Merax Wall Mount Cable Station with Adjustable Dual Pulley System Pull Down Fitness Station Price: $299.99 (as of 21/09/2022 19:35 PST- Details)

The Merax Lat Pulldown Machine offers premium quality built at an affordable price. It is one of the best investments for any home gym, with a garden variety of workouts to choose between. It offers an incredibly smooth glide which will help you with gradual progression in strength, even if you are starting with fairly light weights. We did a thorough review below, listing every feature.

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Merax LAT Pulldown Machine Review

This is yet another fitness station that allows you to work your upper body like a pro. Made of heavy duty steel with strong powder coat finish, the Merax Lat Pulldown Machine is a slim line compact construction that provides excellent support and stability. It is designed for home use and serious workouts involving a range of upper body muscles. I got my hands on an already assembled station and here is my review going over each feature of this impressive resistance training machine.

Isolated targeting of upper body muscles

The Merax LAT Pulldown Machine includes the high lat bar and the low bar for effective and isolated targeting of the upper body muscles. The high-quality pulley systems are made of industrial steel wire rope coated with TPU that enable smooth and precise gliding. This is why you’ll be able to perform lat pulldowns with incredibly heavy loads (up to 880 pounds).

The movements, if you try to exercise control, are not jerky even with the lowest of weight which is quite impressive considering how most of the heavy weight models are poorly made in regards to smooth gliding. For a person like me, who is fairly new to weightlifting, this can help greatly with slow but steady progression before hitting the more intense weight ranges. And this is also ideal for isolated targeting.

Comfort, convenience and stability

The Merax Lat Machine also features a dual-layered contoured seat pad with adjustable height between 16 and 19 inches which provides a wider range of motion and tailor-made lat-pull exercises. It also includes adjustable foam rollers to secure and fix the legs when doing heavy pull-downs.

It features 1 and 2 inches weight sleeves for both standard and Olympic plates (which are not included just to be on the record).

The feet of the frame are covered in rubber sleeves to prevent slipping and movement and to prevent any damage to the floor. I tried a series of sudden pulls and the station didn’t move an inch.

Perfect for home use

If you are into some serious weight training at home, the Merax Lat Machine is all you need both in terms of the variety of exercises it offers and the elegant and subtle design that can be placed in almost every corner of your home.

Do lat pull-downs, cable curls, triceps push-downs, seated rows, upright rows and a variety of other resistance moves, and sculpt your body without having to even set your foot in a gym. I’m a bodyweight training practitioner myself who shies away from the gym environment, so if you anything like me this is an excellent way of reaping the benefits of resistance training.

Use variations of grips to create different exercises and progress steadily with the smooth gliding experience that will allow you to target one muscle group at a time.

You can, for example, increase the distance between your hands on the overhead grip or hold your hands close together, closer than shoulder width apart. This way, by changing the elbow paths, you get to exercise different muscle groups and take full advantage of Merax Lat Pulldown Machine.

Meraxx Lat Pulldown Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 47 inches (length) x 24.5 inches (width) x 77 inches (height)
  • Seat Dimensions: 12 inches (length) x 8.2 inches (width) x 1.8 inches (height)
  • Seat Height: Adjustable between 16 – 19 inches
  • High Lat Bar: 42 inches (length)
  • Low Row Bar: 18 inches (length)
  • Maximum plate loading: 280 pounds
  • Product Weight: 65 pounds
  • Note that the Meraxx Lat Pulldown comes unassembled, with all parts and instructions included to ensure very quick and straightforward assembly. You will need to spend some time around it though.


If you want to feel the benefits of resistance training for your upper body, there is hardly a piece of workout equipment as versatile, and as quality made like the Merax Lat Pulldown Machine. Considering the price tag, it is easily one of the best investments for your home gym that will last for many years in a row, possibly decades. The Merax Lat Pulldown Machine offers unprecedented value for the money. It has a very smooth glide that is excellent for isolation training and gradual progression. I highly recommend it!

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