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The Dominty leg stretcher is one of the rare products that enjoy such a wide acceptance among different types of athletes. This extension machine is used by martial artists, gymnasts and yoga and Pilates practitioners, and it is easy to see why. The model offers complete adjustability, quality built and smart design that quickly increases range of motion, improves flexibility, control over your lower body, and prevents injury. Read the review below to find out more.

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DOMINTY Leg Stretcher Review

Leg stretchers, also known as groin and hamstring stretching machines, are an excellent way to increase your flexibility. They are often used by athletes and martial artists as a way to increase their range of motion and kicking height, but many people suffering from sciatic problems and tight abductors can also make use of this brilliant piece of exercise equipment.

The Dominty leg stretcher is a user-friendly and cost-effective version that can be used for both professional and recreational stretching. It is known in the gymnastics community, the martial arts, and largely in yoga circles, which essentially vouches for its clever and multipurpose design.

Quality and features

The Dominty Leg Stretcher is a gym quality piece of equipment constructed from stainless steel for added durability and strength. The design features a middle handle bar with two leg extensions with grips covered in soft foam rubber to prevent bruising of ankles and general discomfort.

It is adjustable to 6 positions to offer a full range of stretching for everyone, depending on the individual fitness level. It offers a 180-degree scope of adjustability and comes assembled with an additional stretching strap for a more effective stretching experience. When you are done stretching, the Dominty Leg Stretcher folds neatly for easy transport or tidy storage.

Specifications of the Dominty leg stretcher:

  • Product type: 3 Bar Leg Stretcher, gymnastics, martial arts Yoga Extension Machine
  • Material: heavy duty stainless steel
  • Shortest length: 55.5cm/21.8inches
  • Longest length: 102.3cm/40.27inches

How to use the Dominty Leg Stretcher?

Step 1

Before using the Dominty Leg Stretcher, do some light cardio exercises to warm up and increase your muscle temperature. After the light warm up, it is recommended that you do some light stretches before the upcoming intense and deep stretch.

Step 2

After you have warmed-up, get into a starting position with your legs slightly stretched on the floor. Then adjust the Dominty leg stretcher in such a way that both legs are comfortably stretched apart. Remember that you must be sitting on the bottom bones of your pelvis and to never round your back – lean forward at your hips. A good rule of thumb is to stretch with your chest and not your head – meaning, that you should lower your upper body instead of just pressing your head forward.

Step 3

After you are comfortable in the mild stretch position, you can increase your range one increment at a time. The Dominty leg stretcher has the central bar that you should pull towards yourself. The more you pull the more of a stretch you get. However, be careful not to overdo it at the very start. Remember that stretching should feel comfortable, and that deep stretches usually require of you to stay in the same position for at least twenty or so seconds before interrupting the stretch.

Step 4

The final step requires of you to contract your leg muscles. Push your legs together without reducing your stretch. Fight the resistance of the Dominty Leg Stretcher to perform this step and you will feel the extension machine working. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds. Then release the contraction and increase your stretch keeping your muscles relaxed. Hold this position for approximately 1 minute before you release.


With only few weeks of using the Dominty Leg Stretcher, you will start to feel different. I was testing this extension machine for less than a week, and the range of motion increase is fairly noticeable. In no time you`ll also notice the difference it makes to your flexibility, balance, coordination and range of motion. It is quite easy to regain or maintain your flexibility with the Dominty leg stretcher, especially if you are returning to your routine after a hiatus, injury, or any other obstacle. Definitely recommended!

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