachbody on Demand platform.

Migrating from one workout program to another is now far easier, so you’ll definitely love the process.

If you decide to give their free trial a shot, go ahead and download this e-book. I’ll share dozens of different ways to use their platform, and outline detailed programs on how to progress throughout the months ahead.

As for custom schedules, here are two of them for the purpose of decorating this review, and showing you what to expect in the book.

Custom schedule 1

Month 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Total body circuit Lower Body Yoga flex Ab sculpt Total body burn Yoga flex Rest
Week 2 Total body circuit Abs Lower Body Yoga flex Total body burn Ab sculpt Rest
Week 3 Alpha Cardio Lower body Total body burn Yoga flex Total body circuit Alpha lower focus Rest
Week 4 Alpha Cardio Lower body / Abs Total body burn Yoga X Alpha Cardio Ab ripper X Rest

Month 2 & 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Total body burn Lower Body / ab sculpt Alpha cardio Yoga X Shoulders and arms Alpha total body cardio Rest
Week 2 Alpha cardio Plyometrics Shoulders and arms Yoga X Alpha total body cardio Ab ripper X Rest
Week 3 Alpha cardio / Yoga Flex Plyometrics Shoulders and arms Yoga X Alpha lower focus Alpha total body cardio Rest
Week 4 Alpha Cardio Plyometrics Shoulders and arms Upper X Yoga X Alpha total body cardio / ab ripper X Rest
Week 5 Alpha Cardio / Yoga Flex Plyometrics Shoulders and arms / Ab ripper X Yoga X Upper X Alpha total body cardio – abs Finish

Used workouts:

hipHopAbs-workoutComparison-logoTotal body burn, Ab sculpt
focusT25-workoutComparison-logoAlpha Cardio, Alpha lower focus, Alpha total body circuit
10MinuteTrainer-workoutComparison-logoAbs, Lower body, Yoga flex
p90X-workoutComparison-logoAb ripper X, Plyometrics, Yoga X, Shoulders and Arms, Upper X

Custom schedule 2 – more advanced

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Speed and Agility Strength Power legs Off day stretch Back to core Pure cardio Rest
Week 2 Vertical Plyo Strength Insane abs Max recovery Speed and Agility Back to core Off day stretch
Week 3 Vertical Plyo Strength Ab shredder Off day stretch Max recovery Gameday Rest
Week 4 Speed and Agility Strength Back to core Power legs Insane Abs / Ab shredder Off day stretch Gameday

Used workouts:

insanity-workoutComparison-logoPure Cardio, Max Recovery, Insane abs
theAsylum-workoutComparison-logoSpeed and Agility, Strength, Vertical Plyo, Back to core, Gameday
asylum2-workoutComparison-logoPower Legs, Ab shredder, Off day stretch

Beachbody on Demand review – closing note

Should you subscribe to Beachbody or not? Well, by now you’ve probably set your mind, and my intention here is not about persuading you one way or the other. I tried to present all of the facts, answer all of the questions, and give you my personal view on the platform. The hope goes that I was successful in writing the only piece on this topic that you’ll ever need.

The Beachbody on Demand review above is detailed and honest, and I believe that you are the best judge on how to proceed.

Note however, that while I’m not a Beachbody coach, I do get a small compensation if you decide to make a purchase. On the other hand, I’m the co-founder of Fitness Updated, which makes Beachbody on Demand a serious competitor to my business. As much incentive you’d think there is for me to sell you a subscription, there is definitely more to make you forget about this platform.

But I wanted to remain loyal to you guys. The Lifestyle Updated audience is a precious thing to me, and this is a topic that many fitness enthusiasts are passionate about. So I decided to make an honest Beachbody on Demand review, updating it every once in a while.

If it’s still hard to decide, sign-up for the free trial, and use the 14 day period to personally test the platform. They do ask for your credit card, but you can cancel online at any time before the 14 day trial comes to an end, without being charged a single dime.

Test the platform now for free!

Get all Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

If you have more questions, the comment section is right below.

96 opinions already. What's yours?

  1. K.C

    Has anyone had good success yet?

    • erik

      I have had it for over a month and love it. I purchased a Roku device and use the BB streaming app that is on it. 100% worth the subscription cost because now my GF and myself can tryout different workouts that they put on it before deciding to buy the entire program. I’m not entirely sure what everyone elses problems were but I have been using the on demand service since January and love it

      • erik

        I forgot to mention that the article is a bit outdated. They do have an On-Demand App for Roku streaming devices that works great with your account. I have my hooked up to my TV in the workout area and just turn on the TV and start working out.

        • Slavko

          Hey Erik,

          The guide is now up to date, as of October, 2018. We are going to continue updating it whenever Beachbody decide to change any aspect of the platform, or add new features to the list.

      • Marisa

        Hiya hun are you still using it and did there charge you the 38 pound ? Then 2.99 a week .I am in two minds getting it .I got hip hop abs dvd and it really good .but seen the beechbody on demand sound fantastic. I don’t want to get rip off

  2. Bere

    I signed up today and mine work jst fine. I was a little confused at 1st bc I didn’t have a password but looked thru my email and found the one with instructions. I was a little disappointed that’s the videos I wanted are not available like t25 insanity max 30 so I’ll be canceling mine as well and jst buy the videos why pay 40 every 3 months and don’t have the videos I really wanted to use.

    • Nicole

      Hi there. I just read your concern, and incase you weren’t yet aware, beachbody has updated on demand to include EVERY PROGRAM! even the ones you wanted to try AND the new ones soon to be released this year. You get access to it ALL! $160 for a years worth of programming, along with 30 days of SHAKEology , and the other awesome features mentioned in the article, pretty amazing spotlight price☆
      Hope that helps :)
      Feel free to email me with questions, or feedback if you’ve since signed back up!

      • Stephanie

        I think I may be a little confused. So the Beachbody on Demand only gives a sample of all programs but in order to have access to the full programs, you must purchase these on top of the $160 annual fee? Am I understanding this correctly?

        • jen

          All I wanna know is for the 99.00 year, do I get ALL the workout programs to stream only ? because im not paying for streaming them and then having to buy the dvds on top of that

          • Ali

            For $99 a year you get ALL workouts to stream!

    • Slavko


      All the videos are available now regardless of your subscription package. They have over 60 programs, plus some additional shows, and you can stream any of them 24/7.

  3. Andy

    I love the online option especially when I will just do this once. It will cost me $38 for a P90x3 (compared to 120)and I am happy about it. I stream workouts straight to my Roku player and works like a charm.

    Also, free trial is good as a lot of people give up within first one month, in that case you don’t spend a dime.

  4. Yvonne Chacon

    I need to get in shape. I’m fat and need help

    • Joe Mama

      Just get T25 on Amazon. It is a great product and you can get it without dealing with BB’s sales staff and tricks. Once you have it, be prepared to follow it. Every day. You can’t start skipping. And you will have to start to tweak your diet too. But that gets easier after you start to lose the initial weight. Also it’s critical that, no matter what, you force yourself to stick with it through those first couple of weeks before you really start to see any results. But if you can get over that hump, you’ll get into the positive feedback loop. And then you’ll be amazed where you get. The diet changes will cause the weight loss and T25 will give your body shape and strength and endurance. It’s awesome.

      • Slavko

        No sales staff to deal with as of recently. All cancelations to the subscription packages are online, in under a minute, unlike before when you had to call a customer service representative.

  5. nancy

    is Piyo a part of beach body on demand?

    • Jess

      No, I don’t think it is.

      • Nicole

        It is now ?

    • Slavko

      Sure, PIYO is included in the subscription.

  6. Lacey Sturgis

    Is the 3 week yoga retreat part of BbOD?

    • Nicole

      Yes. It is♡ it’s fantastic!

  7. Savanna

    Does anyone have any insight on the nutrition plans that come with the BOD membership? I’m torn because I really want to do Insanity, but why pay $120 for the DVD when you could pay a little more and have access to a variety of workouts for the year? However, I think that it would be very helpful to have the nutrition plans that come with insanity, and BOD says you get access to some but I’m not sure if they’re the same. Thoughts?

    • Nicole

      Hi savanna.
      Yes!! The program meal plans, nutrition guides, recipes, FIXATE cooking segments, all that you need to be successful you WILL have access to with all access on DEMAND.
      If you’d like to join in a support challenge with the “My tracker challenge ” app, send me a email reply message. Would love to help keep you going.
      Rock on!

  8. Jane

    This might be a good program and a good deal. As a matter of fact I had bought Beachbody products in the past, but their add pops up in the middle of my workout and that totally aggravates me. I have a rhythm going and it is interrupted because I have to stop and wait five seconds before I can skip the add. The can put the add before the start of my workout, but don’t interrupt me during my workout

    • Nicole

      Hi there. I just read your concern, and incase you weren’t yet aware, beachbody has updated on demand to include EVERY PROGRAM! even the ones you wanted to try AND the new ones soon to be released this year. You get access to it ALL! $160 for a years worth of programming, along with 30 days of SHAKEology , and the other awesome features mentioned in the article, pretty amazing spotlight price☆
      Hope that helps :)

  9. Lanan

    I have just started Beachbody on demand and so far I like it. But I also really like the Nike+ app which is free.

    • Natasha

      I have been using the Nike+ app and LOVE IT but at this point I’ve done both the Lean Fit and Body Weight Only plans multiple times and am getting a bit bored of the workouts. I am very interested in Beachbody On Demand but the only thing I don’t like is you can’t download the workout to your device so you can access it without wifi or draining your data. One reason I have stuck with Nike so long (well that and the fact it’s free)

  10. hola

    I smell a troll…

  11. Linda l

    I can’t get in to beachbody on demand it has me locked out. What can I do?

    • Slavko

      Contacting their support via e-mail will definitely help!

  12. Mary

    My husband and I both want to use the Beachbody on demand workouts and connect to our iPhones and watches. I can only find a way to connect one user. Does anyone know if more than one user can be linked to the same annual on demand subscription?

  13. Jodine Nay

    Curious about another person’s comment about advertisements popping up in the middle of workouts. Does this actually happen? Are you able to skip the ads?

    • Dee Ann Link

      I agree. It is aggravating to work out then all of a sudden you are stopping for an ad.
      Do ads still appear?

    • Sonja Andrus

      Hi, y’all.

      I’ve been using BoD for about a year now. And the All-Access since it started. I’ve had the paid version and the free version (just what I had already purchased on DVD) of BoD at times in the past. I have never had any ads pop up during my workout. I don’t know what that person was talking about.

    • Slavko

      There are no ads popping up! None

  14. Tanya Moe

    I only like autumns workouts. I have 21 day fix extreme. But I’m getting bored and not wanting country heat. Does this include new 30 min workouts from autumn. Can you stream from your tv if you don’t have Roku. Thank you

    • ERIN

      BB on Demand also has 21 Day fix , Country Heat (I know you don’t want that one), Beachbody Yoga Studio, Hammer and Chisel, Autumns bod Exclusive, Active Maternity and Kids and Family collection. The only way to stream from your tv is with a device unless you have a Smart tv, then you should be able to connect that way. Doing it from a laptop or iPad works fantastic.
      Let me know if you have anymore questions.

    • Valerie

      Tanya, Autumn has revamped and refilmed 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme, and also released 80 Day Obsession since you posted your comment. I love Autumn too, and they are amazing!I am a Beachbody coach, so if you have questions feel free to connect with me on Facebook

  15. SSD

    I read through the product reviews on line for every video. Piyo was the only one that had a “what you need to be successful” section. Stating just a yoga mat and enough room to take a step either direction. What equipment do some of the others require? I thought the hard corps looked interesting and while I own some weights it looked like they do chin ups and may need other equipment. Is there a way to see before purchasing what equipment is required?

    • Slavko

      Hey SSD,

      Answering this one late, but I hope it will help other readers.

      Most of the workouts don’t require any additional equipment. Some do, so I added a section in the review above, summarizing what you need for each and every one.

      Hope it helps

  16. Laura Guziak

    What kind of fitness equipment do I need?

    • Slavko

      I added this specific section in the review above. Hope it helps

  17. Emily

    I have seen the $160 deal and was wondering if ALL the programs are included in the $99 deal. I am not too fond of Shakeology so I did not want to pay the 160 so I want to opt for the 99 but only if it includes ALL of the workouts the beachbody has ever made

    • Missy

      This is what I want to know too.

      • Adrienne

        I’m wondering this same thing too!!! Anyone hear a response?

        • Alex

          Yes, since it’s advertised as an ALL-ACCESS membership for $99, it includes everything, except Shakeology & the portion containers.

    • Slavko

      Hey guys, the price issue is discussed above. I just added a new section that is more up to date.

  18. Kim

    I want to try the $39 for 3 months. Is that a one-time charge or will it automatically renew?

    • Slavko

      Hey Kim, see the updated price section above in the review.

  19. Nikki B

    Can you get this on a smart tv?

    • Slavko

      Sure Nikki, it is available on Roku, Amazon FIRE, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Android.

  20. Michele

    I am curious as to how many of the videos are appropriate for someone at a beginner level. Are there enough videos at various levels or are they all geared for the young and already pretty fit?

    • Dawn Kelley

      I started with beach body programs at almost 300lbs and was fine. Just know an unexercised body is going to struggle through even the lightest workouts, because it’s not use to working out.

      Insanity prob isn’t for beginners, but turbo jam is easy to start without being super fit. You really just have to do reasearch and find the trainer that fits you. The good thing about beach body is that you have several trainers to pick through. Liking your trainers style of workout encouragement will make you want to stick with them from simple workouts to more complex ones. I love Chaleane for example. Chaleane Johnson is most of my DVD workout library. Occasionally I’ll do a Tony Horton workout, but Chaleane is who I gravitate to the most. So I’d rather move up to harder workouts with her, if that makes any sense.

      Also many workouts invite you to do lower impact versions of some of what they’re doing. So you can start out at one level and take it to the next level on the same program. There is value in just going through 2 or three cycles of the same program if you are really out of shape. And seeing how your fitness/endurance level changes.

      At 260lbs (female, 5′ 4″), I was doing all but yoga X on P90x (I substituted in another yoga program). With some modifications, but not huge ones. Endurance over time will change far befor reaching your goal weight.

  21. ignacio

    My question is: if I do not live in the USA I can get them to buy the beachbody demand and I can see it from my country.
    Why could an Aunt buy it but I would use it since there is no possibility of invoicing outside the US

    • Slavko

      Hey ignacio, I think that you can log in, but perhaps it is better to ask customer support directly.

  22. Holly

    Is it $99 month or year?

    • Alex

      It’s $99 for a 12-month membership, with a full 30 day money back guarantee.


    Good day. I would like to know does this Beach Body on demand work on any tv system, internet using wii system to download chrom cast then beach body on demand. Or would it need to be a smart t.v. to make it work? Thank you

    • Slavko

      Hey Melanie, I’ve just added a new section in the review above, covering all questions regarding streaming.

  24. Sandra gilbert

    Ola.i siphoning for three months and I’m looking for the meal plans and I can find on the computer .can you help me?

  25. Marissa

    I bought the PIYO DVD pack. Do I have to use a DVD player to watch or is there a way to stream this program over internet since I already bought the DVDs?

    • Slavko

      Hey Marissa, there is no option to stream only a specific program. You have to subscribe to the beachbody on demand platform and access everything from there.

  26. Yineth Benavides

    Do you know if this is available from Colombia, South América?

  27. Ale

    To get this straight… $99 for the year (30 day money back guarantee) and it includes ALL of the beachbody work outs ALL the time?

    • Alex

      Yup, that’s it.

  28. Darlene

    Can you mirror the workouts from your iphone to apple tv?

    • Slavko

      Hey Darlene, yes, Beachbody on demand will work with an Apple TV.

  29. Wendi

    How can I stream with a smart tv? Is it like I log in through the internet just like I would on an iPhone? Is there an app I download on the smart tv? I have only used my smart tv to look at youtubes fitness videos and only want this if I can use my tv. No trying to workout using my phone. Does anyone know?

    • Slavko

      Hey Wendi, there is an app for Android and iOS, so you can play on any smart TV that you like.

  30. Maria

    Thinking of purchasing… how do I stream it on my tv? I have a fire stick / cromecast thing. Not to tech savvy but will it be easy to stream on tv? As well is it an app to use on iPhone? Will DoubleTime be added to it in November?

    • Slavko

      Hey Maria, I will update the review above about double time, but for now let me just say that you can definitely stream with ease on your TV. And there is an app for iOS.

      Sorry for replying so late, but I hope this will help other readers.

  31. Elizabeth

    This is a very detailed review and very helpful. One thing I’ve been trying to find, and can’t seem to, is a list of basic fitness equipment you would want to have at home to use with the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Slavko

      Hey Elizabeth,

      The section on required equipment is added to the review above. Hope it helps.

  32. Elena

    Hi there .. paid today for bod £99 for one year.. but when I tried to log in it didn t let me. I don t know if I have been charged or not because I followed the steps for payment but my card doe. T show me anything yet. I really want bod but I m scared to put my card details again, I don t want to be charged two times… what can I do? Haven’t received any e mail confirmation for my purchase ..



    • Slavko

      Hey Elena,

      The best solution for issues like this is to contact customer support directly. Either through e-mail or phone.

  33. Pam

    Can you use Beachbody on demand through your iPhone while on a business trip?

    • Slavko

      Sure Pam, there is an iOS app available in the app store.

  34. Cheri

    Can I do workouts from my phone (Android) or Kindle fire?

    • Slavko

      Hey Cheri, you can stream the videos on any Android device. Not sure about Kindle fire, gotta check that one.

  35. wendy syed

    Once I purchase the membership how can I have it on my tv or is it only on your phone and mobile device?

    • Slavko

      Hey Wendy, there is an app for Android, an app for iOS (Apple TV), or you can use Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire.

  36. Kelly

    I have been searching the comments and having issues finding the answer to this question. My husband and I do two different workouts. Can I stream at the same time that he is streaming but on two different devices? Thank for this article!! Very imformative.

    • Slavko

      Hey Kelly, sorry for answering this one so late, but I hope it will help other readers who are going through this comment section.

      I don’t know whether or not this is technically possible, so I’ll ask customer service and update the review once I know the answer.

  37. SR

    It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of workouts to chose from with Beachbody in Demand. When starting this program, I feel like I might not know where to start and then where to go to next. Is there guidance as to what workouts to chose if let’s say I want to tone up instead of doing all cardio? I basically just want to know how I start my own routine rather than just pick random workouts?

    • Slavko

      Hey SR,

      I’ll write a comprehensive article about which workouts are best for a beginner, and try to map a step-by-step Beachbody on Demand plan.

      For starters, let me just say that you can start with P90 (both weight loss and muscle tone), or PIYO if you are more of a beginner. The dance series are easy as well, but they are more cardio based.

      P90X is probably the next step, along with Focus T25, 21 Day extreme (though slightly less intense), and something like Core de Force.

      Then I’d say Insanity, Insanity Max 30, and finally the asylum series (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, though I find the Vol. 1 to be slightly harder – Vol.2 is more diverse though).

      Hope this helps. I’ll try and add a short section in the review above as well.

  38. melanie

    Hello – I’m trying to figure out if BBOD automatically tracks your program and brings up your workout tge next day or if you have to track it yourself? Thanks, Melanie

    • Slavko

      Hey Melanie,

      There is no tracking like we have on Fitness Updated. You’ll have to check the calendar and see what’s next. The calendar is included in the digital suite within the interface.

  39. IN

    Hi there, does anyone know if I can keep downloaded workouts after I unsubscribe?

    • Slavko

      Hm, interesting question…
      I’ll definitely check this out with a new account soon.

  40. Adam Howell

    Using this I have come to a conclusion. WASTE OF MONEY. Due to this being the multiple of days I can not log in, nor can anyone else, proves a wast of money. Buy whatever workout you want from them but do not depend on the Beachbody on demand website because it is not legitimate app. 3 days of workouts have been replaced due to the website being down. Regular occurrence and more than frustrating when you’re sticking to a program. It is 2019 and the website goes down often, leaving your $$$ ($160 a year from me) that you paid to watch people work out useless. Sure it isn’t like that every day, but when you can’t pull up a workout from a program when you’re trying to stick to a regiment, I would rather put my money into something reliable. Not this website.

    • Slavko

      Hey Adam,

      Sorry to hear that! I personally know how frustrating this can be, since I meditate every day and rely exclusively on one app (Headspace).. For now, it’s been up ever since I can remember.

      I also never had a similar experience with Beachbody on Demand, though truth be told I’m not using them as frequently as before (following our own program most of the time).

      What streaming option are you using?

      If you really enjoy the workouts, it is definitely worth considering stepping over this obstacle and staying on board. I’ve been with these folks for many years, and the experience is always positive.

      If you are looking for a switch (get ready for a super shameless plug), we are releasing the newest version of our own workout platform very soon. The current one is also great, but we want to abandon the subscription model and add several new features.

      Here is the official page

      I hope that you will not lose you motivation and keep the healthy routine going!

      Take care,

  41. Claire McNamara

    So with the new Transformation 20 with Shaun T coming soon is the whole 6 weeks of workouts included with your membership fee or is that an upgrade fee? Also is the annual fee with the 30 day Shakeology fee include only 30 day supply of shakes, so every 30 days you buy another 30 day supply? Or does that price include over the 12 months you get a new supply every month of shakes for that one fee every year?

    • Slavko

      Hey Claire,

      I believe that the new program will be included in your basic subscription plan.
      As for Shakeology, I cannot tell for sure, though I believe that you’ll have to renew your supply every month. But don’t take my word for this, and call their support because they will be able to provide a better answer.


  42. Julie Gibbons

    I’m 58 year old female with 2 bad knees. Will I find an exercise / coach that will be low impact? Or, is this geared for younger folks with better working knees and body parts?

    • Valerie Kammermeier

      Hi Julie, I’m a Beachbody coach and would be happy to answer your questions. All programs have a low impact modifier you can follow. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to me on Facebook!

  43. Mike

    Does it include the 5 P90x plus videos?


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