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Weight Belts

There is a lot of controversy over using weight belts for heavy lifting. Some claim that they reduce strength, and hinder core development, while more educated trainers point out how they can in fact help with core development, and reduce stress on the spine. Weight belts also increase max performance, and create better body biomechanics. The list below includes some of the best weight belts for sale, as well as dip belts of different size and fabric. Take a look.

Why would you need Weight Belts?

Regardless of whether you are on your way of becoming a heavy lifter, or simply enjoy practicing the weighted squat, weight belts are excellent for reducing the risk of spine injuries. They can also help you lift more, as number of studies has shown by now.

Wearing them was long equated with the practice of using training wheels. Some people were convinced, that wearing the belt would decrease core strength and hinder core development on the long run. A volume of studies, however, has shown the opposite to be true. So if you are hesitant over wearing a weight belt, worry not – it will only help you get stronger, and move better, while also minimizing the risk of injuries.

They come in different size and fabric, so you can easily find leather weight belts and more comfortable ones with soft fabric as well. Leather will usually cost more, but don’t take this as a general rule of thumb.

And while dip belts are completely different, we saw how many people search for one and actually think of the other, so we decided to include them as well. Dip belts, unlike weight belts, are not meant for assistance or protection. They are designed for carrying an extra load, which is usually attached, hanging downwards. Ideal for dips and especially pull-up bar exercises, dip belts allow you to increase the resistance, and train for better muscle development.

Dip belts are usually combined with plates of different size and weight, and you will need extra straps if they are sold separately. Most of the items listed here, though, include straps for weight.

The list is carefully compiled and we’ve spend a lot of time and energy putting it together, so you don’t have to be confused over what to choose. It has a lot of weight belts for sale, so do make sure to check regularly as we update them often.

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