Forcing Yourself On Days You Don't Feel Like It

here are some days where all goes smoothly. All goes “according to plan”; most of all your enthusiasm, your drive for action. And then it seems, like you are off to a great start, and nothing along the way can stop you.

And maybe indeed nothing may stop you, but what if it’s not the obstacle that is going to represent the problem, but rather the drive itself; the enthusiasm, the passion, the motive, the craving for success and action?

And the worst thing is when such a thing happens out of nowhere, while in the midst of our peak, right when things were finally going well.

All of the sudden our drive for action and success comes to a plateau, and

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how to stop complaining

Going through with our efforts to improve ourselves on daily basis, and going through our entire life actually, we are likely to come across myriad of obstacles that will partially or entirely threaten our progress, even disrupt our life to some extent.

And when you think about it, there is nothing that can be done in order to completely exonerate ourselves from such obstacles, even the ones hindering our improvement a great deal.

Sometimes things are the way they are. What we can do though, is choose the way in which we react to such obstacles, and decide whether to stop complaining and do something about it, or complain and become a victim.

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continue to improve your life

The intent to improve your life is already more of an inherent belief now, don’t you think? You adopted it as an ideal, and so it happened that it became more of a practice, slowly converting into an act of habit.

In doing so, you and I both, now are trying to find more ways to further develop each aspect of life, since in a way we are now hooked to this belief of improvement, that not only is self-preserving, but also grows deeper in our conscious mind.

The strange thing though, is that wanting to improve your life you, just as I, are faced with obstacles along the way.

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being productive

Being productive is something we are pursuing relentlessly without questioning the outer limits of it. There is no such thing as too productive, we think, and often times we are obsessing with it in excess.

If you are addicted to self-improvement, and in any way beat your head over being more productive the larger part of the day, then you probably never even came to realize that fanatically trying to increase productivity, you are only limiting yourself and your potential.

Hence, can the very idea of increasing productivity turn as counterproductive on the long run?

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Challenging Yourself

It’s already familiar to us that real progress happens when we are prone to leaving our comfort zone. And challenging yourself to do that has become something of a set rule.

Wanting to believe this, we are getting in terms that it must be done.

But it’s not being out of your comfort zone that gives the results, it’s the length of the stretch you are about to make when out of it.

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