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If you are serious about working out at home, you need at least one pair of dumbbells. The upper body, except for the push-up and its variations, cannot develop properly without added resistance. The pull up bar is definitely one of the best ways of adding a massive amount of resistance, but the dumbbells, considering all the ways in which you can use them, come as second best. They will last you a lifetime, so it’s definitely an investment that pays dividends down the road. The list below includes all types of dumbbells, and the best dumbbells for sale you’ll find on the market.

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Why would you need Dumbbells?

The general advice form the team here at Lifestyle Updated is to start with a set of adjustable dumbbells, so you can progress easily without having to break extra buck. Learning proper form is more important than counting reps and sets at the beginning, so go light, and go slow – full range of motion, wrist control, and most important of all, torso control as you prevent your upper body from swinging back and forth.

One pair of quality dumbbells will provide for a series of workout moves, and there is no limit to what you can achieve if you commit yourself and stick with a schedule. You can combine dumbbell moves with cardio and bodyweight exercises as well, in order to create a complete and holistic training routine.

The list above features different types of dumbbells, among which plastic, rubber, iron and even water varieties. Buying an adjustable set of dumbbells is generally the safest rule of thumb, since you will be able to start with a light weight, and progress and build on top of that. Additionally, you will also be able to change the weight during the workout session, and complete different moves and circuits with the exact weight that you need.

Check out CAP, if you want fixed dumbbells or BowFlex if you need an adjustable pair. You will also find dumbbell racks, barbells, and a very neat poster/periodical chart of all the dumbbell exercises you can try at home…

We at Lifestyle updated strongly believe that a pair of dumbbells can change the game when it comes to working out at home, and we took a lot of time putting this list together, just so that you don’t have to. Look no further for these are the best dumbbells for sale that you’ll ever find.

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