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The Goplus Adjustable Decline Bench will provide plenty of opportunity to work on your core. It opens the possibility for versatile core exercises, with or without weights. The design is easy to store, and you can adjust the height between 20 and 26 inches as you progress with your core training.

The Goplus adjustable sit-up bench is made of quality heavy duty steel, and features a very dense and nicely reinforced padding. It will provide plenty of comfort regardless of the exercise. The bench is pretty durable, and can easily withstand up to 240 pounds of weight.

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Goplus Adjustable decline and sit-up Bench Review

No home gym can ever be complete without a sit-up bench. I’ve used one since I can remember as abs never go out of fashion and this piece of equipment makes abdominal and core workouts much easier and more fun.  My first impression of the Goplus Sit-up bench is that it offers the same quality and functionality of the sit-up benches you find in gyms, but at a much more affordable price. Of course, there is portability, and the added bonus of working out in the comfort of your home.

General description and functionality

The Goplus adjustable decline and Sit-up bench is an ideal piece of equipment that makes ab workout really easy and fun. So if you are in the habit of exercising at home and you are getting tired of lying on the floor doing crunches, this freestanding decline bench offers a variety of core workouts. However, it can be used for much more than strengthening your abdominal muscles.

It`s great for stretching, leg work, back sit ups and push-ups.  It is very easy to set up anywhere in your home and it may even be suitable for smaller commercial gyms. It doesn’t take up much space, but offers the possibility to be folded and stored in-between workouts. The bench is not light per se, but even people of smaller built can easily move it around. It is very sturdy, nicely balanced, and will remain in place regardless of the intensity of your workout. Whether you are doing twists, weighted crunches, our reaching out to the ceiling with your upward motion and training for explosiveness… everything goes.

Gym-quality for the price of regular home equipment

The Goplus adjustable Sit-up bench is made of heavy duty steel and thick and dense padding on the backboard to offer greater comfort when exercising. The leg support foam keeps your feet comfortable and firmly in place. It also features adjustable incline/height for diverse intensity workouts. Although it is a bit smaller than the benches you see in gyms, you’ll get the same workout quality and intensity, without sacrificing comfort.

I’m especially satisfied with the padding, and the material. It is very nicely stitched and reinforced, and I honestly believe that you’ll get many years of use, possibly a decade and beyond, before anything shows a sign of weakness.


The Goplus Adjustable decline bench comes at 20lbs and adjustable height between 20.5” – 26.5” (6” adjustable distance). The pad is 40″ x 11″ in size which is sufficient to provide a comfortable surface for the back, and it is very dense. Although at first glance the GoPlus sit-up bench looks relatively small and compact, it’s actually quite stable and sturdy.

It has a weight bearing capacity of 240lb which is an excellent threshold for a piece of equipment intended primarily for home use.

Affordable price and money back guarantee

The Goplus Adjustable Decline bench and sit-up bench comes at a very affordable price and offers excellent value for the money. Another advantage is that you can return the product with a 100% refund should it fail to meet your expectations. Needless to say, there is not a lot of calculus to be made. This is one quality bench that will serve you well for more than a decade.


If you need to diversify your core training session, or want a versatile piece of equipment in your home, definitely consider this Goplus sit-up bench. The quality, the padding, the design, and the durability are all reasons enough to settle for this model. And once you factor in the price, it does seem like a bargain, especially since you are getting a Goplus item which fortunately still means something in the fitness industry.

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