Get Over Your Hesitation And Continue To Improve Your Life

The intent to improve your life is already more of an inherent belief now, don’t you think? You adopted it as an ideal, and so it happened that it became more of a practice, slowly converting into an act of habit.

In doing so, you and I both, now are trying to find more ways to further develop each aspect of life, since in a way we are now hooked to this belief of improvement, that not only is self-preserving, but also grows deeper in our conscious mind.

continue to improve your life

The strange thing though, is that wanting to improve your life you, just as I, are faced with obstacles along the way.

What this does, at least to me, is giving birth to slight hesitation that if left unchecked gradually grows, threatening to undermine, and eventually ruin our efforts.

Why should you defend your ground while on the way to improve your life?

And you should, believe me.

Because if you don’t, your motives will be challenged often, usually by people who differ from you in more than one way.

It’s strange for some, to see you investing your time and nerves in order to better yourself, regardless in what area of life. If I didn’t knew better, I would say that it bothers them to a certain extent.

But why? Why on Earth would someone be concerned with what do you do with your time and life as a whole?

I had a conversation with some people I know recently, only to find out that talking about how something may be done better, pisses them off.

I was surprised at first, taken off guard in a way, to see that people don’t want to talk about improving. If you want to improve your life, others might not, I thought at first.

But after a while I realized that people don’t want to talk about improvement, only not to remind themselves that they are not doing it. And seeing you going that way, it makes them uneasy, strange as it sounds.

Have you noticed this? Have you given an advice to someone about things you are already familiar with, only to find out that they don’t even want to hear?

You may be expert in fitness, nutrition, knowing how to improve your health, knowing how to improve your life, but it seems like no one ever wants to hear your friendly advice.

People get quite defensive when approached with an advice on how to live better in any aspect of life

They will label you in million ways, only not to allow their perception even challenged, yet alone changed.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a circle of people that share your passion for improving in life. And you may improve your life only if you are realistic enough, to know and diagnose what is there to improve.

Biased as we are, this may prove to be hard, but nevertheless, the direction of movement is very clear.

I’m, you see, as guilty as the next guy when it comes to being subjective. But knowing that the only way to improve your life is to be more self-aware, it’s a no brainer.

Many people failing to realize this tend to label you as a show-off, someone who wears a mask, just to be able to sleep sound at night. They are, rather, prone to mocking you in your progress, feeling more secure and putting the need for change under the carpet.

Stop hesitating and continue to improve your life

improve your life

When you eat healthy, there will always be someone who thinks that it’s some kind of propaganda.

When you exercise, there must be someone who will tell you that you are wasting your time.

And while you read, it’s not a surprise if someone tells you that you can be doing something better.

And nine out of ten times, those are the people who are spending their hours watching TV, sitting on Facebook till morning, getting more overweight by the day, and unable to do even a push-up.

Alone, no one can brake you rock solid belief in what’s right. Not one of them can make you hesitate while you improve your life even a bit. But when you are faced with society that is comprised with more people like these, the initial response is to hesitate.

I still do sometimes. I hesitate just as you, when faced against such people.

But understanding that they only oppose you just in order to avoid the truth is what makes the whole difference.

And the truth, the way I see it, is that they see in you what they lack at the time being. Therefore, only by rejecting anything that you say, can they sleep calm at night.

And while you constantly read and find new and new materials in order to improve your life, they avoid the same ones.

This blog would be unconceivable for many. And I’m glad that’s the case. But you and I both know that only by being a part of a community that is like minded and shares the same aspirations as you do, can you improve your life, and do that without hesitation, enjoying the whole ride.

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