productivity in creative work

Thinking about a sentence with which I would start this article, thus setting the tone right on, I came up with this: All work is not created equal. This especially applies when taking productivity in consideration. That is, given the fact that some things require, and some are actually OK with the lack of it.

You see, there is a distinction to be made between what we know as creative work, and all the other to be honest. Not only does creative work has more going on in the sense of originating, but the circumstances in which it occurs are entirely different to say the least.

The ones who do creative work are, in a way, faced with obstacles that surpass those who are not involved into

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Complacency is a killer

We are driven towards the intrinsic need to stay on course. To try things for what they are, experiment with them, construct a pattern in which we are to interact with them, follow it blindly. And while this affects the bigger victories we have in life only in a narrow band of circumstances, it does in fact shape everything else without question.

Be that relationships, habits, even our quest for self-improvement. We stay on the course, follow the set of rules we already set, and progress is more than imminent. It’s a given, you see. More math than anything else. But this is changing over time too.

Mid-way into whatever that is we are in, things can sometimes take

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30 day challenge

Trying to decipher our behavior, often times we come to realize that we conduct our lives rather unilaterally, dreading change as if it was something we never want to deal with. It worked so far, so why changing things? Why deny our intrinsic fear of the new, unfamiliar?

And so it happens that we go with our lives living more of a routine than anything else. We narrow our focus on repetitive behavior, habits, more often than not a whole set of boundaries and rules girded too tight that we lose sense of who we are.

Realizing that the need to stay in the comfort zone, even though rudimentary, is still an obstacle not allowing us to fully enjoy life, we ought to do s

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secrets of success

Many of us can succeed in life by sheer persistence, following only one given approach, only one laid pattern. But, the truth of the matter is that they constitute the smallest number of successful people.

The majority got there simply by implementing and blindly following habits and routines that can transform us, allow us to transcend to a higher level of success.

The secrets of success then, we might assume, are some steps that are hard to be find, yet alone climb. And such presumption is wrong by a long-shot.

Here are 10 secrets of success that, if followed, are going to make a tremendous difference over the long run.

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measure self improvement

Self-improvement is an ever evolving thing. And having this fact in mind it’s fairly hard to recognize the real progress, value the results for what they are. We either tend to over-praise whatever happens, or fall in a entirely different category, where every progress is devalued, neglected.

So, how to know the results? How to recognize the shift for better? How to know the difference in order to label the change without doubt?

It’s pretty hard answering this, isn’t it?
We may be deep into denial of real progress, deliberately devaluating our efforts, or have our head buried in the sand, only thinking that we are making some progress.

Try these

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