feel fit and energized

Feeling fit is a big indicator that you are leading a healthy lifestyle and life in general. This comes without a question. Feeling energetic, full of life, you can tell that your overall fitness is much higher than most of the people that you know.

And this is good; it means that all the time you are investing in yourself actually pays off. And pays off big time if you ask me.

But if any of this doesn’t at all resemble you, then you must be doing something wrong, or doing the right things in excess or wrong timing etc. That’s the first guess from a bird’s point of view.

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So, you’re willing to finally start this little adventure of yours, huh ? Or at least you’re seriously considering this 5k running plan. Well, it that case, this could turn to be one of your best decisions ever. I guess you’re starting from zero ? If that’s the case, then any first steps, no matter…

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exercise in the morning

Morning exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There are many reasons why you should try exercise first thing in the morning. People that practice this will probably tell you that it’s an addictive routine, and that it partially shapes their day.

And as far as the addiction goes, try asking them whether they can quit exercising in the morning. They will only ask you: “why?”

And this actually sums up a lot. You see, that’s the real question, not why to exercise in the morning, but why not?

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There are three parts of running a 5k: Falling in love and deciding that you want to run the race, the race itself when you are ready, and of course, in between, the most interesting, challenging, and fun part – the training for a 5k.
By the time you finish reading this article, you will know when and how to train for a 5k in order to get the best of you on the race day.

First thing first, we will start by constructing a 5k training schedule. You will understand why you should train some, rest other days and what kind of activities should be done on days not scheduled for running.

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5k running injury - streching

So, you’ve started your journey of running a 5k. That’s awesome!

But before you get hyped up, let’s take a look on all the negative stuff that may occur. It’s better to hear them now, familiarize with the types of injuries that may occur, know what to do in order to prevent them.

Naive as it may sound to some, running a 5k is certainly not a joke. I stated this couple of times in the previous posts, I’m about to do that time and time again.

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