Book vs. Movie: Which One Do You Prefer ?

Movie vs Book

I wrote about this one on couple of forums some time ago, and each and every time an interesting discussion developed between the members.

I myself have always been fan of the two, and learned to appreciate each of them by what they have to offer in terms of entertainment, as well as in terms of provoking powerful emotions, carrying a strong message, challenging you in a way so mysterious, yet so seductive.

So what will you go with? Book vs. Movie ? Which one do you prefer ?

Although it is always quite interesting to take a side on this one just for the sake of the argument, one can clearly see the extraordinary in both sides of the fence.

Are you a movie fanatic, and never quite had the time to catch up on your reading? Or quite the literate kind of fella, and short with movie titles? Well either way, it’s your loss.

Now first let us be clear with something, when I say movie, and try to compare with the realm of the written word, you are probably guessing that I’m not talking about some packed with action and tech effects blockbuster. No, god forbid. I’m rather talking about something that can at the least provoke some second thought.


So, you have your movie which is packed with great acting (the one that stays remembered), top notch directing, lines that literally leave you without words and all of that brings certain chemistry on the screen, captivates you in a way and engages you further on in giving some thought.

It can provoke some deep emotion, raise some rather serious questions, and feed your intellectual as well as your curious nature. When you add the great story behind all of this, that’s it, you are hooked. Entertainment always comes as a great plus, and you’ve learned to love the thing.


Now on the other hand you have a book. Now I’m not talking about a book that is the foundation upon which this movie was made, but a completely different thing (I’ve never quite understood the comparison between a book and a movie that share the same story- I mean, there cannot be any comparison whatsoever.

The thing is that the both are good only when you take them as a separate thing, and the sharing of the story just ruins the whole idea. Ok, I must admit with some exceptions to this of course.

Oh yes, the book. Well, here you have pages and pages of lines and words that are open to interpretation, and of course most of all fantasy. With a book in your hands you have the freedom to go from one place to another in expanding you imagination, and that’s not even the extend of it.

The written word can uplift your imagination to the point where new thoughts and ideas are rushing through, and you are enlightened in a way. Now the same goes here as with the movies- forget about the cheap lame publishing that goes for the low and cheap of emotions. We are talking about quality work here people.

Or both

It is always interesting how with only one reading you can embed the whole thing in your head for years and years to come. The emotions it provokes, and the ideas it forms in your head can be that powerful indeed.

On the other hand, you have to see a movie like couple of times throughout the years in order to truly squeeze all the juices.

Ok, sometimes maybe not, but my point is that a book can be more of a something you remember longer, when on the other hand a movie can make you far more engaged and provoke you more in a certain way when it comes to the shorter time frame.

It can act as a quick injection that delivers the effects right away, as opposed to the book which is more of a slower, harder to digest kind of thing.

The message from a movie can be visceral and it can spur an emotional tornado. I remember watching Troy, and all of the sudden I wanted to invest more time into my health, building a strong and agile body. Right after the credits started to roll, I searched for the Brad Pitt Troy workout, and learned how to reverse engineer his exercise progress. I went with the Brad Pitt Fight club workout, which prepared me for other fitness challenges, a lot of learning, and a new career ahead with a different set of skills under my belt.

On the other hand, nothing ever motivates me to workout harder than the written word. I regularly read motivational workout quotes for athletes by athletes and get pumped up for a challenging circuit ahead.

Here you come into the game. With a book you must engage yourself furthermore by giving some second thought, and in turn you get more thought provoked and after all satisfied, wanting for more at the end.

The movie can act the same way, but it is more easily digested, and the time span of the emotions it awakes can be rather small. It can in turn be more powerful packed with all that music, and scenography that the book can never serve.

In terms of aesthetics it can be the jewel, and bring you some new views which are always great.

On the other hand the book can supply you with the best of words, make you became more literate, gives you the upper hand on forming your ideas and thoughts more thoroughly. That’s way I cannot distance myself from one at the dispense of another.

Have you ever thought about that? What do you like more; a movie or a book? Which one tends to bring you more in terms of ideas, powerful lasting emotions and leave your intellectual as well as curious nature more satisfied?

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