Unlock Your Potential In 4 Simple Steps

Being a firm believer into the looser-turned-winner narrative and restlessly advocating it over and over, I stay behind the notion that every person can transcend himself in terms of becoming more, achieving more.

Our potential is unlimited; it’s only the development part, or lack of it thereof, that makes us prone to evolving or retaining status quo.

unlock your potential

Everyone can reach the top by unlocking their potential

What you currently experience in terms of used potential is merely a result of everyday practices that have been going on for quite a while. The way to progress is then apparent – change those practices and more importantly state of mind, and you will see a very different outcome.

And while this may sound like some vague self-improvement rhetoric, or overly used flowery prose, the truth is, it’s nothing more than pure logic – you change the input, the results are no longer the same.

Unlocking your potential requires years and years of simply realizing it along the way of improvement, thus achieving just that with only one article is not going to work, and this is said in the most diplomatic of ways. However, progress on the other hand is ensured, and it inevitably leads to discovering and achieving your potential.

1. Refine your source of information

To understand your potential and make room for it to be achieved, you need to pay a close eye on your daily intake of information.
Basically this means creating the grounds upon which you will improve and progress.

Stop watching the news as often, or things that are not concerning your life directly. You see, knowing that the economy is going up and down have very little to do with your life. Apart from the knowledge itself and being aware of society trends, you can

And there are people who oppose this belief. They would argue based on the fact that you should know things. The more the merrier. But then again, ask them if they know how to practice yoga, or at least about the benefits of it; ask them about meditation, or better yet, about self-realization.

You see, we chose to stuff ourselves with myriad of information, but we skip ones that can in turn change our life for the better.

Therefore, refine your intake. Choose carefully what you listen to, read, watch. Detach from all the garbage, and introduce in your life some quality information that can inspire you and set you towards improvement.

2. Always be in a positive state of mind

This may once again sound like some flowery prose, but simple logic can explain it easily as well. What I call a positive state of mind is actually a bundle of positive emotions, psychological states and motives that create a place for your potential to expand and realize itself.

Modern psychology concurs with the fact that our actions and ultimately self-actualization come from everything that I mentioned above.

The opposite end of the spectrum however simply leads towards retrogression. Self-doubt, fear, negative thinking, over criticizing yourself, constantly making comparisons with others… These things shut down your potential and it never sees any improvement whatsoever.

So how does one enter into a positive state of mind?

There are many thing you can try really:

  • Surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and are more or less at the same frequency.
  • Avoid the naysayers and skeptics and learn to block their influence upon your actions.
  • What we talked about refining your source of information may really come handy here.
  • Try to dedicate yourself on work for the sake of intrinsic motivation only. Forget about what if’s, rewards, and being motivated by results. Enjoy the moment of what you are doing.
  • Try starting your day and finishing it without getting out of this state. You see, often times we are forced to get in a negative state of mind even when waking up (arguing, reading about things that upset us, watching news etc.).


Then we also get into this state of mind before we go to bed. Staying late on Facebook preoccupying with the lives of others, watching something on TV that is opposite of being helpful to our potential.

Being in positive state throughout the day is great, but what you should aim at the very start is to try and achieve that just twice a day – mornings and just before you go to bed. The change will be drastic, believe me.

3. Discipline and dedication are always the fastest way to success

Being disciplined and dedicated ensure that you are repeating the right things over and over. And in this perpetuated state of trying to expand your potential, success is inevitable.

What is more important is that while striving for excellence over and over, you will come to realize things like fulfillment in what you do, become fluent at it. This alone gives pleasure that is hard to compare; the fastest route to self-actualization, if you ask me.

Lot of athletes, musicians, performers of any kind realized their potential after being dedicated and disciplined enough to stick around with their thing for a while longer.

You see, if you focus on something for the sake of it, rather than for some reward or results, you will start to enjoy it and become better at it by the day. Then just stick around for a while longer using discipline and dedication and you will see entirely new horizons when potential is concerned.

Often times through dedication and discipline many other qualities show up on the surface. You never know what quality you might discover.

4. Believe that it is possible

For some this is the ultimate currency, and I totally agree. If one man can do it, another can do it. This is undeniable fact. It’s the basis behind our human nature.

Here is one story that will convince you in the power of believing in yourself; believing that it can be done; believing that it is possible.

Before the year of 1954 it was unimaginable that men can run faster than the four minute mile. Meaning, one mile cannot be passed in less than four minutes. It was scientifically proven impossible. But then Roger Banister came along, and things changed. He succeeded and broke the barrier.

After that till this day, thousands of people achieved the same result, among which high-school kids.

But what changed?

You see, when these people stood behind the line, they knew that it could be done. There was no question about it. They believed that it is possible. It changed the whole game for them. Remember, if one man can do it, another can do it.

Our potential is limited only by our mindset and the circumstances which we create. Try and refine these two things and you are up for a whole new game.

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