GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station, Portable Power Tower Home Gym Equipment, Storage Bag And Downloadable Exercise Manual

A sturdy and multifunctional piece of equipment, the GoBeast Pull up & Dip station is ideal for bodyweight resistance training. You can work on your chest, back, core, shoulders, arms and legs, without the need of complex assembly and purchasing extra equipment.

You can perform both wide and close grip pull-ups as well as chin-ups, training your upper body for strength, muscle tone and even bulk. You can also perform the wide-grip rear pull-up, targeting the inner traps, rear delts and lats.

The GoBeast station allows for several training positions, from where you can train your entire body. It doubles as a dip station with various heights, allowing you to perform an L-sit and other gymnastic stunts as well.

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Update: The GoBeast Pull up & Dip station is one of the first items we reviewed on Lifestyle Updated. Many of our readers are satisfied with the quality, and the manufacturer has emptied stock dozens of times since we’ve written the original review. It is still, even until this day, one of the most popular items on Amazon.

If you are a bodyweight and calisthenics fanatic, this workout station is the type of investment that pays dividends down the road. With light and super durable steel frame, it can endure up to 330lbs, which means that you can train with a weighted vest or belt as well.

The station, although sturdy and nicely balanced, is still portable so fast and aggressive pull-up exercises won’t pass. You’ll have to pay more attention to both form and control – which is a nice thing after all.

With customizable height, it can serve as several different stations, all at once. Assembling and disassembling is easy and straightforward, and once dismantled it can nicely fit into the bag (included with the purchase).

You can store under the bed, or put it into your trunk. The bag, even loaded, is easy to maneuver around, for the weight of the station is relatively light.

Improved core stability

Each movement has to be balanced and stable, and the station itself will tell you if otherwise. You can perform leg raises, core twists, and even the notorious L-sit which works wonders for your abdomen and entirety of your core.

Even while doing the declined and inclined push-ups (yup, also doable – just see the pictures) your core will have a blast.

As your core stability and strength increase, working out on the GoBeast becomes even easier.

Comfortable grip and quite sturdy

The bar is comfortable to grip – neither thin, nor thick. You can train with wide and close grip, and it won’t affect the balance and stability of the GoBlast.

While dips are where the center of gravity is distributed the best, other workout positions won’t reveal a problem with stability either.

It is only after aggressive swings and sudden pull movements that you notice slight shaking.


This is a premium-grade quality product, and very convenient for home gyms or even working out in the comfort of your living room. It is easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble, and you’ll enjoy the different combinations and dozens of exercises that promote muscle tone, strength and increased size.

Very easy to store, and comes with a handy bag for transport. If you are into calisthenics and bodyweight training, this is likely the best and most affordable option that you have on the market.

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