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Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a great tool for adding extra resistance to your cardio routine. Wearing them even for a week can significantly improve your speed, reaction time, acceleration, and endurance. Most important of all though, is that your session will become far more challenging, and you will burn more calories in the process of completing it. We’ve put together a curated list of the best ankle weights, with many of them for sale at supper affordable prices. Browse through, and click on several items in order to read the description and some of our reviews. Take your time.

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Why would you need Ankle Weights?

For many people, running easily can outrank other types of workouts nine ways to Sunday. With running, you are the one setting the pace, it doesn’t have a high barrier of entry, and there is no limit to how far you can progress. And when you are strong enough to push yourself harder, ankle weights give you an opportunity to speed up the process, and stress your muscles in ways you cannot imagine.

Do note, however, that if you lack preparation ankle weights can easily lead to injuries and strains. Remember, also, that running with ankle weights can be quite challenging and demanding, so proper warm-up circuits have to be completed. This includes the pre-workout stretch, and ideally a light jog for at least 100-200 meters in order to exercise control over your body before you add the resistance.

The list above includes the best ankle weights, with or without sand, adjustable or fixed, light or heavy… You will be able to find many models from established brands, and dozens of ankle weights for sale at supper affordable prices. We’ve spent hours on carefully selecting them, so you don’t have to. Many of these include free shipping, and super-fast delivery. Yours is the part where you have to run, and do so consistently.

As far as progression goes, do not attempt to train with ankle weights, regardless of whether we are talking about 2lb, 3lb, 5lb, or 8lb, without completing at least 10 miles first. This can take you anywhere from several days to two weeks, so take your time and rest in between as well.

Ideally, you’d want to up the ante by going with a 1lb ankle weight on each leg, and then increasing the weight gradually. Depending on your gender, weight, and muscle mass, you maybe won’t have to go far into this progression and stop somewhere at 3lb or 4lb.

If you are planning to use ankle weights for agility work instead, you can pick heavier weights, since you’ll be wearing them for short but otherwise intense interval sessions.

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