the science of muscle confusion

Years back, the picture of fitness was rather unilateral. We had the cardio elements done once or twice a week, and the usual weight lifting as to sculpt the muscles. Not a dime was given on performance, including aspects like flexibility, endurance, agility, coordination, speed

Granted, boot camp like workouts existed even way back, but only the privileged ones had access, by hiring personal coach to work with them privately. As a result, the fitness world became split between those who practiced mostly the cardio part (runners and people trying various types of athletic activities), and those who locked themselves into the gym, weight liftin

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the insanity workout

The Insanity workout is a lifestyle changer. I’ve noticed that the first time I did it and I notice that now even more after I started again with the whole program. Doing the Insanity workout again, I started to pay more attention to all the benefits it brings other than the good looks, all the benefits I haven’t felt for a couple of months. That is, given the fact that I finished the Insanity workout four months earlier.

The interesting thing is that I knew even when I was done with it four months earlier, that I will be coming back. Finishing the sixty days once and assuming that I will just bury the program in my closet, or sell it on Amazon, it made

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Running downhill

Running has never been just about the fitness aspect of it. If you go and ask a fan, nine out of ten will definitely tell you that over the course of time it gets addictive. Gradually, sure, but it gets the grip on you. And while you come to realize that you’ve been hooked, you will also begin to notice that sometimes just running as it is won’t suffice.

You will begin with races, take the 5k challenge, up the bar a little bit and maybe compete at marathons. But it still holds the linear aspect of it, and quite frankly your hunger and addiction would dare you for more, thus pushing you to explore.

Once the setting has been changed, and the thrill of everythin

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Recreational Mountain Biking

Inexperienced riders, having only this in mind, needed time to completely adapt to the true nature of recreational mountain biking, thus savoring what they found later on. And that is that mountain biking is way more than just the need for adrenaline, or even the physical aspect of it.

It took me, albeit somewhat of a novice, very little time to see past the unilateral picture that was, and in some cases still is, presenting mountain biking.

Mountain biking has more going on than what adrenaline junkies commonly care about. It is an entirely different concept of leisure and enjoying spare hours. It’s about developing focus and certain set of skills which, whe

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advanced 5k training plan

Whether you are a very beginner in the training for 5k, or somewhat of a more advanced runner, there must be a serious approach if you intend to drop down the seconds or even the minutes from your personal best time. The advanced 5k training plan should usually comprise couple of elements that are crucial…

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