Too Much Technology – How to Detach From It

If you and I stop for a second and realize that even now, as we are interacting with each other, we are using technology. And not only that we are just using it, but in a way we are being dependent on it, relying too much on technology, sometimes even to the extent of shaping our life according to it.

Too Much Technology

And as time progresses, we come to realize that instead of being less dependent on technology, we are in fact becoming more and more so.

Where is the end of the road? When can we say that we are using too much technology?

To which extent should our lives become dependent on it, so we can realize that the time for setting boundaries has come?

Do we rely too much on technology?

We all have our own standards. What is too much technology for me may not necessarily be the same for you.

Maybe you like trusting your smartphone with every little thing you do through the day. Maybe you like keeping contact with people only via screen.

So when we try and set the bar low or high, we can only agree to disagree.

But in the end it all boils down to whether or not you can keep the same rhythm in which you are living now, of course with the tendency of technology becoming more and more present in it.

avoid too much technology by turning off your cell phoneI for instance don’t like being awaken by my alarm clock and head straight towards the laptop in order to check what is going on with my job and colleagues, what my friends are up to on Facebook, what is new in the world.

It stresses me to the point where I resent opening my laptop at all. But here is where you realize how dependent we are actually.

So even not wanting too, I still go through the same things each and every day, only placing couple more from time to time in my bookmark bar, to add them to the routine.

But recently I just had enough, and set myself off to radically change things. Now being on half the road, I’m convinced we can all do the same.

Too much technology? – Here is how to limit it

All of us can successfully detach from technology if we like. The thing though, is that we can never stop using it whenever we like. Like anything else, it has to become a habit.

We have to start doing things more without technology, we have to learn how to enjoy our spare time without it, we have to learn to do things by ourselves.

Here are couple of things you can try in order to set limits to using technology too much, and finally have the control over when, and how much you decide to use it.

  1. Limit checking your mail and your Facebook account to only one or two times per day. If you think about it, that’s even more than you need. Stop worrying over whether or not you will miss something important. No one is obligated to act like a secretary all day long.
  2. Turn your phone off from time to time. Like you can do when you go for a walk with your dog (I’m even more radical, I leave the phone at home). It will free your mind just knowing that you are not going to be interrupted. Also if you are having an interesting conversation with someone, turn off that phone.

    I cannot remember now something that bugs me more than the phone going bananas right in the middle of some interesting conversation, or while there is something like watching a game with my friends.

    Sure, it can be one of those moments when you simply cannot afford turning it off since there is something very important happening (talking about being dependent on technology), but otherwise if there is no thing similar to that, then I cannot see a point in allowing some call to interfere with what you are doing.

     Not only that you will have less time worrying while you are doing something you like, but also other people will start looking you with more respect, now knowing that you are not available all of the time for anyone out there.

  3. Stop using too much technology even in your spare time. Leave your spare time scheduled for activities that are as far from technology as it can get. You see, we are even using too much technology while we are doing something like running.

    avoid too much information and run with your dogConstantly watching the wrist watch, checking the iPhone to see how many miles we have already passed, changing the song, adjusting the volume, watching over the speed, seeing if there are some missed calls.

    All of the sudden running is not so fun anymore, and what supposed to be a time away from the clutter, becomes the clutter itself. Stop using the technology in every aspect of your life. Some things are better off without it. You will have more fun, be more relaxed, drift away from everyday worries.

Going after self-improvement we realize that there are many obstacles in front of us, some not even appearing as such. Too much technology is certainly one of them.

We aim to avoid the clutter, free our mind from routine, trivial matters, and yet by relying too much on technology, we find ourselves going against our goals, creating more of the clutter, imprisoning ourselves deeper into the routine, stacking our mind with trivial matters more so than before.

Detaching from technology is possible if done one step at a time, and by doing it you will find yourself better off, while enjoying things with less of a distraction, and more freedom.

I’ll love to know what you have to say about this.

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