Announcing the Fitness Updated Contest – Get Fit and Win $1000

We love to roll out big news as we are preparing for the start of a new year. This time, however, we intend to step over the holiday rush and the January wellness fever, by making a monthly challenge – one that will keep you engaged well beyond the first week of the year. Allow me, therefore, to announce the Fitness Updated Contest!

Important update – The contest has been put on pause, and we are no longer accepting new applicants. If we decide to run the contest once again, this page will likely be updated. In the meantime, due to numerous requests from our readers, Lifestyle Updated has returned back to reviewing popular fitness programs. We have just finished and published the complete Daily Burn review. The month of July has been rather busy, so we published few more guides, that go into much detail on how to progress with your fitness routine, and score big when it comes to losing weight and toning your body. One of the best guides that we’ve ever put together is the one on how to lose 10 pounds in a week, so make sure to go over the entire page and scan every tactic and strategy for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Fitness Updated Contest

Fitness Updated is our most important project. It is a personalized online platform with video workouts and nutrition programs, as a response to our audience.

After reviewing fitness products aplenty, we poured our life savings, and 12 months of our time, to create one of the best platforms out there. The reception, I’m glad to say, was very positive.

People enjoy the personalization element, the nutrition program, and those innovative and engaging exercises. They are successfully losing weight and getting fit, which makes me happier than I can ever describe.

And now, in about few days, our baby turns 1. So we wanted to orchestrate something special…

Edit: This contest is canceled for now.

Announcing the monthly challenge!

When we released Fitness Updated, our goal was to give zero excuses for working out. The platform is accessible from any device with an internet connection, and it is super easy to use. What you get is a personalized program, reflecting your goals and preferences, created according to your own fitness level.

Additionally, we included in-platform guidance, progress tracking, customized calendars and individually tailored nutrition programs.

Cherry on the top – a free 7 day trial was included as well, and the price for monthly and yearly subscription is much more affordable than any other program you’ll ever find.

This year, however, we want to bring the incentive up a notch!

Introducing the Fitness Updated Contest, we want to reward you for being committed.

Fitness – we believe – is an important pillar of health, and to celebrate it, we are hosting a monthly contest.

All participants will receive a full-year subscription to Fitness Updated (for free!) and the winner will be awarded with an additional prize of $1000!

To make things even better, only 30 people are allowed to participate each month. This will increase the chance for winning by a huge margin. The idea is to motivate you, beyond any hesitation whatsoever. You will work out from home, with the help of our platform, and witness an amazing one-month transformation.

How is the Fitness Updated Contest going to work?

The contest, being a reflection of the Fitness Updated platform, is both simple and convenient.

  • 30 participants enter each month
  • They get a full-year subscription to Fitness Updated (for free!)
  • The competition begins, as they work out form home
  • After one month, a transparent voting process determines the winner

The number of participants, we believe, is unprecedented. It is low enough, to dramatically increase your chance for winning. The contest duration, furthermore, is deliberately set to one month – this will keep the commitment barrier low, and demonstrate what Fitness Updated can do.

We encourage you to work out from home by giving a free full-year subscription to Fitness Updated, effectively erasing all excuses out of the equation.

You will send us a picture the moment you enter and one after completing the challenge – in digital format – so both our team, and all the other participants, can witness your incredible transformation.

Before announcing the winner, a digital vote will be held, in which you will participate as well. At the end, the winner will be rewarded $1000!

So here is my proposal for starting 2018 – check the official Fitness Updated page, and learn more about this incredible opportunity to get a free subscription, transform your body, and win $1000.

Here is to health and fitness, an exciting year ahead, and winning the challenge!

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