13 Healthy Habits You Wish You Had Developed Earlier In Life

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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Every day we all encounter some new healthy habits in our life that we wish we had developed earlier, and which are making us question what our life would have been if we had developed them earlier.

But, you know what, that whole questioning makes no sense whatsoever, because it’s never too late to form that habit and enrich your life immensely.

Here are some of the healthy habits which I had found to be particularly important for our personal growth and healthy lifestyle.

1. See in others an opportunity to learn from and give to

Learn to control your ego and admit to yourself that you might be wrong. Forget about yourself for a second and give the total advantage to the others.

Listen, Learn, Implement, Give.

Once you acknowledge this healthy habit, your life will get much more enjoyable and you will be much more likeable for the people around you.

2. Show some gratitude

It’s a habit that everyone knows about, i mean everyone knows that showing some appreciation to others has a powerful impact on building and maintaining relationships. Yet, pretty much everyone is afraid to do it.

Think about all those people you could have but chose not to show some appreciation and gratitude.

3. Read and learn everyday

There is a ton of stuff out there to choose from, look for authentic authors only. Authors who have accomplished something and are living proof that the thing they are preaching about is actually working.

Look for something that can help you add some fast practical values to your lifestyle.

You can’t possibly begin with this healthy habit while being exposed to the mass media bombardment. Limit yourself to fewer sources.

Choose quality before quantity.

4. Copy the great ones

Want to accomplish something ? You’re most probably not the first one to try that, look for someone else who is a renounced expert in that field. Let him be your role model, study his actions, mimic his start and approach to the same problem.

There is nothing embarrassing about it, take every opportunity to learn something new from that person, question everything, search answers for all of you questions and you will benefits a great deal from this habit.

5. Organize your time and stick to it

Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Everyone needs more time, there is just not enough. It’s a fixed amount, meaning you must take from something to make for something.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to start with this habit as soon as possible.

Always think about the end value and try to make a decision whether the end goal is worth chasing. In case it is, think about the most efficient way you can make it come true. If it’s not, skip it, thus allow yourself time for something far more important.

Prioritize everything.

6. Wake up early

Your first step to organizing your time. By waking up early you’re expanding your day and practically making more productive hours available. It can make or break you healthy lifestyle and directly influence the other healthy habits.

This is a must for anyone who truly wants to accomplish something in his life. The examples are all around us.

7. Exercise every day

Everyone serious about promoting a healthy lifestyle, should embrace this everyday healthy habit as soon as possible. It’s one of the cornerstones of your whole life and something that you should not only embrace but learn about all the benefits it can offer.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be doing some heavy exercises, but kind of exercises that can be done even at home.

8. Stop being obsessive about what other people think about you.

Yes it matters, depending on the person, what one thinks about you can matter to you a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you should become so obsessive about that, and even try to change yourself to please the others.

Just stop. Develop an everyday habit of just not caring what someone thinks about you. It’s a complete waste of time. Instead of changing yourself, think about changing the ones around you. Cut out all the annoying people in your life.

Someone else out there will surely respect you the way you are now.

9. Embrace a healthy diet

For most of you, embracing a healthy diet will probably mean ignoring the media bombardment with all the unhealthy fast food delicious looking commercials. But you will eventually feel grateful about it.

It’s most certainly the cornerstone to your healthy lifestyle, with more healthy benefits that you can imagine.

10. Ask more questions and listen to the answers

Curiosity is closely related to the success. It’s the one trait that makes you hungry for more knowledge, opens up another excitements and possibilities which can eventually lead to the success.

11. Always embrace the change

We certainly live in a time in which there a lot of changes everywhere and everyday. It is happening quickly and leaves you practically no choice whatsoever.

It’s important to try to embrace the change and accept it. Try to make it a positive experience for you and try to eventually benefit from it.

12. Develop positive thinking

This is closely related with embracing the change. Of course it is so much easier to have a negative feeling than a positive one, the changes we face every day can expose us to negative thinking which will grow on us, and practically generate more negative feelings.

It’s so important to ignore that feelings and start thinking about the positive sides, it must have some. Make this a habit of yours as soon as possible and notice the huge difference in your healthy lifestyle.

13. Always make some time just for yourself

It’s very important to spend a bit of time each single day just for yourself. Spend it on whatever you like at that moment. Spend it on something that makes you happy. Write, sing, dance, exercise, read – do what makes you feel happy, charge the batteries for the day.

I hope that most of you are already practicing some of these habits, but for the ones that don’t, be sure that it’s never late to start doing so. In fact, now may just be the perfect time.

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