Body-Solid S2CCO-1 Pro Clubline Series II Cable Crossover with 160 Lb. Dual Weight Stack for Home and Commercial Gym… Price: $6,484.00 (as of 21/09/2022 19:35 PST- Details)

The Body-Solid S2CCO is one of the most versatile and functional workout stations. Equipped with a premium-grade quality frame, cables and mechanism to support a smooth and frictionless glide, it is meant to last a lifetime.

Offering 36 starting positions, with dozens of height adjustments, 180 degrees cable positioning, and multiple grip positions, the Body-Solid S2CCO is not just a cable crossover machine, but an all-in-one-fitness station.

With a weight of 467lb, it also includes a 169lb weight stack, nylon cable handles, ankle straps, and a straight bar. Ideal for resistance workouts targeting the chest, back and shoulders, the Body-Solid can also help you train your glutes, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, and core.

With the help of interchangeable handles, the number of exercise possibilities is virtually unlimited. It can easily double as a Lat-pulldown machine, tall pull-up bar station, rowing machine, and much, much more.

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Body-Solid S2CCO Series II Cable Crossover with 160 Lbs Dual Stack review

I took one afternoon out of my schedule to go and visit a store where they had this model assembled in full. A friend and reader of Lifestyle Updated, the owner agreed to let me review the Body-Solid S2CCO, so I tried to be as through as possible without having to spend the entire day there. This Body-Solid S2CCO review focuses on the quality, as well as functionality of the unit, so let’s begin.

Sold on Amazon, along with the full commercial warranty, this baby was meant to last. It’s impressive in size, though not grotesquely large. I do like the fact that regardless of which exercise position you are going to take, there is plenty of room to enjoy a full range of motion, without having to worry whether or not you’ll touch the frame.

The height positioning works smooth, and it does seem to be reliable no matter how rough your handling becomes – Dean (the owner of the store), made sure to convince me of this, by aggressively pulling the cable machinery up and down.

I tried attaching a triceps rope, a straight bar, and two handles, and each exercise variation went smooth. The frame is nicely balanced, and rock solid – you won’t notice any movement whatsoever, which kind of feels like you’re in a commercial gym and not into an improvised one.

The cable mechanism provides for a very smooth glide, comparatively superior to almost everything I’ve tried at this price range.

Countless of exercise variations

Aside from dozens of cable exercises, the Body-Solid S2CCO features a multi-grip pull-up bar embedded in the frame. The height is impressive, allowing you to flex the body without your feet touching the ground. The grip size is perfect, and the grip variations enough to try three different positions, plus a rock-climbing grip variety excellent for strengthening your forearms and finger grip.

Add a weighted vest, and this station is everything you’ll ever need for packing some serious mass.

As for the weight rack, it features 169lb of load, which is more than enough for pull exercises, even if you were to progress to a professional, and competition level.


Though the price is noticeably high, the convenience and quality easily justify it. If you want to have the perfect home gym without having to buy loads of equipment, or maybe want to open a small commercial space, this is definitely the star of the show. Enough room for two or three people to interchangeably complete their sets, and durable enough to last you a lifetime, the Body-Solid S2CCO may possibly be the best on the market.

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