Get inspired with these motivational workout quotes

Motivation is a crucial part of maintaining a workout schedule. These popular motivational workout quotes can help you get inspired and motivated to continue with your exercises or start a new workout program.

Motivational workout quotes

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Motivational fitness quotes – motivate yourself via progress

We all already know about the sweeter carrot and the sharper stick – that’s external motivation. It leans towards either escaping punishment or chasing the reward.

And no matter how effective this practice is for some, research has shown, time and again, that intrinsic motivation beats external by a long shot.

Progress, just to be on the clear, can be marked with external motivational factors. The steady stream of reward or delaying the punishment signals progress in any which way you turn the scenario.

However, progress, although marked with both the stick and the carrot, is predominantly an intrinsic motivational trigger. These motivational workout quotes can help you achieve that trigger.

“It is necessary to try to surpass one’s self always; this occupation ought to last as long as life.” – Queen Christina of Sweden

Tony Horton, one of the greatest fitness trainers in the world and a role model of mine, in his marvelous insights about the philosophy of fitness states that one of the core concepts is pushing the envelope every single time. He is now 56 years old and doesn’t even show a trace of aging; upping the ante, as he says, gives you motivation, determination, and even bigger resolve to succeed in life. It feeds both your potential, as well as confidence.

The formula, if there is one, would then go something like this – progress and success come about through the interaction of potential and the constant urge to aim higher. And that’s exactly the purpose of these motivational fitness quotes, they can help you create the urge to aim higher.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!” – Les Brown.

You see, the problem with people is not that they aim too high and miss; it is because they aim too low and hit. Up the ante and you’ve already succeeded.

Upping the ante is what makes all happen – Inspirational fitness quotes

Pushing the envelope is fitness junkies’ favorite. Once the addiction bites, the bar is being raised higher and higher.

The basic premise is trying to reach higher standards within a certain task, and then some. When diversity meets this way of thinking it is reflected in the way that you disperse these high standards throughout every tangible area of improvement.

Upping the ante is, in itself, the core of personal development.

It is what defeats the notion of status quo, and in a way what invites the change to every aspect of your life. Once you see how far you can push it suddenly takes traction. The harder you push, the luckier you seem to get.

This basic ingredient is pertained in almost every aspect of your life – work, career, relationships, fitness, healthy living, leisure even… In order to fully enjoy them all, the need of constant improving is hard to come around. Every time there is something new to be made, something further to be reached.

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