Learning Something New – 7 Benefits That Go Along With It

learning something new

Learning something new can be quite challenging at times, thus people often tend to avoid doing that. Some love to experiment and engage in new stuff, while others avoid manifesting their ideas.

It’s a sense of exploring, a very uncomfortable for some. The thing is that living in the same old routine we tend to stick to is slowly taking its turn. We all need a breath of fresh ideas, perceptions. We all need to explore other aspects of living full time, without any restrain whatsoever.

It’s important to realize the awesome stuff you can pull out by learning something new no matter what it is.

1. Fun at the top

Yes, yes, I know that you are aware of this, but truth be told when did you had a lot of fun learning something new recently?

A long time ago ? Never ? Then it’s very likely that you forgot how fun it is to learn new stuff in the first place. Chances are that many of us haven’t even found the things that will ignite us with passion, fun and excitement.

I still remember my friend talking about how he learned to surf. The passion he manifested just to tell the experience, I can just imagine how fun it was for him on the board.

You probably have a lot of fun doing things that you like and do all the time, but doing something new… Oh boy… you gonna feel like a kid in a candy store. And I’m not even exaggerating.

2. Sense of accomplishment and pride

Nothing can make you more proud at the moment, than learning something new.

Remember the feeling when you said a full sentence in another language? The feeling when you made that downhill ride? The first couple of chords on the guitar?

Well that’s what you are missing for if you don’t seek new experiences.

3. More time

I know it probably sounds weird. You are now probably thinking that this is some kind of mistake. Well, it is not.

Listen to this: adding something new to your daily or weekly schedule is proven to sharpen your perception of time, and time management respectively.

In order to do the thing you wanna do, you will value time more, and will use it better. It’s a technique many time management gurus are recommending.

Just slip something new into your schedule, and see the whole schedule changing and bending in order to make room for more. The thing is, it will probably result in more time than you ever needed for that particular activity, therefore, you will have more time on your hands.

Let me illustrate this with a simple example- you see people complaining about not having enough time for whatever they want to do.

Now, let’s say, those people start doing something new like going to the gym. Not only they will have the time for that workout session, and ride back and forth, but they will also find that additional time to prepare a healthy meal, give themselves a nice shower, and add another hour of sleep in order to rest better.

Now, how on earth is this possible if they didn’t have the time? The answer is “they did”, but there was nothing new that pushed them to organize time better.

4. Meeting new people, forming friendships

You will feel like you are the only one that knows how to do that, and guess what that will do to your self-esteem. I think you get the picture.

Learning something new - Meeting new people, forming friendships

When I think in retrospective, I’ve met many of my friends while exploring something new. The thing is that there are other people that do the thing that you wanna try, so chances are that you have similar taste in stuff, thus making you potential friends.

And while you are with the same people all the time, you get some fresh breath of ideas, views, and meet interesting characters by exploring.

The opportunities are great. You can meet like-minded people by going for the first time on the basketball court, attending some art class, learning new language, joining a book club, or even doing something online.

5. Self-esteem

How do you think someone feels, when he can speak to the receptionist in Paris in French? Nice huh?

Well, I’ll guess that. How do you think someone feels when he can play Mozart on the piano?

Tell you what, even though something seems hard and unachievable at first, you must start in order to find out for real. And chances are that when you start doing something you love, you can most certainly learn it with time.

6. Immense personal growth

Doing something entirely new gives you the chance to grow. You see, doing something for the first time, gives you the chance and space to improve tremendously. And throughout that wonderful experience you grow, you improve, and you update many areas of your life.

Here is one analogy that can serve here – it’s recommended not to work out the same routine because the muscles become used to it, and they stop growing, or simply face diminished growth.

Now imagine what are you doing to your body, mind, spirit, if you are stuck with the same old routine, and the same things that you’ve been doing since you cannot remember when.

Learn something new - playing guitar

7. You may discover a hidden talent or potential

Challenge the body and mind, push yourself intellectually with something new and you will see yourself growing in many aspects of life, as well as witness some hidden and untapped potential.

Many athletes, writers, artists, speakers, never knew what they were capable of until they tried something for the first time and seen a great potential.

You can now see many of them doing what they do just because they’ve been bold, or curious enough to take a turn, to take that chance, dive into the unknown, and explore the possibility.

Take into consideration things that can make you step out of your comfort zone too, since then you can see many aspects of your potential, as well as your personality as a whole.

Recent example I want to give is when I started the Insanity workout. I didn’t knew what I was capable to do before that.

Sure, I love sport and fitness since I don’t know when, but pushing myself this much gave me a whole new perspective. So don’t be afraid to even jump out of your comfort zone as you try and learn something new, because sometimes you will have to.

As you go discovering new things, you will find out that you want more and more. You will enjoy. So is learning something new worth the effort?

Let me save you the suspense: It is. Go and try something, and feel free to share that with us here.

Explore, learn, and enjoy being awesome :)

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