Discover yourself

We go through life constantly discovering more about the nature of it. We start seeing things from different perspectives than before, learn, unlearn, and learn again.

Many things we experience are mostly shaped by external factors, at least so we were being told. But while I don’t try to deny it, one thing that I learned is that many things can be shaped by us alone.

But first we must discover ourselves, how to learn more about ourselves, and embrace, as well as enhance our understandings.

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healthy habits

Everyday we all encounter some new healthy habits in our life that we wish we had developed earlier, and that are making us question what our life would have been if we had developed them earlier.

That whole questioning makes no sense, because it’s never too late to form that habit and enrich your life immensely.

Here are some of the healthy habits which I had found to be particularly important for our personal growth and healthy lifestyle.

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People who are constantly striving to improve themselves will tell you one thing for sure, one thing they all have in common is having role models in their lives.

This is maybe one of the most crucial aspects on the path of self-improvement.

As creatures of comfort oftentimes we refuse to abandon our comfort zone, lacking the motivation, not having or not feeling that strong urge within us…

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What are our talents? For what sort of things do we possess that innate aptitude that easily convinces us and others what we are predestined for something?

How many talents can we have? Or do we have any for that matter?

We live in a world that is changing and shifting under our feet. And the truth of the matter is that things that once were so important as education and degrees are worth almost nothing in some present situations.

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showing up for your dreams

Are you? Are you showing up for your dreams? Well it’s time to think about that. Because you now what? Life is going by, day by day, and you may be just losing some precious time.

I mean we all try and do our walk without questioning, but once you put this idea in your head that maybe there is something more in your life, or something else that you should do, and you are not going for that – well, let’s say you have one of those “a-ha!” moments.

The first response to this is very natural- you get the feeling like you want to pack your things and go to some distant place, or just pack your desk and leave that office job.

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