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Hand Strengtheners

Traditional workout equipment can work wonders for strengthening your underarm and grip. But after a while of progress, there is an inevitable plateau. If you want to improve your grip strength, and define your underarm, you’ll need hand strengtheners. The list below is a compilation of the best hand strengtheners on the market. They come in different types and sizes, offering a spectrum of different levels of resistance. From squeeze balls to super heavy resistance hand strengtheners, this list has it all. Take a look.

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Why would you need Hand Strengtheners?

Working for strength, you will inevitably train parts of your body you never knew existed. The underarm, for example, gets defined and strong, by simply doing pull ups and dead lifts. But these types of moves quickly hit the ceiling. You will develop the main muscle groups involved with these moves, but not so much the secondary and small sets of muscles.  Hand strengtheners, therefore, offer a way to overcome the plateau, and train for extra strength as well as muscle development.

The great thing about training your grip strength is that you’ll be working on improving the performance for other moves as well. If you can grip better, the pull up becomes slightly easier, and your rep count goes higher. The same is true for every other workout where you have to pull the weight – take for example the dead lift. And even though hard to notice, a strong grip can definitely improve your bench performance by a small but significant margin.

If you are new to hand strengtheners, go slowly. Sets are probably the best option to purchase at the very beginning, as you’ll be experimenting with squeeze balls, hand bands, and finger strengtheners… The classic hand strengtheners offer more resistance, and adjust according to your level. These can go as high as 90 Kg resistance, which is incredibly hard to squeeze even if you use both of your hands. With a ceiling that high, making progress is guaranteed.

The recommendation from our team at Lifestyle Updated is to go with several varieties all at once. As any other muscle group, if you want development and strength, you’ll have to stress the muscle from a number of different angles. Therefore, training with a squeeze balls and hand strengtheners at the same time is much more efficient. Besides, the list above is suggesting dozens of affordable products, so you can easily chose two or more.

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