How To Lose Weight And Look Great

how to lose weight and look great

How to lose weight and look great – This is one of the most common questions nowadays. Whether people are focusing on this more than they should – I would have to agree with that, but anyway it’s a subject that is much discussed, and one that is becoming more and more important each day.

Now I would spare you from my actual view on this one in terms of whether we should be paying so much attention on something that is probably not that important, or doing it all for the wrong reasons, but since it’s something that many of our readers were asking for, and something closely connected to our understanding of lifestyle as a society I feel that you should have the answer to this question.

First of all let’s try and think of all the benefits this can add to your lifestyle.

Health related benefits

Improving obesity related conditions

Many health related problems today are centered on obesity, and increased percentage of body fat. And while we can add one condition after another, and look at an endless ever growing list, one thing is for sure- all of those conditions are approached the same way when trying to be fixed.

The approach is most focused on weight loss. So knowing how to lose weight can help people quickly improve their health, and stop them from undergoing some serious treatments.

Better health in general

There is no need to say much here- being in your optimal percentage of body fat makes your body function as it is supposed to, and by that you have the upper hand on staying healthy on the long run.

health benefits and more energy with weight loss

More energy

Yes, it’s proven that people that control their weight are more likely to have higher percent of energy, and feel more fresh and energetic during the day. So no wonder some of us feel more lethargic during holiday seasons and winter in general. Just small fluctuation on our body fat levels can make us feel more or less energetic.

Great looks

Even though there are countless of reasons as for why you should know how to lose weight, many people have only this in mind when trying to achieve some results regarding this. On the one hand that’s silly, but on the other they are certainly on the right track. Losing weight makes all of your muscle mass become visible, and in turn you have a better looking physique.

Society standards

This one is quite interesting. Nowadays more and more people are striving to succeed in looking good, so we are facing with an idea or philosophy if you will that is becoming a worldwide concept of how we should perceive ourselves. And this is pushed to the extent of not accepting yourself otherwise. That’s why I stand strongly against this and try not to force even more that perception which is widely accepted.

Boosted self-confidence

self-confidence with weight loss

This is closely connected with the picture many of us form about ourselves. Scientific studies show that more and more people have problems with self-esteem nowadays just because of the society not accepting them as they are. Or at least they think so. However, many people who find themselves overweight and are facing lower self-esteem try and search desperately for ways on how to lose weight.

Enjoying more versatile lifestyle

On this one I totally agree. As a matter of fact this is why I recommend losing weight in the first place. Being fit enables you to enjoy much more in terms of outdoor fun, sports, being more active in general and so on. This will of course make a tremendous change in your lifestyle in general, and you will find how is it to be able to do all of this stuff.

As you see there are many reasons as for why you should know how to lose weight. Some more important than others, some quite less, but the thing is that if you are already convinced with one of them then instead of trying to change your perception I will try to provide you with some ways on how to achieve this.

Following many others methods (some of them even defying logic) is probably what brought you here in the first place.

And that’s ok. You see, nowadays many people recognized the opportunity for making money out of all of this and tried to convince many others that their way is the one to go. And like if this wasn’t bad enough a lot of them have even tried to pass you some dangerous methods, pills and god knows what else.

BUT, being the place that the internet is, between all of that garbage of information people sometimes find their way to some useful from the hearth stuff that will help them a lot.

I’m proud to say that this is one of those places, so keep reading and you will learn how to lose weight without risking your health, energy or money.

The myths on losing weight

Starve yourself as much as you can

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this is just the most stupid thing to do. You are putting yourself at tremendous risk when it comes to health, and risking falling deeper in problems quite bigger than obesity.

Another thing that is wrong about this approach is that by starving your body you are in fact making it hold to the reserves of fat storage that it has.

The thing is that our bodies are designed to react this way thousands of years ago. Back in the past people were hunters and consumed their meals not that often as today. So in order to adjust to that environment the body adapted over time so that whenever there was a lack of food it will shut down all of the mechanisms in order to store fat supplies, therefore survive.

That’s why the metabolism is lowest when we are not eating over longer periods of time.

Finally this approach is wrong because of something else too. Have you ever thought about what will you do when you lose that weight? You will continue not to eat?

Because if that’s your idea then I’m sorry, but I must tell you – that is downright stupid. Or you haven’t thought that far ahead? Well either way, that is not the way to do it.

Try some magic tricks

pills and other magic tricks

These are the countless tricks that are supposed to work over night, without any effort by your side. And you guessed it right- yes, it costs a lot.

Forget about all the pills, special meals, gurus and others who are trying to find a way to your wallets. Try to learn something that in fact has some common sense.

Exercise as crazy

This is not the way to go too. With it, you are just producing more stress on the body, exposing it to health related risks, and making the whole process harder. The hormonal processes happening inside of your body are not as they should be, and you are predestined to fail in your attempt.

So going through all that myths, and trying to reveal them leaves us with only one option about how to lose weight- and that is the natural healthy way which implies changing your lifestyle to meet that needs.

And the thing is that it is easier than you think, and once you learn how to achieve this you will be facing inevitable results.

The healthy way to lose weight and look great

1. Heavy artillery

Here I will try and apply some interesting analogy. Take military for example. Every time something is about to be conquered they do the same thing over and over again.

First goes the heavy artillery (air force, missiles, bombs…), and after the devastating damage, the infantry just swoops in. The same goes here. If you are about to approach this strategically then you should try and copy the same routine.

And what is your heavy artillery?

The muscles.

build muscles to fight fat

You see, building some muscle mass will make a great difference. The muscles are your heavy artillery when it comes to losing weight.

How come? Well, adding some muscle mass will in turn result with your body burning more and more fat tissue throughout the entire day.

YES, you heard right- THE ENTIRE DAY.

While you sleep, while you watch TV, while you reading this… You name it- really all day long.

So adding some muscle mass will make your body a fat burning machine working better than ever.

2. Low cardio

Many arguments were behind this or in some cases strictly against. But the simple truth is that low cardio does the trick when it comes to weight loss better than countless of other methods.

Another thing you need to know is that the effect is instant and it is generating results faster than anything else.

Here is one tip though – Never do low cardio more than half an hour. Even that is a lot. But why? Well, doing so you make the body endocrine system produce cortisol, which will in turn slow your fat burning process.

Sometimes you can add intensity to your cardio session, but never go for high intensity cardio, because that triggers different processes in your body and long story short you are not using your body fat burning potential to its best.

3. Metabolism

This is crucial. Period. Boosting your metabolism as much as you can will make wonders to your body ability to burn fat tissue.

The same goes here as with the heavy artillery. But this is more constant than anything else. Having fast metabolism helps your body to burn fat tissue constantly. And there are many ways in which you can achieve this. Naturally of course.

Here is an article on this subject. It shows you how to speed up the metabolism.

4. Healthy habits

This is the most important one. Everything falls into water if you don’t stick to this one. So what are the healthy habits? Well here are some that go from the top of my head:

As I said, these are just a few off the top of my head. There is much more to this.

5. Types of exercises that work best

There are many exercises that help you a lot when trying to focus on one muscle group; or weight loss overall; or exercises that balance the hormones and in turn increase your progress more quickly.

The compound exercises are the ones to go with, but there are many others which focus on certain areas of your body too. Exercises made to grow intensely your abs, your arms, chest etc.

You can try with the new 21 Day Fix exercise. Read the 21 Day Fix Review to learn more

6. What to eat, and when to eat

healthy food for weight loss

This is also cornerstone of your progress in the weight loss journey. And knowing what you put inside of you, and when to actually consume your meals can make or break your success.

Here is a another article that shows you how to lose weight by acquiring knowledge regarding nutrition:
The Crucial Ingredients In Every Healthy Diet

7. Balancing the hormones

This is also very important. Balancing the hormones can make or break your success. And understanding that sooner will save you a lot time and effort. Here is a link on how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

8. Many other tricks that make a huge difference

I will sound like one of those gurus, but really there are many unknown tricks that are easy to apply and in turn make a lot of improvement to your looks, help your efforts to lose weight, and are non-risky at all.

One spot fat reduction

This is one of the weight lose techniques that people are not that familiar with. Bear in mind that it’s not a proven technique. But you will like the results.

Many trainers, gurus, even doctors force you the believe that losing weight is something that cannot be achieved on certain areas of your body.

But just try this and make your own conclusion:

Go and do exercises that focus on the area that you want to lose the most fat tissue on. Once you are done with the strength exercises do low intensity cardio.

That way you give the body a clear message about where you want it to focus the fat burning process from the low cardio, and the results are amazing. Really, try this and tell me how it goes.


So now you know much more about the ways in which you can solve the question on how to lose weight. Just follow the links shown here and you will become an expert indeed.

Then just apply them, be persistent and the results will be inevitable. Make no mistake, this is not an easy thing to do, but it pays off big time if you want to see some results in this area.

Everything good is possible by putting some effort into it, but knowing these things will make your journey much easier and the results will be certain. I hope this solves you the question about how to lose weight and look good.

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