5 Simple Ways To Instantly Improve Your Life

When it comes to gathering knowledge in order to improve our life, we are as good as it can get. No really, try asking yourself how much time you spent so far going through tons and tons of material out there, just to find something that you can implement. And nine out of ten times, you find plenty.

improve your life

But the thing is that almost all of that knowledge is either lying dormant in you, or even worse, gradually being erased as time goes by.

Even if you are holding as tight as you can on all the knowledge you gathered so far, that knowledge usually is something that must be applied on the long run, so the initial response is to procrastinate, and instead of being practical you go on and learn new stuff along the way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I also think that learning new things constantly is a good thing, a trait even. But understanding that some of that can be applied right away is maybe the best thing that can happen to you, both short and long term concerned.

Improve your life right away by minimizing procrastination

When it comes to procrastination, as I like to say, I’m as guilty as the next guy. Actually all of us are to an extent. I don’t know whether it’s fear from the unknown, the change to come by implementing even a bit from what we already know, or simply not wanting to detach from the lifestyle we already have, the familiar, the routine.

The thing is to go one step at a time (even though this may sound too cliché) while tweaking as you walk the walk.

No one says it’s easy; otherwise all of us would have enjoyed the results. But it’s possible, and that alone should be enough to convince you.

Forget about starting tomorrow – move your behind if you must and start today.

5 things to do in order to improve your life and see some instant results

Prepare for the magic formula now guys.

Oh, wait a minute, there isn’t one. You should know by now that improvement is an ever evolving thing; Scenario where you are always changing the game, learning along the way.

Here is something that I’ve found to be useful by listening to people much smarter than me, and by going through endless process of trial and error.

1. Implement some physical activity in your life

improve the quality of life

We don’t all have the lifestyle of an athlete. Although it’s catching up to us, if you ask me.

However, a mild effort by your side may indeed make you more active therefore enjoying the benefits this one has to offer.

Implementing even a habit such as walking more often will for sure transform and even improve some aspects of your life. Yet alone some more complex physical activity such as some sports or working out.

The thing is that you will feel fit, relieved from whatever stress that has accumulated throughout the day, see some changes in your body composition for better.

2. Start waking up early

I will change my tone and start to get all preachy now, but please don’t mind. It’s because of the importance of this one, and the results it can give you, that I will kick you in the head with a club if I must, just to get your attention and make you consider this one.

Besides the tons of health benefits it has to offer, the other reason for me trying to get your attention on this is because it’s a habit that will instantly reflect upon how you go throughout the day.

Getting up early will make you more resistant to stress, feeling more energized and improve your cognitive focus.

However you should also learn how to avoid the clutter and go early to bed, because otherwise you will quit this habit very soon, due to lack of energy.

Here is a link on how to adopt this habit of waking up early, and all the benefits it has to offer:

3. Start interacting more

improve the social aspect of life

As the western culture slowly mixes with eastern philosophy and its view on some aspects of life, we are developing a sub culture where individualism blossoms by the day.

We are all reading more about how to better ourselves in this or that, being more self-centered and with all this revolution in communication on the net even unsocial to an extent. We forget the true meaning of being social, so I guess it’s time to change that for good.

Consider going out more often, even if that means seeing some friends for couple of minutes more.

If you can, avoid chatting on Facebook. Try to go out more, so you can have better time face to face, and have thing to say with each other.

Also consider group activities as sports, or maybe something you can do over the weekend as hiking or camping.

You will for once shift the focus from you, and have a different perspective.

4. Limit the negative influences coming from other people and sources

It’s of no use trying to change if there is something sabotaging your progress all of the time.

Try and diagnose the problem, and fix it right away. Look for people that you can’t stand, and for once detach fully and for good.

Also limit yourself from watching the news or reading the papers constantly. Sometimes we are being bombarded with information that not only we don’t need, but also information that makes sure by consuming it we are being held in the mediocrity and not able to break through.

Try refining your sources of reading and watching material, and more importantly surround yourself with people that are on the same frequency as you, like-minded people sharing your ambition for improvement.

5. Do something that you enjoy

Yep, as simple as that. Living in this clutter we are experiencing nowadays, we come to realize that many of the things we are doing throughout the day are simply not something we quite like to do.

Detect the approval seeking syndrome early on, and try to please yourself for a change.

Find time for yourself, or try sharing it with others who you care about and who you love spending your time with.

A bonus one

Being a religious person myself, I find connecting with a higher purpose to be as enlightening as it can get.

Spirituality can grant you many things among which being more calm and have a more clear sense of purpose in your life.

Even though this is applied on the long term, you will soon start to feel the benefits and even become a better person.

These things will indicate a positive change in your lifestyle, therefore granting the results even as early as within a week. You will improve your life, and be able to see the instant results.

Wellbeing is something that is achieved only if you go after it. It never comes by itself.

The thing is, after trying this on the short term, you will get in the habit of changing your lifestyle constantly until you refine it the most you can think of. And tell you what – it’s an ever evolving process that is challenging and fun at the same time.

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