how to have more energy

Having more energy throughout the day is a great indicator that we are about to be more productive, feel better in general, be more creative, or should I just say be at our very best.

Knowing how to have more energy can certainly change many aspects of our lives.

But the hectic lifestyle many of us face nowadays, and the constant set-backs when it comes to trying to live as healthy as you can, are doing their own in draining our resources of energy, leaving us not ready for the day ahead.

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Dealing With Criticism

Dealing with criticism is something all of us have to learn from time to time, and knowing how to deal with criticism is a great trait that everyone wants to possess.

There are times when our actions, or we as a whole, are being criticized, not accepted, and sometimes even devalued.

When such times come, we feel quite poorly and sometimes go even deeper by accepting the criticism as our limitation of some kind, hindering the logic from resonating within us.

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Your Perfect Day

Have you ever thought about this before? I bet you have. I know I have. A lot in fact.

You see, often times we are thinking about the perfect life, the perfect career, the perfect relationship, perfect reflection in the mirror. But what then? Huh?

Have you asked yourself what will you do if anything fits perfectly into the puzzle? Will you stop doing what you do now, forget about making schedules, stop investing in yourself ?

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own advice

We are very eager for sharing our knowledge, giving directions to someone, making a suggestion. But why do we rarely want to follow something that has been passed along to us?

Think about it. How many times have you given some advice to someone, knowing that you, yourself, don’t personally practice it?

I know I have. Far too many times to count actually. And when it really comes to not following some of your advices I’m as guilty as the next guy. But there is also something I learned along the way that can explain this strange behavior and what is more important, fix it.

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how to avoid procrastination

Often times we ask ourselves how to avoid procrastination; How to really find that willpower to make motive and productivity meet half way.

How to use that inspiration we have and not leave things just to having an urge for doing something, but rather do it instead.

We are full of ideas all of the time, and over time more often than not we find that making those ideas turn into reality is rather hard. Sometimes even the things that seem simple enough, and need to be done, appear as something unpleasant for us.

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