Success Quotes and Sayings

There are couple of ways that eventually lead to success. The one everyone finds hard is the first step.

That ignition of the whole thing, that kick of the top of the iceberg in order to invoke an avalanche.

Here you can find a bunch of success oriented quotes and sayings, that do not follow some pattern, but rather represent a mix of sayings and quotes that you may find handy to your cause, move you forward creating the momentum you needed, invite that action oriented dormant spirit in you to finally come to the surface, and tilt things in your favor.

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Reignite Your Passion

We all have a passion for something in life. It goes under default to want something, to dream and desire, to strive towards that more and more. But somewhere along the way it happens for us to forget that feeling once the momentum is gone.

Some would say it’s natural, and there is not much to argue about that. But what it actually means to be passionate? How can passion be described, if we are so reluctant about it?

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how to stay positive and wait for opportunities

Stay positive – that’s what others say when they try to support you when looking for a job. Stay positive while searching, stay positive while settling with the one that is not even close to your dream position, stay positive while looking for more.

But how positive can one be in such position, and how to achieve that yogi like calmness and optimism in the first place? And more on, how to land yourself a nice job if you are desperately searching for such?

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Stop Delaying, Make The First Step.

Why people always lean towards what seems to be the easier path? The easier approach? Why’s that ? Why not take the high road?

That’s a question that I and many of my friends are thinking about. Why let life pass by or just let it flow in a boring linear direction.

Why not spend some time to differently direct things in life, even if that means taking some “off-road” approach. Harder doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad. It can even be sort of fun.

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