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Push-up stands

The push up is the king-move of bodyweight fitness. It makes you work on balance, core strength, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and even glutes… But if you want to continue doing them push-ups, you’ll have to take care of your wrists. Enter push-up stands. They provide a solid and safe neutral grip, so you can complete the push up with a full range of motion. They also keep your wrists safe, by avoiding the 90 degree angle that puts heavy stress on your hands. The push-up stands are excellent for triceps dips, and the L-sit if you are ambitious enough. The list below is a selection of the best push-up stands for sale. Take a look!

Why would you need Push-up stands?

If you prefer bodyweight moves before machines and cardio, the push-up is definitely the most important one to master. Beginners are usually deterred by the sheer strength requirement of the move, and often suffer wrist pain as well. The way in which the push-up stands can help is twofold – on the one side, you have better grip hold, making the move easier to complete; and on the other, a slightly elevated position, where less strength is required.

What makes the push-up stand even better is the fact that you can easily complete the movement with a full range of motion – going slightly further up, and way lower down. And if you learn to do a proper push up like so, you will progress faster, in both strength as well as muscle development.

Reviewing workout programs for years, we here at Lifestyle Updated have noticed how proper moves can mean the difference between a failed and successful workout program. And having a piece of equipment forcing proper form upon your sessions, when you are not able to practice such level of self-awareness and discipline, is very liberating.

The best push-up stands are strong enough to support your entire weight, as you complete gymnastic moves like the L-sit, and others that go way beyond in complexity and body control.

The push-up stands are generally affordable, and they are very easy to store and transport. In the collection above, you’ll also find push up stands of different type and size, parallettes, push-up stands for sale, and the occasional exercise wheel which can be used as a push up stand if you are adventurous enough.

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