How To Have More Energy Throughout The Day

how to have more energy
Having more energy throughout the day is a great indicator that we are about to be more productive, feel better in general, be more creative, or should I just say be at our very best. Knowing how to have more energy can certainly change many aspects of our lives.

But the hectic lifestyle many of us face nowadays, and the constant set-backs when it comes to trying to live as healthy as you can, are doing their own in draining our resources of energy, leaving us not ready for the day ahead.

And living in our routine, it is very hard for some to try and change how things roll, so we go day by day, feeling more tired than the last, hoping for the weekend, or some great weather forecast, believing that the only reason for not having energy is because we are maybe meteoropathic.

And while we try desperately to convince ourselves that there is some reason which is not in our power to deal with or change, that is making us feel less energetic, the truth of the matter is not that complex at all.

Knowing how to have more energy is really simple once you understand the wrong and the right approach.

How to have more energy? – What do people usually try?

If you are about to ask this question, first try asking yourself:

How do you try to solve the lack of energy?

Is the change permanent, or you just apply some method here and there?

The thing is that most people try to fight the lack of energy by going for something that will give them immediate results. Things like pills, energy drinks, afternoon nap, maybe some visit to the spa from time to time.

But even though this can prove handy at times, the thing is that you are not balancing your energy levels, but creating even further chaos.

You must have heard this one: ”If you want to feed someone, teach him how to catch a fish rather than giving him one.

It is the same here to an extent. You teach your body and your whole organism how to adjust and have more energy, rather than just supplementing some from time to time.

So knowing this, you assume now that the right thing to do is to adjust your lifestyle, and stick to that for a while. It should be soon enough before you start seeing the results.

How to have more energy ? 10 simple ways to achieve that:

  1. The first thing to do is set your sleeping schedule. This will act as a frame for everything connected to your energy levels. This is entirely up to you, but there are couple of basic principles to address.

    Note that your melatonin levels are high at night, and that makes you fall asleep easier and have a better sleep. Therefore it’s logical to go to bed as soon as you can after it gets dark. I’m not talking 9 o’clock now, but it is certainly downright stupid to stay up to 3 AM if there is no a real reason for it. This will in turn make you wake up earlier, and you will have more energy in the mornings.

    Waking up early in the mornings makes you more energetic in general. It is proven that people who tend to sleep more are more prone to lack of energy during the day. So knowing this it is better to limit your sleep hours to somewhere between 6 and 7.

    If you are about to take a nap somewhere in the afternoon, do it so that you rest for no more than 30 minutes to maybe an hour, depending on whether you’ve done some activity that might have drained your energy.
    Maintain this schedule for a week, and you will see drastic improvement in your energy levels.

  2. Be as active as you can during the day. Try and follow your packed schedule, and even add some exercises like the Insanity workout or maybe try going out with someone. The thing here is that once you are up from bed, make so that the body will stay active all day long.

    That way you are getting your body used to only two mods – full rest, and constant activity. Of course you will give yourself some time here and there to rest for a minute or five, but this way you will have more energy all day long, and better sleep quality during the night.

    When I started practicing this, I noticed that falling asleep was now very easy, and I had more vivid dreams while sleeping and more energy when I was up.

  3. Forget the instant fillings of energy. Really, they don’t work on the long run. Things like coffee, energy drinks, pills…Voodoo stuff if you are asking me.

    The thing they do is something quite opposite than what you are about to do. You try to balance your body and have a constant stream of energy during the entire day, and these things only make a rupture in your efforts.

    They provoke reactions inside your body that make you more alert for a time on the expense of draining you completely after the effect is gone. And this is only on the short run, so there is no point in applying any of that.

  4. Give it a day in the week when you break your routine, and spend some time just for yourself. Try and do your idea of a rest, engage yourself in nothing more than casual physical activity, and let your worries drift a little bit.

    I learned this from Robin Sharma, who recommend dedicating this day only to some deep thinking. I won’t go that much in practicing this, but leaving some time to be just alone with your thoughts can make a great difference in filling your energy levels.

  5. People know how to drain energy a lot more than some activities do. So be wise and distance yourself from such people. Enjoy the company of the ones who empower you though. Find them, surround yourself with them, and enjoy getting more energetic while in their presence.
  6. Avoid getting in verbal disputes, and also avoid talking about them as well as talking about gossip and similar stuff. I go further and label these things not only as an enemy to your energy levels, but also as an enemy to your character, persona, and whatever self-improvement you are hoping to make.
  7. Quite contrary from the one above, try and surround yourself with activities that improve you in any way, and activities you love doing. Dedicate yourself fully to them.

    It is proven now that the activities you love doing such as your hobbies, having a great conversation about something important with someone, enjoying more outdoor time etc. are actually filling you with more energy.

    Have you ever noticed this? Have you ever felt full of energy after doing something you love? I know I have. Sometimes after playing the violin for maybe two or three hours, even though it is a very hard and demanding mental activity, I feel like I’ve taken a nap or did something that filled my energy that I cannot really explain and put in words.

  8. Eat healthy. That’s it, just eat as healthy as you can. You will notice the results even after a week. Not only you will feel more energized by being filled with the nutrients your body lacks and needs, but you will also get in better shape, and this has a big effect upon your energy levels.
  9. The one above being said, you should also try to lose some weight if you have more than you should, and get in shape by exercising. This will tremendously impact your energy levels, and you will feel the great results almost instantly. Give it a week and you will feel reborn.
  10. There are some things that fill you with energy just by the thought of it. Things like taking a long walk with your dog on evenings, going on a picnic or camping on weekends, swimming in the pool, watching the sunrise, curl up with a book, or watch a movie with your significant other.
  11. Whatever it is that does it for you, try and squeeze it into your schedule as many times as you can.

Knowing how to have more energy is a great asset nowadays. It certainly impacts your wellbeing a lot, and dictates your days, therefore your reality.

And the thing we must understand when asking how to have more energy, is that it’s an ongoing process, and applying things in the long run. We must change our lifestyle, tweak it a little bit, and implement some of the things mentioned above.

What is your advice on how to have more energy? How do you manage to stay energized throughout the entire day, and what will you advise others to do? We would love to know.


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