Too Much Technology

If you and I stop for a second and realize that even now, as we are interacting with each other, we are using technology. And not only that we are just using it, but in a way we are being dependent on it, relying too much on technology, sometimes even to the extent of shaping our life according to it.

And as time progresses, we come to realize that instead of being less dependent on technology, we are in fact becoming more and more so.

Detaching from technology is possible if done one step at a time, and by doing it you will find yourself better off, while enjoying things with less of a distraction, and more freedom.

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How to Improve your Self Esteem

Whatever that we do, or encounter in life, is immediately measured within our mind, within our own perception. Because of this we tend to label things as good or bad; our actions as appropriate or not; satisfying our standards or not even being close to them.

Improving our perception and acceptance of ourselves will be lot more easier with applying these simple techniques. It will improve our life while improving our self-esteem.

Therefore learning how to improve your self-esteem can be a truly life changing experience for most of us.

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waking up in the middle of the night

You were tired during the day, went to bed earlier, hopping to get a good night’s sleep. And two hours or so have passed, and you start waking up in the middle of the night.

After just waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that I will spend hours before I fall asleep again, I’m now sitting at my desk, starring at the laptop screen, writing this post. It’s 3 o’clock now, so I guess I will finish it and go to bed.

Thinking about it I came up with couple of things you can try if you keep waking up in the middle of the night in order to make it less stressful.

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prefer experiences over possessions

A new study made at the university of San Francisco shows that people who tend to spend their money on buying experiences are happier and more fulfilled than those who buy possessions.

Having more money equals having better life to some extent we thought, but not to being happier. This is proven to be an erroneous conclusion.

Money can buy happiness. If you know where and what to shop, that is. And this study proves just that.

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