How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels?

testosterone molecule How to naturally increase testosterone levels? Well, this is a subject I was personally investigating for quite a long time.

First it started as a side project when I started exercising. It was then logical for me to enroll into some hormone study before I was to see some results, so research led me there.

The benefits were awesome, and before I knew, I already started to see the bigger scale behind the research. It showed up that this hormone does not only serve as a muscle booster, but instead it has some astonishing effects on the human body in general too.

Before some of you scroll through this page, thinking that this is one of the many articles you’ve seen around the net, believe me you should try and give this article a shot. It’s the most complete as far as this subject is discussed (at least I never found better one).

And one more thing, many of you ladies that are reading this, please continue because even though this hormone is considered to be just “men’s stuff “, it actually plays a big part when it comes to balanced life and healthy lifestyle overall.


But why is it so important to know how to naturally increase testosterone levels?

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Let me first give you a list of benefits that can come in the package.

  • Better mood
  • Better cognitive focus
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased endurance for physical activity
  • Increased desire for exercise
  • Decreased levels of “bad” cholesterol
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased muscle size
  • Decreased fat tissue

You see, increasing this hormone can give you much more than you’ve ever thought, and nowadays it’s more important than ever, giving the fact that more and more people (especially guys) are dealing with a great deficiency, which is in fact caused by many factors, and there aren’t many that know what to do in order to naturally increase their testosterone levels.

Many try pills, go through complicated procedures and put themselves at risk. But hey, don’t worry because after reading this you will be an expert on this subject, and probably know much more than many “experts” out there.

First of all let me clarify why I insist for you to know how to naturally increase testosterone levels.

There is a big risk that if you do it otherwise (read artificial) your body can get used to be supplied from outside, and the actual hormone “factory” that is within your body will probably start to work part time. Now the thing is that it may stay like that even after you think you are done with the non-natural approach.

So, we are now clear that you must do it the right way. That’s why I’ll give you couple of advices I’ve picked over time about how to naturally increase testosterone levels.

1. Rest more than you train

It is proven that a good night sleep can (among other things) also improve your hormone balance. So needless to say, you get in that pajamas of yours and have a nice sleep.

It depends on your own body about how much sleep you actually need, but anything between 7 and 8 and a half hours is proven to do the job for you. Testosterone production is diminished if the body isn’t rested enough. Healthy sleeping schedule is going to help you a lot not just with this one, but also for having a healthy lifestyle in general.

2. Try to finally lose that fat tissue

exercise - How to naturally increase testosterone levels

Yes, here you have a good reason to finally start exercising. If you want to naturally increase testosterone levels then this is a must.

The thing is that more you exercise and raise your testosterone levels, the more fat you burn, and your body produce more testosterone. It is a magic circle isn’t it? What I found is that the more fat you have on your body, bigger the amount of testosterone levels converted into estrogen.

Yes, it is true. The enzyme responsible for this is called aromatase. And the fat around the abdomen is most likely to trigger that process. So you do the math. Less body fat = less aromatase.

So the best thing that you can do, in order to minimize this enzyme, is to actually slim around the waist. Whether that is done through exercise or through rigorous diet, the result is still positive. However, it is best to combine healthy and balanced meals with a lifestyle change that adopts regular and moderate exercise. We wrote a huge guide on how to lose belly fat, so make sure to read through and use some of the strategies.

One more thing, Testosterone levels are most likely to rise after a good strength exercise. And the best way to do this in favor of raising the testosterone levels is smaller repetitions with more weight.

And I know that this type of exercise is not linked with the previous type (the ones for fat loss), but I will tell you a little secret. The best way to loose fat tissue is to start your workout with a strength exercise, and then on the end of your workout to go and do some cardio.

This can also trigger one spot fat loss, which is actually still not proven, but it worked insanely great for me, and many other folks that I shared this secret with.

Now what actually is one spot fat loss?

It is a fat loss process that occurs in particular body spot. Not that you don’t lose weight overall in the process, but the spot you are targeting is having a blast. :)

You exercise one particular part of your body, and then after that, you engage into cardio exercise. When this is over you get reduced body fat on the spot you were targeting with your exercise. Pretty cool huh?

Now doctors will probably say to you that this is not possible, but give it a try and judge for yourself. I promise you there will be some great results. At least there were for me.

And as for the strength exercises the more muscle you gain, testosterone levels will raise, and you gain more muscle with training. And while your muscle mass increase, guess what, you lose more fat (more fuel is required for the muscle, so they use body fat). You see, this is like a magic circle repeating in order for you to naturally increase testosterone levels.

I will share with you in some other post many efficient ways for you to increase muscle mass and also many exercises that target different muscle groups. This is just not the place nor time for it.

3. Go easy on your drinking

Try to limit yourself, because drinking a lot of alcohol is proven to raise estrogen levels, and give your testosterone levels a smack. Why do you think there is a connection to drinking a lot of beer and having a giant beer belly? :)

If you have to choose, beer is the best choice, because it offers high amounts of B vitamins. But seriously try and restrain yourself from a six pack. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle this is never really in the picture.

Other alcohol can be sometimes good, like wine for example, but that is only of course if you take one from time to time. Bottom line is -limit your intake, and avoid booze parties. Or maybe I’m asking too much now? :)

4.Healthy fats

Don’t worry. You heard right. I said healthy fats.

In fact there are many sources of these fats. But for starters let me tell you on which am I referring to. Besides the obvious types of omega 3’s and omega 6’s, there is another type that is proven to be the best when it comes to this task.

Ladies and gentleman the winner is monounsaturated fats. And this type of fat is scientifically proven to have the best effect on raising the testosterone levels, when compared to other types of fat.

So just go and tell all those people that told you to stay away from all kind of fats that they know nothing. :)

Here I have for you some foods that contain monounsaturated fat which can help you naturally increase testosterone levels:

  • olive oil
  • avocados
  • nuts (practically any kind)
  • flax-seed oil

Try to squeeze these foods into your daily eating list, and you should notice some results.

5. Forget the soy

I will go short on this one. Soy is proven to lower your testosterone levels. So think about this the next time you are in the store. Instead of soy give the meat a try.

There is a study that actually shows that people who are prone to eating more meat have in fact higher testosterone levels than the ones who don’t. Of course in moderate amounts.

6. Cruciferous vegetables

This is not a much known method when it comes to bringing the estrogen- testosterone scale to your benefit. But it is a powerful one. This one is maybe one of the best methods I’ve ever tried. This cruciferous veggies can also help you with burning that unnecessary fat.

So, go and try some veggies. But not any kind, reach for the cruciferous. These ones have an indole 3 carbinol , which is in fact proven to significantly reduce estrogen and help the testosterone production. Here are some sources in which you can find IC3.

  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Radishes
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Water cress
  • Cauliflower
  • Turnips

Just one thing more for you to know- two servings of any of these vegies per day can almost cut estrogen levels in half. These veggies also are known to open your beta receptors of your fat cells and you lose more fat that way.

If you want good testosterone levels and a healthy life then consider putting these veggies on the table.

7. Avoid the stress

Stress lowers testosterone production, period. It can sabotage your whole effort. So find some way to reduce it. There are many ways that you can achieve this, and you can find tons of them over the internet. In fact you can find one over here -> Work related stress and how to cope with it.

8. Eat more often in small amounts.

By ‘more often’, i mean 5 or 6 times a day, but there is not really a definite number, but more meals you have better the outcome.
Now, to get things straight I’m not talking about six main meals. But instead six smaller ones.

The goal: faster metabolism. You see, faster your metabolism is, better for the fat burning process, concluding with more testosterone produced.

Another thing, in order for your body to naturally increase testosterone levels a slow and steady nutrition stream must be provided. And the best thing to achieve this is to divide your meals. And as about which meal should be the richest nutrition wise the answer is the breakfast.

But why so?

Well the answer is simple. While sleeping, your body metabolism is the slowest it can get. So when you wake up you have two choices to make:

Whether you will not eat and make your body slow down your metabolism even more or give yourself a nice and nutrition rich meal that will instantly give your metabolism a hell of a boost.

9. Compound exercises

What are these? These are exercises that target more muscles at once, and usually these are the ones that you can make even at home. Squats, pushups, crunches… In another article I will focus just on this matter.

But the main thing is, they can raise your testosterone levels more than anything else. Targeting more muscles at a time can have a greater impact than targeting one muscle group intensely when it comes to increasing testosterone levels naturally.

10. Seek more adrenaline

This one is fairly obvious answer to the main question in this article, “How to naturally increase testosterone levels?”. But even so I will mention it here just in case. I don’t know what does the trick for you, but things that are considered more dangerous are usually the best fit here. So I leave you with this one, and just hope you won’t get hurt. :)

There are few more underrated tricks that can also give you great results, but for the sake of not overwhelming you with tons of info at this moment, I’ll keep them for some time later.

Anyway, this is more than enough to jump start your testosterone levels and boost your healthy lifestyle, and if you implement even half of the stuff here you are about to see some serious progress if this is what you’ve been looking for at the first place.

I seriously hope that I’ve put things in order, so you can figure out how to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Consider sharing this article so many others can learn and never be misled again by some gurus. Learning how to naturally Increase testosterone levels is the only way to do that.

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