Your Start Of The Day – 7 Tips How to Start Your Day

Start Of The Day

Whatever we do in life on the great scale, is actually done on a daily basis. And one thing we all have in common is waking up in the morning.

But have you ever noticed how some of us are not their true selves in the early mornings? Or how some of us are crankier than others? We all assume that it’s not their day, or that they maybe are not morning persons in general. Well, wrong.

That is not the reason.

We should actually search the answer from the ones that are doing quite well, and know the importance of the start of the day. You see, there must be something that they are doing, which is actually making them function better early on, in the very start of the day.

But what it is?

Further on I will give you some good hints on how to start your day, and maybe some of you will even actually find yourselves already practicing them, not knowingly how positively they are affecting your well being.

How to start your day – 7 tips

  1. First, you should try to sleep without the drapes closed if you can. That way the light in the morning will awake you more easily and with less stress compared to your alarm. You see, the human body is designed to react even in the smallest of light in the morning, so try and use that to your advantage.

    Now if you think that you’ve never woke this way before, and will be unable to, let me tell you that you simply didn’t gave the body the chance to adjust. Yes, that’s right. Ever since we were children our parents woke us up, and after that there was the alarm. So our body never had the chance to adapt. But don’t worry, it will.

    The gradual increase of light in the morning makes us awake the same way. Bit by bit. Now just imagine what the alarm is doing to us in the morning. I get stressed by just thinking of it… This way you will never experience that again.

  2. seating at the balcony at the start of the day
  3. Stretch before you leave the bed. Getting up quickly can sometimes raise your blood pressure, and make you dizzy. So just take your time, and for a minute or two stretch your entire body. Start first with the arms and legs, from toes and up, and then the head and finally spine. You will feel refreshed as well awake in a matter of seconds.

  4. Avoid making plans or schedules in the morning. That way you only make yourself stressed. Leave that for before going to bed. It is a good thing to know that everything is taken care of when you get up. Never be in a rush. We usually panic when we start by rushing things up, so take things slow.

  5. Don’t allow to get stressed or get into a fight. It will make you cranky all day long. It goes the same for the night. In order to have a good night sleep try to be relaxed as you go to bed.

  6. Waking up early has a positive effect on you, and on how you start your day. You see, as life is becoming more stressful and demanding, you get the feeling that you are running out of time in everything that you do. So leaving time for yourself to get up earlier is actually making you feel more and more relaxed when it comes to that. That’s why some of us are having the feeling that we’ve missed something when we oversleep.

  7. breakfast - start of the day
  8. Always have a balanced and healthy breakfast, because your metabolism is slowed big time from the long night.

  9. Have some exercise early on just to raise your endorphin levels.

Just by implementing these tips you will feel a great difference, and make a good addition in your daily routine. Never underestimate the importance of the way you do certain things at the start of the day.

Feel free to leave your comments, and throw some tips yourself if you like. I will be glad to hear from you some stuff about how you manage with the start of the day and maybe implement them in my life too.

Till next time…
Enjoy being awesome.


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