Stop Overcomplicating Your Life

The way we conduct ourselves in this world is through the concept of action; Never submitting to the course of events without desperately trying to change them. But somewhere down the road we get into a position where we tend to overdo, overcomplicate.

Schedule, time management, plans for work, diet, workout, productivity – nothing is left unchecked. And going through all of this, we come to realize, later rather than sooner, that we are beating our head over it a bit too much.

Overcomplicating things is becoming a habit nowadays, and I can see many people, wasting time and energy into something that has become more of an act of habit instead of a conscious drive that pushes them to im

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like-minded circle

Checking the comment section today, an interesting thought occurred to me. Going through couple of comments and answering them, I came to realize that there is a strong need that I sense, to connect with people who share the same frequency as I.

It is in our inherent nature, I assume, to form groups with people similar to us in any way, and such a need even though not fully realized may represent a strong drive for many of us.

Ignorant or not, about the fact that this behavior is deeply embedded in our code, we start a search for like-minded people, feeling happy beyond words when there are some out there.

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do we really want success

You are probably wondering what on Earth is wrong with me, right? Of course we like success?

But is it all just a vague rhetoric we are putting perpetually in front of us, deliberately trying to hide the truth, to escape the reality of it?

Well, in all honesty, I can say for myself, as well as for the majority of people I know, that we are sometimes only wishing success, but partially, halfheartedly.

I figured out this quite recently, to be honest, and it just made me question my whole perception on achieving success.

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goal setting

Goal setting has always been a technique by which people striving for improvement try to see progress.

And while setting goals may represent a certain amount of anxiety and disdain for some, it can be an ace in your sleeve should you get in a position where things tend to go south and you for whatever reason stop with your progress, your motives, your will power and discipline.

You see, what setting a goal does is making sure that you play your “A” game from the start, and while it may seem like a slight discomfort at first, at the end of the day you will see some serious results, and what’s more important a line of constant progress forming along the way.

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the definition of success

We all crave for success. That’s an indisputable fact. But actually getting to the point where we can smell it, feel it, see it within our grasp – that’s a different story.

And I gave a lot of thought in this one. It’s my drive, I guess. You know what I realized?

It came to me that although there is a lot of material out there, teaching us how to be successful and the very meaning of success, reading various inspirational success quotes, in fact the route towards it is more straightforward that we may think at first.

It’s not that complex at all, you see, to understand the definition of success.

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