Polyphasic Sleep Cycles

The Polyphasic sleep cycles are an unknown subject, a taboo, even. Considered by many as simply too good to be true.

Living this hectic lifestyle many of us are trying to improve, often times we find having less time on our hands. Time for being more productive, time for enjoyment, time just for us.

And while we are all asking the question on how to have more energy throughout the day, as well as more time on our hands, it seems that we forget this one, and oversee it by a long shot.

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living simple

Living simple is a sign that we finally escaped the clutter, resisted the temptation of so many things around us, refined our life to the point where we can say that we have evolved.

Living simple we tend to enjoy the moment more, and therefore indeed lead a happier and healthier life. Simplicity then, is not something to be ashamed off, but rather an achievement.

But as time progresses we find that it’s harder to simplify things on daily basis, yet alone done it on the long run.

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how to deal with too much information

Often times we are under the false impression that consuming more information on daily basis would indeed improve our quality of life, change its course, make a profound difference.

Too much information cannot hinder improvement in any way, right? It only encourages it.

Being under this erroneous impression the bigger part of my life, I find it hard to answer this question, but now giving it a second thought, that’s a no.

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improve your life

When it comes to gathering knowledge in order to improve our life, we are as good as it can get.

No really, try asking yourself how much time you spent so far going through tons and tons of material out there, just to find something that you can implement. And nine out of ten times, you find plenty.

But the thing is that almost all of that knowledge is either lying dormant in you, or even worse, gradually being erased as time goes by.

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Daily to do list

Often times many of us subscribe to that policy of “it can be done later, so let it be”.

And taking an objective look over this can result in realizing just how much of a negative impact this alone has on our productivity, and when you think about it success taken as a whole.

Once experiencing the failure to detach from this habit, it becomes quite clear that additional effort is indeed required.

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