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Observing the fitness scene for the last 7 years, we here at Lifestyle Updated noticed a sharp incline in popularity when it comes to kettlebells. For a while, it seemed as though every club was opening a kettlebell specific class, and everyone was looking for kettlebell workouts left and right. Also known as the Russian bell, these ergonomic weights are ideal for a progressive strength training routine. We are currently writing a huge kettlebell training guide on our blog, so check regularly in order to get some clues on how to use these for your workout program. The list below includes the best kettlebells you can buy, with dozens of kettlebells for sale at affordable pirces.

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Why would you need Kettlebells?

If you are not a gym rat, and would rather prefer to work in the comfort of your own privacy, strength training programs are difficult to put together. You’d always lack variety, and adequate resistance. Dumbbells and kettlebells however, can easily remedy these circumstances. You can use them in what seems to be a garden variety of creative and challenging ways, and hit your muscles from many different angles in the process.

Kettlebells, though, unlike dumbbells, can be used in a way that engages your entire body, promoting cardio improvement alongside strength and muscle development. You can easily say that kettlebells provide an opportunity to train holistically, improving several attributes at once.

You need to start with a lower weight though, in order to learn the gist of the movement. Once you can navigate easily between the kettlebell periodical chart, and switch between one move and the next, you can up the ante by increasing the weight. Not following such progression can easily lead to injuries (back and waist, mostly).

Kettlebells are also great for improving core strength and balance. You’ll be using your hips, thighs, lower back, lower abs, upper abs, laterals, underarms, and many more muscle groups as you complete a single circuit. They are ideal for cross-fit training, where you incorporate bodyweight moves, along with resistance exercises.

The list above is a delicately chosen selection of the best kettlebells on the market that also come at an affordable price. You’ll find dozens of kettlebells for sale as well, so check this page regularly, as we are updating it often.

Here at Lifestyle Updated, you’ll also find many workout program reviews, and tips on fitness and nutrition. So do browse the blog if you need motivation and extra help.

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