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Dip Stands

If you want fast and noticeable chest development, the bench press is not enough. Dip stands provide an opportunity to exercise a full range of motion, and fire up those chest muscles like crazy. They are ideal for targeting the lower chest, triceps and shoulders. Dip stands are excellent for gymnastic moves as well, like the L-sit and the V-sit, where you fire up the entire core, laterals, and thighs. This list includes the best dip stands combined with pull-up bars, as well as separate dip stands, resistance dip stands, and aerial hammocks. Take a look.

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Why would you need Dip Stands?

Working out the lower chest is very hard, but pays off dividends down the road. You cannot have a well-developed upper body without targeting the chest from all angles available. The dip stand allows you to perform a full range of motion, where you extend and contract the lower chest. That’s probably the reason why although many people associate dip stands with triceps work, the chest is the area which suffers the most pain after your first session.

Along with chest development, you put a lot of stress on the laterals as well, so your back is firing up too. You will notice the resistance in your front shoulders, so that part is working hard as well. In addition, as you tilt your body slightly forward, you have to engage your core, which makes the dip one of the most complex workouts where you are training with your own bodyweight.

The triceps will have to carry a lot more weight than usual, so you’ll notice a transformation in both size and strength.

The best dip stands are stable enough to support swinging moves, where you can easily change posture from a simple dip, to an L-sit hold. As you progress further, you will have total control over each transition, but at the very beginning, expect your body to rock back and forth.

You’ll find dip stands in combination with pull-up bars, which is an excellent investment. Some include cushion pads for back comfort, and side cushions for underarm and elbow comfort as you train your abs as well, performing leg raises.

Do note that while standard dip stands are excellent for gymnastic moves, the dip stand combined with a pull up bar allows you to perform more moves. Consider also, the possibility, or lack thereof, for adding a weighted belt. Some dip stands include resistance bands that pull you downwards which is roughly the equivalent of a weighted belt.

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