How To Be Healthy and Stay Healthy

A roller coaster – that’s what life looks like in nowadays modern societies. Trapped in the same routine many people want to know how to be healthy, while squeezing most out of life.

But it’s a process of trial and error, where we chase our tails around the maypole. Simply put, trying to live a healthy lifestyle nowadays is such a demanding process that in a way many are compelled to even try.

The food we are exposed to, the same regime of unhealthy habits we are more and more acquiring over time, the way society tilts towards unhealthy behavior, the way young people perceive the whole healthy lifestyle idea as something foreign to them, the high amounts of stress accumulating over time…

It’s like I said, a roller coaster. A disharmony of things overlapping each other in a way that should, but somehow is not compelling to most.

Is it a general lethargy? Or a more linear approach towards problem solving nowadays? Really no one knows. But the thing is that once the benefits of healthy living are felt, the whole thing is seen from a different angle, and that first step suddenly seemed worth taking.

Being healthy is the most important thing of all. And to achieve that a healthy lifestyle is implied. You see those people eating right, jogging, swimming, going for a hike in the weekends, and think “well, it is not for everyone”, or “how they are pulling this off?” The thing is that one can in fact live a healthy lifestyle while having time for everything else in the world.

So how to be healthy?

  • Eating right

    healthy foodThis is really a cornerstone of health and wellbeing. You know the one “everything you put inside will reflect on you”. That’s really so. Imagine that your body is a temple, and in that temple you allow only the good things to enter. It’s more than hard, nowadays, to restrain from all that exposure to unhealthy food, and distance ourselves from the way everyone eats. But, doing that one step at a time will in turn result in healthy eating habits, that will improve your life more than you ever thought. Eat fruits and vegetables most of all, center your main meals on protein intake, and drink lots of water. Try and avoid anything that contains chemicals of any kind, and you will be amazed of the results.

  • Physical activity

    The second thing when someone asks how to be healthy is to be physically active. And here there is no excuse. We all have a lot going on, all of us claim that there is no time. But no matter how busy anyone is, taking less than an hour to make room for some exercise is crucial if we want to know how to be healthy. Everything may go under this banner. Jogging, long walks, some stretching in the comfort of your own room… You name it, it really doesn’t matter. Everything that makes your hearth go faster will do the trick. Here is a link to “Why is exercise important ?” if you want to read more on the subject.

  • More time for yourself

    how to be healthy
    No, this does not imply solitude, but rather spending some time just for you, organize your life. And what to do in this time frame? Well, you name it. Breath, meditate, read some book or watch some movie, let your thoughts drift away… What you find most suiting, really.

  • Rule out stress

    Yeah right, like you’ve never heard this before. But the thing is that many of us are presented with countless ways how to achieve this, and still doesn’t apply any. Try and do this for a change:
    Do something that will help you fight whatever stress you have today. Go on the net and find something that helps, and instead of postponing it for tomorrow or some next day, do it today. It’s the first step that will pave the road.

  • Positive outlook on life

    Things are the way you see them. And that’s really it. The way you perceive everything around you will have a huge impact upon your wellbeing. And make no mistake; this is a fundamental rule about how to be healthy. Here is a trick – go and search for people that will contribute to your positive outlook upon the world. Find them, surround yourself with them, and this will make your views upon the world even more believable and real.

Wanting to live healthy is one thing, but doing so is completely another. However, the first step is to want that change and recognize the need for a change, and then learn how to do it. When you ask yourself “how to be healthy” the answer is really simple. Just go and learn about it, then implement your knowledge. And then it’s easier than you think.

Here is homework for you- just go and see if you can implement some of the things above for starters. Choose something that you are more likely to stick to, and then you will come to realize that living a healthy lifestyle is not that hard at all. Before you know you will doing all the things mentioned above, and that will answer your question how to be healthy and stay healthy.

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