How To Feel Fit And Energized Most Of The Time

Feeling fit is a big indicator that you are leading a healthy lifestyle and life in general. This comes without a question. Feeling energetic, full of life, you can tell that your overall fitness is much higher than most of the people that you know.

And this is good; it means that all the time you are investing in yourself actually pays off. And pays off big time if you ask me.

feel fit and energized

But if any of this doesn’t at all resemble you, then you must be doing something wrong, or doing the right things in excess or wrong timing etc. That’s the first guess from a bird’s point of view.

In order to feel fit and feel energetic, nine out of ten times it is a more complex behavior that needs some analysis.

So how to improve your overall fitness and feel fit and energetic almost all of the time?

Feel fit by changing your habits when it comes to your workout

With the healthy lifestyle acquiring more and more advocates by the day, we have a huge category of people that are now subscribed to this healthy regime, as some may call it, of working out and exercising.

But sometimes not wanting to change our habits when it comes to exercising, may keep us away from our results, and as a result we end up from being fit, to more and more feeling the stress on the body.

My point is that since many of us almost never take an analytical look when it comes to their workout routine, we are stuck with one routine that maybe gave the results in the past, but it’s not delivering now as we hoped it would.

Either that or we are just too much stubborn to take the intensity down a notch and keep ourselves from draining every last bit of energy we have.

Feeling fit is not necessarily connected with being in the best shape of your life. Sometimes you may be able to finish a 5k race in less than twenty minutes, or lift much more heavy on the bench, but that doesn’t mean that you will feel fit.

In order to feel fit you must stress your muscles enough, or play the cardio game to a point where you are tired, but still able to work out the next day. Then, you should also consider giving yourself rest days, when you do almost no physical activity, or at least do not exercise.

Also you can consider giving yourself days when you are taking it easy on your muscles, and also go easy on your cardio.

Gradually you will exercise and rest your muscles to the point where they are leaner, and in combination with improved cardio you will feel fit, full of energy and improved overall fitness. Meaning you will have better muscle, cardio and lug capacity, while feeling energetic almost all of the time.

You will also feel fit when having to play some sports with your friends, start a new home workout program (like the one in this new p90 workout review) or do some activities like the 5k run, enjoying a cross country bike ride or any sport you can think of.

Feel energetic by changing your habits when it comes to diet

 having a Healthy Diet

First thing first – if you are a fan of eating a lot, chances are that you don’t feel that energy you want lasting throughout the day. In order to feel energetic you must forget taking more food than your body actually needs – plain simple as that.

Starvation won’t do the trick either. It will deprive you of your energy even faster.

So the key is having a balanced diet that meets your energy requirements throughout the day.

Also a good thing to know is that eating the right ratio between proteins and carbs and fats is another factor how energetic you will feel in general.

It is advised to make your balance somewhere roughly between 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats (of course aiming for lean protein, healthy fats, and less complex carbs).

This supplemented with regular water and fluid intakes throughout the day will ensure you are getting the most out of your diet.

And by repeating myself “throughout the day” for couple of times, you can guess that my advice is to split your intake of food and water in as many times as you can – the advised number for meals in a day would be five or six (of course with three main meals, and the others serving just as a snack to keep you going, and supply you with energy).

Feeling fit and feeling energetic is also a matter of healthy lifestyle in general

You know this by now, but what this actually means?

Simple, you see, acquiring good habits when it comes to your sleeping schedule, or restraining yourself from things like junk food, alcohol, or being a couch potato, indeed play a big role in assuring your improved overall fitness, as well as improving your energy levels and quality of life.

No brainer, this one, huh?

Well yes, we all kinda know this stuff, but rarely do we stop and check ourselves to see how much we really follow them.

Another good way to make sure that you are living optimally when it comes to feeling fit and feeling energetic is to practise these tips too:

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Since it is a fact that being with people that you don’t quite like or stand, can wear you down.
  • Find a passion of yours and use it to fill yourself with energy. You see, as one activity you don’t like can wear you down and quickly deplete your energy sources, another that you do actually enjoy can have the opposite effect, thus making you full of energy after you finish it. This can be anything you may think off – playing some musical instrument, enjoying alone time with a book, or even having longer walks with your dog (sometimes it can be writing a post like this one). My point is that you will have more energy and feel energetic immediately after finishing that activity.
  • Use your body more in times when you would normally avoid doing so. Try the stairs instead of the elevator for once, or leave your car parked for the day and get up earlier in order to walk to your destination. Things like this can serve as a crack in your everyday routine, thus avoiding monotony and instead having more energy by changing your schedule and mindset.
  • Give a day in the week just for yourself, when you treat yourself and enjoy whatever way you find best for you. Lie down and listen to some music, have a nice bath, or treat yourself with a massage. Having such a day will refresh your whole system from time to time and really make you feel energetic and feel fit the day, and in a matter of fact, the week after.

Being at your best all the time requires a lot of effort. Feeling fit and feeling energetic is certainly a game changer in such cases.

Can you honestly say that you feel fit, and energized most of the time? What is your secret?

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