10 Reasons for Doing Morning Exercise

Morning exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There are many reasons why you should try exercise first thing in the morning. People that practice this will probably tell you that it’s an addictive routine, and that it partially shapes their day. You can do your own workouts, or you can follow a workout program like the new P90 workout or the Focus T25 workout.

And as far as the addiction goes, try asking them whether they can quit exercising in the morning. They will only ask you: “why?”

And this actually sums up a lot. You see, that’s the real question, not why to exercise in the morning, but why not?

But for the sake of this article, and for the sake of convincing people that this is actually a smart decision to make, I’ll go on writing about why you should consider morning exercise.

exercise in the morning

1. Exercise in the morning can serve as a meditation

Interesting enough is the fact that many people exercise just because they try to mimic other people behavior. Many do so simply because it makes them feel good. Others go for weight loss, strength and energy, looks, building muscle etc. Some are even exercising for the sake of their health (read: their physician told them to).

But the one thing that people are unaware of is the fact that exercise is a form of remedy against other problems as well. Often times we go exercising in order to have some solitude, be alone with our thoughts.

And this is quite understandable, I mean considering the world in which we are living. Exercise is one of the most efficient remedies against stress. Period. So here is an idea: Why not add mornings in the equation, and double the gain?

What do I mean? Well, waking up early in the morning is also having a positive impact upon our stress levels, and our wellbeing in general. It’s more quiet than usual, we are getting the least amount of distraction, whether we are talking work, family, friends, cell phone buzzing all the time…

Our energy levels are in their peak, and we have no excuses not to do something. Therefore it’s more likely that whatever our workout plan is, we are about to stick to it. And of course being that energetic, and calm in the morning, exercise can serve even as a meditation in a way.

2. Sense of accomplishment early on in the day

Waking up early, and having exercise checked on your to do list before everybody else gets up, is something that will make you feel really good. Exercising in the morning is going to give you that feeling that you are doing something tremendous for yourself, and be very aware of how much productive you are. And once you get the ball rolling early on in the day, your productivity levels go way up afterwards.

This is one of the productivity techniques that many coaches are teaching. Put morning exercise in your schedule, and see your whole game changing.

3. Morning exercise will sky rocket your metabolism

During the night our metabolic rates are actually very low. There are many things we can do to speed up our metabolism, but one of the ways is to exercise in the morning. The good thing here is that after the workout session is over our metabolism will stay up for couple of hours more. And that’s very good for so many reasons, one of which is losing calories throughout the entire day.

The faster metabolism will also make you feel more energetic, and the sudden raise will make you overcome fatigue almost instantly.

4.It just puts you in that “healthy mindset”

This is not something unfamiliar, since we are being more and more preoccupied with healthy lifestyle. And what is more healthy, than starting the day with some physical activity, alone with our thoughts, relieved from stress, doing something that elevates our energy side by side with our endorphin levels.

And on top of that we are getting nice cardio workout, stretching the muscles, and losing some weight in addition. It’s as good as it can get. Morning exercise is one of the best ways to obtain that healthy lifestyle that you are after.

5. It will help you adjust your sleeping schedule

waking up early and exercising

Exercise in the morning is one of the best markers for your body to get adjusted to waking up in the same time each and every day. Your circadian rhythms are getting adjusted, and your body endocrine system as well.

The melatonin levels in your body are balanced, in a way the melatonin drops down earlier, so you can be awake more easily, and it starts to raise early in the night, so your body can fall asleep more quickly. You will find waking up early each and every day way easier, and the body will be like a Swiss watch, waking up every day in the same time.
Oh, and one thing more, this usually makes your body so balanced, that you will never ever have trouble falling asleep.

6. Morning exercise improves cognitive focus

This is actually one of the main reasons people are getting addicted to morning exercise. You see, exercise in the morning makes you start using that energy more, and as a result to that the whole body is more alert and awake. This stimulates mental focus, and since we talked about the physical processes, by now you probably know what a powerful mix is taking place in your system.

The cardio system is working better, the metabolism is functioning optimally, the endocrine system is more balanced than ever, and you are relieving your body from stress, thus obtaining clarity of mind. This mixed with more mental focus, dramatically increases your cognitive abilities and you are at your best many hours ahead.

7. You will perform better at work

tirednessHaving in mind the paragraph above, we may only concur with the fact that you will get better results at work, or at any other task that involves using mental focus more.

If you ask many of the famous artists, musicians, writers, they will all tell you that there is some sort of exercise incorporated in their schedule early on in the mornings. Whether we are talking about jogging, swimming, bicycling, working out in the gym, or simply having a walk with their dog, many of them will tell you that it starts their day by igniting their creativity, clarity of mind and focus.

8. You will look forward to it

Some people are really not early birds. And for them having something in the morning that they like, and that they know will get them in better mood and more refreshed is a powerful motive. Getting up early, and immediately focusing on work or on some problems may drain your energy, so logical enough is why some people dread mornings altogether.

But having morning exercise first thing to do when they get up is acting as a stimulus for them to really look forward to starting the day.

9. It’s a whole community out there

It’s like going to a cave and finding that there is already a lot of flora and fauna. You get up in the morning, start with your exercise, and come to realize that there is a whole world out there doing this already. I remember getting up six o’clock to go for a run down the Ala Wai canal in Waikiki, and realizing that there is a whole bunch of people doing the same thing, some even finishing and heading for home.

It’s an individual thing maybe, but every time I get up to do some exercise I found some strange profound feeling, and sense of joy and enjoinment. It’s knowing that you are part of this whole big group of people I guess.

10. Knowing that you are doing the right thing

This in a way adds up to the one above, but it’s anyway worth mentioning. You simply know that you are doing something good for yourself, something good for your health, looks, and energy levels. You simply know that you are one step more in the path of self improvement, and one step closer to living that healthy lifestyle.

Oh, and if you read the whole thing all the way down here, here is a bonus one just for you.

Morning exercise improves and even regulates appetite

breakfast in the morningExercising in the morning will not only improve your appetite, but also regulate your cravings early in the morning so you never eat more than necessary. You will have more control over your appetite, while also enjoying your breakfast more than usual.

Many people also face lack of appetite, and slight sickness the moment they touch food early in the day. That’s why some even avoid breakfast altogether. But with incorporating morning exercise as a part of your routine, you will never have such problems. Take my word for it- the breakfast is sweeter in a way.

So if you haven’t considered morning exercise by now, start thinking about it. If nothing else, just try, and see for yourself how it goes. You will be surprised by the results, and soon enough you will be one of those people who answers to the question: “Why doing morning exercise ?” with “Why not ?”

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