Identify And Adopt Other People’s Good Habits

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We are unique in each and every way. But as time progresses and we are more than eager to embrace individuality and self-improvement, we find that one of the things in which we truly differentiate are the good habits that we implement in our lifestyle. They happen to shape the way we function, the way we perceive and think, the way we are.

And even though shared between many, make no mistake that good habits are indeed a stamp of individuality. How so? For instance we perform them differently than the guy before us, and bring out of them what we want the most for ourselves.

But the interesting thing here is that even though they mark individuality, we can benefit a great share by peeking into the life of others and try to adopt some of their good habits.

Why not learn from each other what is already out there?

When it comes to implementing things in our life and trying to turn them into good habits, I’m just the same as the next guy. Sometimes maybe even preoccupied with the idea of personal growth and self-improvement I go round the clock looking for new ways to try and make some difference in my life.

I’m making schedule that meets my needs and expectations, try to improve myself by constantly trying to find new good habits, being unique to a great extent.

Take for instance a habit of mine that I recently implemented. Every time before going to sleep I sneak in the backyard and in that solitude water the lawn. It’s quiet, I’m able to easily reminisce through what happened during the day, leave my worries drift away as I hear the sound of the water drops splashing against the grass.

This whole thing makes my stress levels drop instantly before I go to sleep regardless how stressed and tense I am.

But enough about me. I guess you don’t want to go that personal. Or wait a minute, maybe we should. Yes, maybe we should go personal. We should definitely change our approach towards forming and maintaining good habits from more individualistic and self-centered, towards more social and interpersonal.

What I’m trying to say here? Well, you see, the thing is that we can already learn a lot from each other in terms of experience and sharing common sense.

I guess so far we went wrong when it comes to this. At least I know I had. And off by a long-shot.

You see, trying to form the good habits for the sake of personal growth, and turning towards individualism more than anything else, we are losing a lot when it comes to learning the easy way.

Being more social, and being willing to accept an advice, or maybe just peek into someone else’s life just to have a picture of how others are going through this process, can result in sharing and learning what we already have out there.

Isn’t this the reason why such outlets as blogs and magazines that closely tackle the subject of personal growth in any aspect exist nowadays? My logic says so.

But the thing is that being true to individualism that is nowadays so dominant in the western culture, more often than not we tilt towards avoiding this interactions that can actually bring us a lot in terms of learning and forming good habits.

Adopting good habits from other people

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Now thinking about it, the only thing that seems logical is to leverage this knowledge by accepting more and more from other people inwards.

Try and start with your circle, locate the ones that you think are going into the right direction and observe. Ask if you are more comfortable with it. Try and adopt as much as you can that you know can have a positive impact upon your life.

Recognize the traits you are lacking and find them in others. Then try and diagnose which are the things you can copy that can bring you there. If you find the good habits, try to implement them. It’s as simple as that.

I always say that we should hang out in circles whose definition closely matches our perception of success and wellbeing. Well, here you go – this is another reason for that too.

Being in circles of like-minded people, we have better chance of finding habits that will more easily connect with our lifestyle, and fit like a glove if you will.

We can contribute a lot too as well. And with that interaction taking place, it’s just fair to add that we are forming a community in which we are constantly exposed to new and new good healthy habits, and that by learning and making that connection we are in fact growing substantially over time.

If you think that this can interfere with your personal growth and affect it negatively, you are off by a long-shot. It only enhances the product of individualism, and pushes you forward towards being more resourceful in general.

Think of it as collecting knowledge from others and bringing it back so you can process it better, while making the most out of it in the frame of individualism.

Soon before you know, you will acquire many new good habits, and then just refine them for yourself, while giving others in your circle the chance of learning from your example.

Do you want to keep that process of adopting good habits just for yourself, or you are more open to accept things from others and give something back too? I will be glad to hear about it from you, because individualism is spreading like a wildfire, and we would be much better if we find a way now, that will enhance it and render it from all the negative aspects, while giving us the chance to learn from each other.

Good habits can be learned, copied, serve as an example for others. What do you think about it?

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