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Free standing pull up bars

If you need a bar for deep stretching and resistance work, free standing pull up bars are excellent. They often come with dip stands included, and sometimes even squat racks as well. We’ve put together a list of the best free standing pull up bars for sale, so you’ll definitely find something for your taste and space requirements. From very affordable, to slightly more expensive, this list includes power towers, gymnastic bars, squat racks and other types of free standing pull up bars. You’ll also find equipment as well, ranging from grips, to resistance bands and barbell power rack sets.

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Why would you need Free standing pull up bars?

The reason why free standing pull up bars are the best choice to go with, is because they allow comfort. You can exercise without having to flex your legs at the knee joint, and swing freely as well. Some of these sets include dip stands as well, which is a huge advantage over purchasing a traditional doorway pull up bar. You’ll see that many have cushions for extra back comfort, as well as underarm and elbow support for performing knee and leg raises.

The free standing pull up bar allows you to complete the traditional pull up, chin up, and even more dynamic moves such as kipping pull ups, and muscle ups. You can also leverage the empty space in front and back in order to perform the L-sit and a number of other moves as well.

Working with your legs down, you’ll be able to exercise control over your body, and use the core in order to stabilize yourself during each movement.

Squat racks are also a solid investment which pays dividends down the road. You’ll be able to perform all of the pull-up moves, and practice with a barbell as well. These are slightly more expensive, but remember that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

The power tower on the other hand offers everything you need. From performing dips, to pull-ups and chin-ups, all the way to knee leg raises. They are more affordable as well. If you are not a fan of barbell training, the power tower is everything that you need when it comes to bodyweight equipment.

Another important thing about free standing pull up bars is the fact that you can easily attach extra weight by using a weighted belt. This is harder to achieve when working out with a doorway pull up bar. Enjoy the compilation above, and make sure to read the description of each item that you fancy.

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