IdealStretch Original Hamstring Stretcher Device – Hamstring & Calf Stretcher Reduces Pain & Provides Deep Knee Stretch Price: $69.95 (as of 21/09/2022 19:35 PST- Details)

If you are dealing with a hamstring or knee injury or just need a good stretch after exercising, you may want to try the IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device. It is specifically designed for hamstrings, but just add the stretching strap, and with little creativity you can easily turn it into an all-body muscle stretching machine.

The IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is incredibly lightweight, which allows you to stay deep in your stretch for longer sessions at a time, and it completely removes the necessity of a partner, so that you can conveniently practice in your own home. Read our detailed review below.

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IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device Review

When I was starting with my fitness journey, stretching exercises were a real nightmare. Cardio and muscle endurance go way up once you begin to train properly, but there is a tendency, it seems, for flexibility to lag behind. The IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is one of the most creatively designed and patented pieces of equipment, and it is really as impressive as they say. I took the device for a spin, trying to stretch in several different positions, and it really makes the entire process of stretching much easier.

You can even control the depth of your stretch by light pressing with your hands, and thanks to the lightweight of the device you can stay with your stretch for minutes on end if necessary. But let’s go over the most important thing that I have thankfully learned sooner rather than later.

Why is hamstring stretching important?

When your hamstrings are tight, they create pressure on your pelvis, which can lead to problems with your sacroiliac, lumbar spinal and hip joints. In the knee area, tight hamstrings can create dysfunction of the femur and pressure on the patellar tendon, which can lead to “jumper’s knee”.

Since all weight-bearing joints in the body affect one another, tight hamstrings can be indirectly responsible for increased risk of injury in the entire body. It is therefore worth your time to stretch your hamstrings at least several times a week. When compared to stretching other muscle groups, stretching the hamstrings will provide the greatest return on your health in general.

How can I dealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device help you?

The IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is a solid piece of equipment with a very clever design that isolates the hamstring muscle. It provides adequate support so that you can achieve a deep stretch without the help of a partner. I’ve been training with bodyweight exercises for quite a while, and although I’m very flexible now I can almost painfully remember a time when hamstring stretches were a pain in the back.

Usually, most of us start our fitness journeys quite stiff and unprepared for the garden variety of exercises that follow along. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, the hamstring muscles are detrimental when it comes to injury prevention and even more so performance. But to stretch this muscle group at an early stage in your routine… well, let’s just say that it requires herculean effort. The great thing about the IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is that you can achieve a far deeper stretch than you ever could on your own.

The IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device will:

  • Provide stretching of your hamstrings without putting unnecessary stress on the back
  • Help keep the knee straight for more effective stretching
  • Work on the hamstrings and calves at the same time, but don’t forget that it is also effective for groin, hip and IT band stretches
  • Enable straight and safe hip orientation during the exercise
  • Ensure perfect alignment when stretching without the help of a partner or trainer

The IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is proven to relieve back and knee pain, and I love that there are clinical trials conducted to support this claim.

Why buy the IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device?

The IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device is made of light high-strength steel, making it the perfect stretching tool for easy home use. Apart from being pretty lightweight, it can be divided in two, so it can easily fit in your bag and be carried anywhere with you, so you never have to miss that all-necessary stretching.

You can take it with you on a holiday, to work or to the gym and give yourself a good warm-up or post-workout stretch.Due to its size and weight it provides the option of easy and convenient storage when not in use.

At the price it comes, the IdealStretch hamstring stretching device is an excellent value for the money considering all the benefits and especially the ergonomic design. It will help you alleviate pain and stiffness and spare you from costs to chiropractors and masseuses, visits to doctors and perhaps days off work. Most important of all, it will combat chronic pain in the hamstring, hip, and groin area, and do its job to keep you out of more serious injuries as your training progresses. However, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund.

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