How To Gain Muscle Mass ?

how to gain muscle mass and look great

How to gain muscle mass is one of the most common questions whenever there is a talk about looking good and being fit. And sometimes even that is not enough. People want to know the best ways to gain muscle, and they also want to know how to gain muscle mass quickly.

The thing is, all of that can be achieved, and if you are determined and start to follow a certain approach the results will come faster than you ever expected.

Gaining muscle is something that can help you feel fit, and be fit. Burn fat and solve the obesity problem. Be at your best physical stage. Look great, and after all feel great.

So giving it a thought, I would say with certainty that having a well-defined muscular and toned body is something worth giving an effort for.

That being said, without further ado, I will cut right to the case, and give you some tips on how to gain muscle mass, and do that with less effort, knowing exactly what you are doing, and why.

First of all you must realize that muscle is built not only with exercise alone, but also with what and when you eat, how much sleep and rest you take, following some healthy principles that should become your habits.

So knowing this your approach will be more complex, yet so easy.

    • Forget the junk food.The healthy eating habits provide the fuel to your whole body, so logical enough is to expect that the same healthy eating habits will come handy here too.Here is a link on how to eat healthy, and what are the crucial ingredients in every healthy diet. Knowing that, you must also know what fuels muscle gain the most too. And that’s protein, no doubt about that.

      Healthy fats are also a great addition, but protein is the most powerful muscle building ingredient in your diet. It’s also very important when you eat your protein meal. And the best timing is right after the exercise, since then you can influence the muscle the most, and it will start its recovery right away.

      Have three meals a day that are more protein oriented, and have three healthy snacks in between that are mostly fruits. They have the right amount of carbs and fiber that will help you in your muscle building efforts.

      Dieting doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to eat a whole container of protein rich foods, or spend weeks after weeks jumping from one experimental diet to the next. I’ve seen people trying to lose weight and build muscle on nothing but a boiled egg diet. Simply follow the

      Another great thing to do is to eat orange right before you take your protein meal. It helps the protein synthesize with the muscle faster, so your muscle will start the recovery sooner.

resting after work out
    • I’ve talked much about muscle recovery, right? It’s because that’s as important as the whole exercise, and eating right thing. In fact even more important.You see, the muscle grows sometimes even up to seven days after you give it a workout. And that’s why it’s important to supply your body with the right food constantly, and to give it a rest.

      Rest comes in two ways. Firstly – you rest each and every day for about eight hours. This will give you the best muscle gaining potential. Now I know it’s hard for some to find the time to sleep eight hours a day, but going up to bed early may do the trick. Also eight is not a definite number. It’s the optimal, sure, but even trying to get close will help you for sure.

      There is also rest in terms of resting the muscle group itself. Why do you think people have abs day, chest day, legs day, and so on in the gym? The main reason why they are doing this is because the muscle needs time to make a full recovery. Seven days remember? That’s why each day of the week is meant for only exercising one muscle group.

      And if you want to know how to gain muscle mass, you must also realize that the rest is very important. Rest not in terms of sleeping, or laying the whole day, but rather giving the body a break from exercise. You can tear the muscle tissue when you work out, so in the time you are taking the rest your muscle is recuperating from the food and water you put in, and the sleep itself does the most of the process. So remember to give the body the needed rest.

    • Another thing you must know is that you will have to watch hormone levels closely. If we are talking about muscle growth, then you must know that testosterone levels should not be lower than they are supposed to. And nowadays with the junk food, bad habits as well as with a lot of stress present in our lives, it’s hard to keep your testosterone levels on check.So just take a look on this article that gives you the complete guide on how to increase testosterone levels naturally. Remember the natural way is the only way. You will be assured after reading the article. Testosterone will not only act as muscle booster, but it will also give you the strength and endurance, as well as mood for training every day. And tons of other benefits as well.
exercising - gaining muscle mass
  • So with diet, hormone levels and rest, there is only one thing to cover up, and that is the workout process itself. So how and how much should you train?As you already know, training one muscle group per day and giving the same muscle group a rest for the week ahead is the best thing to do. So that’s covered.

    But you must also know that some muscle groups tend to provoke the growth hormone more than others, and some types of exercises may come handy when you want to increase the anabolic reaction.

    Exercising legs is proven to provoke more muscle growth, and more testosterone level rising. So don’t forget to make a day scheduled for exercising legs only. Gaining muscle is a complex thing that should be approached with more diversity.

    For example, you know that exercising the same muscle group will not give you the same results, but here is why you should consider taking a day scheduled for compound exercises (exercises that target more muscle groups at one time).

    Compound exercises are known to provoke more muscle gain, since you are having a great anabolic reaction, and the nervous system is reacting quite differently than when you are exercising only the biceps for example. So you should also give yourself one day in the week when you do only compound exercises.

In another post we will show you an infographic of the best exercises for each muscle group, so you can finally solve the puzzle about how to gain muscle mass. Until then just implement these tips and you will soon start to see some great results.

Now knowing what to do, you are just steps away from your best looking body ever.


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