how to avoid procrastination

Often times we ask ourselves how to avoid procrastination; How to really find that willpower to make motive and productivity meet half way.

How to use that inspiration we have and not leave things just to having an urge for doing something, but rather do it instead.

We are full of ideas all of the time, and over time more often than not we find that making those ideas turn into reality is rather hard. Sometimes even the things that seem simple enough, and need to be done, appear as something unpleasant for us.

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Changing habits

The habits are the most powerful thing in the game of self improvement. When it comes to changing habits it’s logical to do so in the beginning of the game, in order to benefit most out of it.

But we, as creatures of comfort, are rarely trying to change our habits, because they define us in a way, and going against that definition we already set is usually very hard. Usually very hard, remember that.

Having a habit of any kind means that we are used to do things a certain way, thus changing the habit means changing the way we operate. That alone is the reason why people dread changing habits.

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how to Learn from your Mistakes

Often times we are being told: learn from your mistakes. But what that actually means? What is behind all of that?

Are we really reluctant enough not to remember the results from the last time, and repeat the same thing over and over again?

Or were we never even aware of the mistake being made at the first place? And how so that those who tell us about learning from mistakes are better than us? Have they learnt from their mistakes?

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Discover yourself

We go through life constantly discovering more about the nature of it. We start seeing things from different perspectives than before, learn, unlearn, and learn again.

Many things we experience are mostly shaped by external factors, at least so we were being told. But while I don’t try to deny it, one thing that I learned is that many things can be shaped by us alone.

But first we must discover ourselves, how to learn more about ourselves, and embrace, as well as enhance our understandings.

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healthy habits

Everyday we all encounter some new healthy habits in our life that we wish we had developed earlier, and that are making us question what our life would have been if we had developed them earlier.

That whole questioning makes no sense, because it’s never too late to form that habit and enrich your life immensely.

Here are some of the healthy habits which I had found to be particularly important for our personal growth and healthy lifestyle.

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