CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men | Exercise Leg Weights Great for Glutes Workout, Running, Lifting, Jogging or Cardio | Choise of 1lb, 2lb, 2.5lb and 3lb Ankle Weight Sets

Looking for perfect premium quality ankle weights with unmatched durability?  Look no further. The CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights are as good as ankle weights can get.

With smart design for lasting comfort, extra quality Velcro straps and superb material, this pair will fit tightly while offering unmatched comfort. Read the review below to find out more.

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CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weight for women and men Review

 If you are on the market for the best quality and most comfortable ankle and wrist weights, I’d gladly say – look to further. I’ve grown used to reviewing small fitness items that copy both design and quality features from one another, so having my hands on the CRISPER was quite a surprise. This pair is really hard to match in terms of comfort, design, and durability. So here is the CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men review.

Unmatched quality and durability

The CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men offer much more in terms of strength and durability than your regular ankle weights. They feature a double sewn army stitching that vouches for long-lasting use and reinforced resistance to wear and tear. Needless to say, this is unlike any other model on the market.

They are made of unique and much stronger Velcro that insures full stability without danger of loosening up during your exercise. The fully-tested material is completely smell-free and the interior neoprene is extremely soft and sweat-absorbent. Every inch of this pair is designed with durability and comfort in mind, so you can rest assured that you are getting a premium piece of equipment.

Superb design

It takes only one glance at the CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men to see the utmost attention to detail invested in their design.  With comfort as the design’s number one priority, they won’t irritate your skin and will stay tight without scratching or hurting your ankles.

They provide a feeling of superior comfort on your skin without looking bulky when attached, which is another plus over competing models. The straps are designed to fully cover your ankles and the metal D-ring used to tighten the straps never touches your skin. The CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights, according to their marketing, are a product of an extensive testing on more than 100 professional athletes.

Up your game

If your goal is to improve your running speed, strengthen your legs, build-up muscles after an injury or upgrade your cardio, the CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men are definitely the right fit for you. They will upgrade all your workouts and help you get a toned and sculpted body at a much faster rate. Your glutes workouts, running, jogging, lifting or cardio will all get an upgrade.

The best gift for any active person

This game-changing product comes in three different sizes (1, 2 and 3lbs) and is suitable for both men and women. The longer Velcro straps are designed for ankles between 6’’ and 16’’so you won’t have to worry about the fit.

As a gift, you will also get 45 video exercises on how to sculpt and tone your body. This is a game changer since all of the workouts are nicely researched and put together to give you many ideas on how to use this pair for fast progression.

Finally, vouching for the quality of the CIPPSER Premium Ankle Weights for Women & Men is the fact that they are backed by a lifetime warranty and a full-refund policy.

The conclusion? You won’t find a better pair of ankle weights on the market. Highly recommended!

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