improve your life

When it comes to gathering knowledge in order to improve our life, we are as good as it can get.

No really, try asking yourself how much time you spent so far going through tons and tons of material out there, just to find something that you can implement. And nine out of ten times, you find plenty.

But the thing is that almost all of that knowledge is either lying dormant in you, or even worse, gradually being erased as time goes by.

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Daily to do list

Often times many of us subscribe to that policy of “it can be done later, so let it be”.

And taking an objective look over this can result in realizing just how much of a negative impact this alone has on our productivity, and when you think about it success taken as a whole.

Once experiencing the failure to detach from this habit, it becomes quite clear that additional effort is indeed required.

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be persistent

Being persistent always pays off. At least that’s what I’ve been told since childhood. I felt it too throughout the years.

Reminiscing about whatever success that I had measured against each failure, I came to realize that nine out of ten it was being persistent that changed the outcome; The entire game for that matter.

Being persistent is easier to say than do, nobody will try to deny that. But it’s realizing the possible outcome, and being able to see ten miles down the road, that can push you to adopt persistence as a trait of yours.

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good habits - healthy food

We are unique in each and every way. But as time progresses and we are more than eager to embrace individuality and self-improvement, we find that one of the things in which we truly differentiate are the good habits that we implement in our lifestyle.

Even though shared between many, make no mistake that good habits are indeed a stamp of individuality. How so? For instance we perform them differently than the guy before us, and bring out of them what we want the most for ourselves.

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being nice

Have you ever felt that you need to be polite even though the ones around you are quite rude, and don’t deserve such a nice treatment from you ?

Have you ever smiled while the thing you actually wanted to do is swear? Or have you ever said something nice to someone, while you would feel better hitting him?

You see, in many situations in life we are trying to be nice. But sometimes being nice is not the appropriate option. Sometimes there is such a thing as being too nice.

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