Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight

If you still haven’t discovered the benefits of kettlebell exercises, now is the right time to add this essential piece of equipment to your home weights collection. The Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells are all you need to build on your resistance-training and learn what your body can achieve with one piece of strength training equipment.

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The Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells Review

From 10 pounds kettlebells, to 60 pounds monster weights, this collection offers plenty of progression. The grip is ergonomic and of sufficient girth, and the weight transfer is perfectly designed. Regardless of which weight option you decide to choose, the quality is consistent throughout the weight progression, and you’ll have them in your home gym for decades to come, likely to be passed on to a future generation. But let’s see how can you use an item from this set, and briefly review the quality you’ll receive for the money.

For arms, legs and then some

The magic of the kettlebell is that you can exercise all your major muscle groups with a single weight. There are tons of arms, legs, abs, back and chest exercises you can do with a kettlebell.

Because of its perfect round shape and loop handle, the Amazon Basic Cast Iron Kettlebell is easier to hold and manage compared to dumbbells, and can be used as a weight resistance and counter balance tool in a wide variety of lower and upper body exercise. Include it in your regular fitness routine to build muscle, improve balance, burn calories and much more.

Solid design and perfect grip

The items from the Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells set are built of solid cast-iron that vouches for its durability and long-lasting strength. The painted surface ensures protection from corrosion and increased durability, as well as a better grip. The product features a slightly curved handle which provides enough space for a two-handed hold.

The handle surface is smooth without rough ridges and offers a firm non-greasy and comfortable grip. The bottom is flat and non-wobbly when put on the ground, which makes the Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells stable enough for KB push-ups or similar exercises. Needless to say, these kettlebells will fit into any routine quite nicely.

Variety of sizes and weight

The Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells come in sizes from 10 to up to 60 pounds (in increments of 5 or 10 pounds). Choose the weight depending on your fitness level and fitness goals, bearing in mind that for different exercises you might be able to handle different amounts of weight.

Go to a local gym, or a nearby fitness shop, and try to get a hold of some of the kettlebells. See what is the ideal weight for a proper kettlebell swing, where you can maintain proper form and then test the maximum (you’ll need this for the front loaded squat). Remember these numbers – this is your ideal starting point.


The Amazon Basic Cast Iron Kettlebell is a serious contender to all major brand kettlebells at half the price. It’s a superb piece of high-quality equipment, perfectly designed and constructed, nicely finished and true to weight. In a nutshell, a perfect basic kettlebell can’t get any better than this. The price is supper affordable considering the quality, and it can easily outrank other models that come at twice the price or even more. A friendly advice – you won’t need a better set of kettlebells than this, unless you are competing.

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