5k running injury - streching

So, you’ve started your journey of running a 5k. That’s awesome!

But before you get hyped up, let’s take a look on all the negative stuff that may occur. It’s better to hear them now, familiarize with the types of injuries that may occur, know what to do in order to prevent them.

Naive as it may sound to some, running a 5k is certainly not a joke. I stated this couple of times in the previous posts, I’m about to do that time and time again.

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5k race

So you have decided to run a 5k. Or at least you’re looking into the possibility of it. Great, you have a nice little adventure in front of you.

In this post you will find many simple 5k running tips on pretty much everything about a 5k run, and what’s more important you will learn couple of things when training for a 5k.

Especially if you’re still a beginner, these 5k running tips will surely help you finish across the line, or chase the stopwatch if that’s your goal.

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how to gain muscle mass and look great

How to gain muscle mass is one of the most common questions whenever there is a talk about looking good and being fit.

And sometimes even that is not enough.

People want to know the best ways to gain muscle, and they also want to know how to gain muscle mass quickly.

The thing is, all of that can be achieved, and if you are determined and start to follow a certain approach the results will come faster than you ever expected.

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Why you should consider running a 5k

So the question is what can you gain from this 5k race? How this race is going to manifest on your way of living, your lifestyle, mindset.

I’ve came up with a couple of things, and would love to let you know what I’ve experienced, and what makes this race (and more so, the preparation for it) such a jewel.

Because, believe me, running a 5k is one of the best things you can come up with. Marathon and even a half-marathon can be challenging thing to do on the very start. So a 5k run is probably the best fit.

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exercise - How to naturally increase testosterone levels

How to naturally increase testosterone levels ? Well, this is a subject I was personally investigating for quite a long time.

First it started as a side project when I started exercising.

It was then logical for me to enroll into some hormone study before I was to see some results, so research led me there.

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