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foods that burn fatFoods that burn fat are not a myth. As promised, this week we will tell you what you need to know about food in order to make it in your weight loss plan, as well as which are those foods that actually burn fat.

And the thing is it’s simple, beyond simple actually. You just need to fill your fridge with all the right ingredients and then just follow some eating schedule along with some basic principles. Yes, that’s it. But if it’s so simple why are so many people struggling to not only find the right food, but stick to it for good?

Well, we are used to all the bad food that is forced upon us these days. Forced? Yes, forced, forced in the way that every supermarket is filled front to back with junk food (with some exceptions of course), media is bombarding us with the unhealthy food all the time, fast food is blooming more than ever and so on.

And on top of that probably many of the people you are close with tend to pass their eating habits onto you. And more often than not, those are the wrong eating habits.

So even though you know which are the foods that burn fat, you are not necessarily going to make it in the weight loss plan.
It takes more than just couple of ingrediens. It is more of persistence than anything else. And once those eating habits kick in and take place, you will have a powerful ally along your side that will melt down those extra pounds.

But first of all:
When and how to eat?

Even though this sounds just like your preschool teacher, knowing when and how to eat makes a BIG difference on the long run. How come? Well, doing it right, it can speed your metabolism, eliminate the chances of gaining extra weight and if nothing else contribute to your healthy lifestyle over the long run. This goes under eating habits, healthy eating habits, if you will, so take a note.

• Eat 5 or 6 times throughout the day

Healthy eating habitsWhat this does is helping you not to feel hungry all day long, and by that many of the initial problems connected with gaining weight, as well as with having trouble sticking to your plan are less likely to take place.

Also, you will provide your body with the constant stream of nutrients, so it will function way better, and every mechanism will work as supposed to. Your muscles will be constantly regenerating from the workouts you gave them with your physical activity and your hormones will be more balanced due to the regular eating schedule.

It’s proven that when you feel hungry, the body is working less efficiently, and also many things like lethargy as well as anxiety may occur. This also helps speeding up your metabolism.

• Never skip the breakfast

This is important as well. Being in starvation mode during the night, your body will stop all possible channels for losing weight. So even foods that burn fat cannot help you if you don’t bring your body back on track with a breakfast after the long night. It will also give you the boost of energy in the morning, boost that will have you going till noon.

• Eat slowly

This one is a must. It’s proven that the center in the brain that is responsible for evaluating whether or not you are hungry needs at least fifteen minutes to realize you had enough food and should stop eating. No wonder people who eat fast feel more hungry, and therefore eat more in quantity.

I know, I was like that once. Even now after knowing this, I can slip once or twice, and realize latter that it was eating fast that made me eat more. So in order to avoid this one, try consuming your meal as if you were in a restaurant. Eat slowly and by that you will allow your body to make the decision when you should stop, as well as help your digestive system a great deal.

• Never eat while on foot

If you do this, really stop. Eating on foot may cause many of the things mentioned above to be practically impossible. You will eat faster, probably you will be eating the unhealthiest of foods, and never even feel like you’ve eaten. You have to make eating a ritual. That way you will enjoy more, while eating less in quantity, and more in quality. As addition to this, never eat on the sofa, and never ever in bed (except in some special occasions of course ;))

Stick to these eating habits, and after a while you will notice a difference. The interesting thing is that the difference will show up without you feeling that you’ve made some particular effort. But that is what habits do.

They help you live a healthy lifestyle without breaking a sweat. And if some of you think these advices are obvious and ridiculous, let me ask you something- how many of them you have incorporated fully? With how many you’ve managed to stick up to after a while? Have you gave them a chance before disregarding them as something “you already know” ?

Foods that burn fat

1.Cruciferous vegetables

You are going to love this. Cruciferous vegetables are one of the best foods that burn fat because they contain Indole 3 Carbinol which is helping you fight those extra pounds.

But how? Well to make a long story short, and not bug you with the science, here is the thing: This opens your fat cells beta receptors, and you are losing fat more than usual. Metabolism is burning fat easily, muscles are draining the fat reserves quickly. You know that stubborn fat that not even exercise can burn? Well here it doesn’t have a chance.

Adding these foods in your diet can make a huge difference, believe me. Only 200 grams a day are going to make a wonder. Here are the foods that contain I3C, or from now on, the foods that burn fat:

Cruciferous vegetables

However, overdose with these veggies is unwise, because of the impact on estrogen levels.


This one is the extract from the Indian plant Turmeric. It is believed that it can burn fat cells by inhibiting the growth of fat tissue and stimulating fat burning in the body. It also has shown antitumor, antioxidant, antiarthritic, antiamyloid and anti-inflammatory properties.

Curry - food that burn fatIt is one of the main substances in Curry, so adding Curry to your meals can be a great way to speed up the fat burning process.
But don’t go too much with this. Everything should be used moderately.

So there you have the foods that burn fat, alongside with some healthy eating habits that will help you lose some weight and enhance your weight loss strategy. Even though these are foods that burn fat for real, you should not count on them only.

Your weight loss plan should also include making some other changes that are not that hard to achieve, like speeding your metabolism, naturally increasing testosterone levels (this is also important), understand the need for exercise, the need for a change in your lifestyle and other similar habits that will improve your life and help you live a healthy lifestyle in general.


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